Are All Costa Sunglasses Polarized? Know the Facts & Quality

Costa sunglass is recognized to be one of the best sunglasses in the world. But for greater experience, polarization is a very important issue. So, it is a very common quarry to all: Are Costa sunglasses polarized?

Costas produce matchless sunglasses for different kinds of fishing and outdoor sports. All Costa sunglasses are authentically polarized and ideal for eye protection.

If you go through this article, you will be able to know all the main facts of polarization and related issues like comparative analysis, different lenses, some of the most popular Costa glasses, etc. We have tried to answer some frequently asked questions so that you have no lack of knowledge about the particular topic.

Are all Costa sunglasses polarized?

Costa sunglasses are specially designed and manufactured for a smooth outdoor experience. Their sunglasses focus on the smooth experience in saltwater fishing, bass, and fly fishing. Glare reflection from water is very powerful and blurry underwater view is very common.

So, even if you ask, are all Costas polarized? There would be no confusion to say that Costa has perfectly polarized all its regular and prescription sunglasses for the best protection against glare reflections, ensuring clear underwater vision and reducing eye problems.

Are all Costa sunglasses polarized

Costa polarized lenses vs standard polarized lenses:

The polarization of sunglasses is quite familiar nowadays. Such lenses have some basic features of protecting eyes from glare and harmful lights alongside increasing visual clarity. So, are all Costa lenses polarized? Yes, But Costa polarized lenses are beyond the definition of polarization. Let’s analyze them with standard polarized lenses:

Polarizing efficiency:

Compared to the standard polarized lenses, polarized Costas are guaranteed to be 100% more efficient. Therefore, such Costa lenses are more reliable to reduce eye strain and enhance visual power.

Etching authenticity:

Costa polarized sunglasses especially the prescription Costas are easily marked for their distinctive etchings. These etched lenses create a more comfortable and stylish look than we expect from the standard polarized lenses.

Special edition of lenses:

Costa polarized lenses belong to a special edition called 580 lenses. This lens edition comes with two different materials, glass, and plastic. All lenses of 580 versions are made by highly skilled craftsmen to deal with unique color management.

On the other hand, standard polarized lenses have common materials and they are manufactured to serve the basic benefits of a polarized sunglass.

Absorbing level of HEV:

Costa and standard polarized lenses have a common feature of blocking UV rays but there is a difference in the ability to absorb harmful high-energy blue light. Costa lenses are more powerful than standard lenses in absorbing this light. This blue light can cause different eye diseases like macular degeneration, pterygium, cataracts, etc.

Color filtering or enhancing: Unlike standard polarized lenses, Costa polarized blocks and filters the harsh yellow light and naturally enhances the balance of blue, red, and green color and contrast. Moreover, Costas has multiple lens color options to adjust to different times, places, and outdoor environments. Especially mirrored lenses are produced to adjust to changing light conditions.

How can you tell if Costa sunglasses are polarized?

There are some features of a polarized sunglass. You can justify the authenticity of your Costa sunglass by analyzing it according to the characteristics of polarization. These are:

  • Take your Costa sunglasses and hold them in front of the screen of a computer or laptop. If the lenses are polarized, they will change color when you move the glasses to 90°.
  • By wearing real Costa polarized sunglasses outside, you will see a grey or dark shade minimizing the extensive brightness.
  • Costa polarized sunglasses are supposed to give you a clear view through the water by preventing glare reflection.
  • You can expect perfect etching and comforts while wearing a polarized Costa sunglass.
  • Regular use of these polarized sunglasses will give you gradual relief from eyestrain and improve your vision.
  • Above all, you will have a completely changed and clear view through Costa polarized sunglasses.

What makes Costa sunglasses so good?

Many significant features make Costa sunglasses so good. These are:

  • Costa glasses are precisely hand assembled.
  • The lenses and frames are made of high-quality materials.
  • Costa sunglasses are authentically polarized.
  • These sunglasses are durable and scratch resistant.
  • Costa is the best for water adventures, fishing, and outdoor experience.
  • Special 580G and 580P lenses and color contrasting features provide flawless vision.

What are the most popular Costa sunglasses?

Many of the Costa polarized sunglasses and Costa prescription sunglasses have an individual specialty. They also come in perfect combination. Therefore, different editions of this brand have huge popularity. Here we have chosen the three most popular sunglasses and put an overview:


It is one of the most popular sunglasses produced by Costa. This sunglass is mainly designed to give flawless vision even on a bright sunny day. It is perfectly produced for simultaneous offshore use and deep sea adventures. It is known as angler Costa sunglass used for tuna hunting in the deep sea.

Product advantages:

  • Costa Tuna Alley sunglasses have a 100% UV protection-absorbing system.
  • They have Premium Polarized 580 Lenses which protect the vision from glare reflection.
  • These glasses have a C-Wall coating that provides extra scratch resistance and helps easy cleaning.
  • There are different stylish frame colors.
  • The lenses also have color variants with 10% light transmission ability.
  • The glasses have perfect curves to ensure regular fitting.


This is another popular edition of Costa sunglasses. The name of the product is based on a small place in the sea which certainly represents its adventurous identity. The glasses are manufactured to adjust and manipulate the extensive brightness of the sun. The lens category is 580P polarized polycarbonate which is lightweight.

Product advantages:

  • The lenses are designed to prevent harmful glare or UV rays from reaching your eyes.
  • These sunglasses have Adjustable Nose Pads which are fully adjustable and nonslip nose pads are designed perfectly to be customized according to the need.
  • Extremely durable body structure that is featured with scratch resistance.
  • The frames have attractive color options like golden pearl and rose gold.
  • You can find blue and green mirror lenses which transmit 10% light.


The Costa Fantail edition is very popular among anglers around the world. This version is comparatively smaller in size but the benefits are more than you can expect. Costa makes these sunglasses with advanced technological lenses like 580G and 580P which improve and modify the visions according to the level of brightness in nature.

Product Advantages:

  • 580 light wave glass and 580 light waves Polycarbonate have features like scratch resistance, impact resistance, and high clarity.
  • The lenses absorb harmful HEV light glare, prevent UV rays, and enhance color balances.
  • Stylishly designed frames have multiple colors like matte gray, blackout, matte black, and tortoise.
  • The front of the lens has medium and large sizes and is perfect to cover the expected part of your nose.
  • The nose bridge of this sunglass is nicely manufactured to fit and comfort the faces having a high nose bridge.
  • These polarized, co-molded sunglasses have mirror options and excellent fit for sport fishing.

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Many famous brands of this world have been polarizing their sunglasses and eyeglasses. But for outdoor activities and sports, polarization is more necessary than other needs. Hence, we have discussed this particular feature in the article “Are all Costa sunglasses polarized?”

After reading this article you are expected to understand the value, effect, and process of modern polarization. This well-researched evaluation will help you to have an in-depth idea about Costa polarized sunglasses and their characteristics.

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