Are Costa Sunglasses Good for Driving? [Properly Explained]

We use sunglasses for many purposes. Apart from the requirements of look and style, sunglasses are also important for clear and comfortable vision in specific sectors. Driving is a very sensitive issue where focus and eyesight are synonymous with each other.

Costa sunglasses have a world-class name and fame, especially for fishing and water sports experiences. But what about driving? Are Costa sunglasses good for driving?

The answer to this question is important as you must find a sunglass to serve you best while driving. In this analysis, we have discussed Costa sunglass models and whether they are suitable for driving or not. Moreover, we have also analyzed the features and kinds of best sunglasses for driving.

Are Costa sunglasses good for driving?

Except for some models with soft tint and suitable lens colors, the majority of the Costa sunglasses are not ideal for driving as they heighten the color contrasts. Especially Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses are never a good choice for driving purposes.

Some models like Costa Fantail and those having copper tint, grey, and brown lenses can be reasonable for driving.

Are Costa sunglasses good for driving

Why are Costa sunglasses not suitable for driving?

Most of the Costa sunglasses are manufactured focusing on the environment related to water and coastal activities. Therefore, they are not suitable for driving. They have lenses with color contrasting features. Different lenses increase the contrast with a yellow glow and this creates dots on the glasses, especially on a bright sunny day.

Moreover, Costa polarized lenses prevent glare extensively which can cause blurry vision at a certain distance. So, driving after putting on these sunglasses becomes risky. But Costa copper lenses can be suitable for driving.

Many of the lenses of Costa sunglasses have bright colors like blue, red, green, etc which are not marked completely safe for driving. These colors may deal great when you are out for adventures like fishing, boating, and surfing. But driving needs a proper vision with adjustable brightness.

What kinds of sunglasses are best for driving?

While driving, it is very important to deal with the contrast and complexion of lights. Therefore, sunglasses play a significant role in safe and comfortable driving. Sunglasses with authentic Tint, well-shaped frames, and balanced lens colors are most suitable for driving. Driving is all about clear eyesight and focus. Choosing the right sunglass is a prerequisite for safety and style.

The features of the most suitable sunglasses for driving are:

The categories of frames:

Styles of the frame are a matter of concern when you choose sunglasses for driving. The wraparound sunglasses are quite suitable for this purpose as they stay firmly covering a most portion of the eyesight. The structures of frames also contribute to comfort. The frames with thin arms and large lenses can be more comfortable for safe driving.

Sunglasses with specific lens colors:

When you are seeking suitable sunglass for safe and comfortable driving, lens color is a matter of great concern. According to scientific concepts, bright and fancy colors like pink, blue, green, or red may not be ideal for driving purposes.

Neutral colors like copper, Grey, Brown, etc are better to provide perfect vision on the roads. Lens colors help see the signals and signs clearly within a short period. So, the best sunglasses for driving are supposed to have the right color combinations.

Grey tint for the lens is quite popular nowadays as this color type is suitable for both sunny and cloudy environments. The lenses with unsuitable colors may cause hazards during driving.

The levels of Tint:

Sunglasses with the right levels of tint are another important issue for a hassle-free drive. Whatever the colors of lenses are, the density of tint must be chosen rightly if you want to have a proper color contrast at different times of the day. The tint of a sunglass has a level variety from 0 to 4.

Level 0 tint is good for day and night time driving especially on an average brightness. You can expect 80 to 100% light transmission from the sunglasses of this tint. The tint classes 1 and 2 are suitable for low and medium sunlight but the light transmission percentage is not balanced. Levels 3 and 4 are meant mainly for a very bright environment with low rates of light transmission.

Polarized sunglasses:

Polarization is found effective for a convincing driving experience. Polarized sunglasses have glare protective coating and a high level of UV protection. Therefore, these sunglasses are good for reducing eyestrain and unexpected glare reflections. Moreover, polarized lenses provide crystal clear vision.

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What is the best Costa lens color for driving?

Lens color can change the whole perception of your view while you drive. Understanding the color contrast is an inevitable part of safe driving. If you are looking for the best Costa lens color for driving, we would like to refer to the copper lens.

This lens color is ideal for creating shade important for frontal vision. It also enhances the level of getting through color contrast. A copper lens can clarify the view while moving ahead.


To justify a characteristic properly and make it understandable to all needs in-depth evaluation. This is the challenge we have taken in this article. The lenses are flawless to clear vision even through water. But this doesn’t mean sunglass can be perfectly suitable for every situation. That’s the fact we have tried to point out before you.

This article aims to inform you what features you should look for in a costa del mar or other sunglass for driving. Our team always endeavors to research and pick the best data for you. So don’t hesitate to make your purchase and decision through us as we care for you.

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