How Often Should You Retwist Locs – Megastar Gossip

How Often Should You Retwist Locs

Locs are getting popular these days; even celebrities are fond of it. There is a good reason you might be trying to have dreadlocks and looking for the answer; how often should you retwist locs? You should retwist locs maximum once a month. Also, don’t plan or decide to retwist too often because it will … Read more

5 Best Bleach for Asian Hair in 2022 – A Complete Guide

best bleach for asian hair

The process of bleaching hair is a bit complex. Incorrect product, uneven application, and wrong timing can ruin your new hairstyle idea. When it comes to bleaching Asian hair, bleaching becomes more complicated as Asian hairs are dark and black naturally. In this case, you have no other choice except to choose the best bleach … Read more

Marcolin vs Luxottica – What Are the Differences?

Marcolin vs Luxottica

The eyewear industry is enormous. Market sources estimated that it is worth $110 billion, and by 2023, it will reach $140 billion. Traditionally, a few specialist players are dominating the premium fashion segment of the market. These players are developing, manufacturing, and distributing their brands and entering into licensing deals to produce frames for fashion … Read more

Bausch and Lomb vs Luxottica – Difference and Connections

Bausch and Lomb vs Luxottica

Bausch and Lomb is an eye health products seller company that supplies eye lenses and lens care products; it also provides high-quality eye surgery products. On the other hand, Luxottica is a world-known eyewear company. It basically provides sunglasses frame for the designer brands like Prada, Burberry.  You wanted to know about those brands? If … Read more

Brands Owned by Luxottica – Details About Top 50 Companies

Brands Owned by Luxottica

Luxottica owns roughly 95% of the sunglass brands. There are so many popular and renowned brands owned by Luxottica named Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Oakley, and many more. Simultaneously, there are so many alternatives if you want to avoid Luxottica. Zenni, Warby Parker, Barton Perreira, etc., are some of those brands which offer … Read more

Safilo vs Luxottica Comparison – Which one suits you in 2022?

Safilo vs Luxottica

Sunglass stores are filled with a wide range of brands such as Ray-Ban, Persol, Vogue Eyewear, Oakley, etc. But most of these brands are owned by the Italian eyewear company “Luxottica.” In fact, every popular sunglass brand sold worldwide is under the umbrella of Luxottica. According to IBISWorld, in the USA, 60% of all sunglasses … Read more

Vegas Dave Net Worth in 2022 – Personal Life & Income Source

Vegas Dave Net Worth

David Nakama Oancea – popularly known as “Vegas Dave” in the sports gambling world. He becomes a successful sports bettor and builds his own empire by predicting the outcome of a game. Right now, he is a retired person and running a company as a betting consultant. Throughout Dave’s betting period, his fortune helped him … Read more

How to Train Your Hair to Go Back – 10 Insanely Easy Ways

How to Train Your Hair to Go Back

Who doesn’t want to have a perfectly combed slicked-back hairstyle for a glamorous and sophisticated look? Of course, everyone does. This hairstyle’s been incredibly popular over the last couple of years among both men and women. That’s cool! Styling a professional slick-back is easier for some people, but if your hair doesn’t go back and … Read more

Dove vs Pantene Compare – Which is Better for Hair Solution?

Dove vs Pantene

Dove is currently the largest customer holder in their field right now. On the other hand, Pantene’s value is increasing enormously in the stock market. What does that indicate? We are aware of the trendy debate between two classic giants, market killer skin and hair care producers Dove & Pantene. However, Dove vs Pantene is … Read more

10 Independent Sunglasses Brands – You Must Fall in Love

independent sunglasses brands

Eyewear has witnessed many revolutions since its innovation. If you are a sunglass lover, you might have noticed several independent sunglasses brands popping up on the internet and eyewear shops. In order to become popular among sunglass wearers, these brands are manufacturing quality frames with exceptionally designed sunglasses. Now, you might be wondering why I … Read more