15 Best Korean Sunglasses Brands in 2022 [You will Love These]

korean sunglasses brands

Korea is a powerhouse of several top-rated sunglasses and eyewear brands. Some of these brands started the fashion industry’s journey in the past few years and already gained a reputation worldwide. The reason behind Korean Sunglasses Brands’ reputation is – the designers always come with innovative and stylish designs that attract a different class of … Read more

15 Good Quality Sunglasses Brands Not Owned by Luxottica

Sunglasses Brands Not Owned by Luxottica

Making better quality eyewear is the prime characteristic of Luxottica. Merging with Essilor in 2019, Luxottica created a huge corporation and owned several top-rated sunglasses companies. As a result, Luxottica manufactures both budget-friendly and expensive sunglasses. However, there are a few sunglasses brands not owned by Luxottica. These brands of sunglasses are also widely popular … Read more

Big Daddy Kane Net Worth in 2022 – Source of Wealth and Bio

Big Daddy Kane Net Worth

The hip-hop world unequivocally received a new definition of the term “lyricist” through the Rapper Big Daddy Kane. He also brought lyrical ingenuity to hip-hop music, and he showed other innovative performances in the live concert. Tailored performance, along with choreography, Big Daddy Kane’s live performance was entertaining. “Ain’t No Half Steppin” – this song … Read more

Jonathan Davis Net Worth In 2022: Bio, Career & Achievement

Jonathan Davis Net Worth

Maybe you have heard of Jonathan Davis, but do you know about Jonathan Davis net worth as of 2022, personal life, career, and achievements? Jonathan Davis popularly known as JD or J Devil is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He is majorly recognized as the lead frontman and vocalist of the nu-metal band Korn. … Read more

Shay Mitchell Net Worth in 2022 – Career & Interesting Facts

Shay Mitchell Net Worth

Shay Mitchell is an actress based in Canada. She is an author, entrepreneur, and model. She played a significant role in the movie Pretty Little liars acting as Emily Fields, in the series “Freeform.” You may be aware of her but there is more to know such as height, age, Shay Mitchell net worth among … Read more

Comethazine Net Worth in 2022 – From Mechanic to Rapper

Comethazine net worth

Maybe you are a hip-hop enthusiast and you regularly listen to Comethazine’s songs, but are you aware of comethazine net worth in 2022 and personal life? Well, Comethazine is an American rapper and songwriter. His real name is Frank Childress and was formerly known as Jahmier Velazquez. He is best known for his hit single … Read more

What Happened To Slick Rick Eye – An Honest Answer is Here

how slick lost his right eye

Richard Martin Lloyd Walters is commonly recognized by many as Slick Rick is an American rapper who is associated with an eye patch. He was bred and born in Mitcham, England but later in 1976, his family moved to the United State of America. Slick has had a successful journey in his music career as … Read more

Sheck Wes Net Worth in 2022: From Rags to Riches

Sheck Wes Net Worth

Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall A.K.A Sheck Wes is a rapper, songwriter, model and much more simultaneously. Apart from Sheck Wes real name, he is called Kid Khadi, Wes, Sheck Jesus, Mudboy, Young Sheck Wes. His fans always have these things in mind – Sheck Wes net worth, Sheck Wes age, how tall is Sheck Wes, … Read more

SSundee Net Worth in 2022: A Tale of A True YouTuber

SSundee Net Worth

The life of the famous internet personality – SSundee shows us how time can make us everything from nothing!  Ian Marcus Stapleton or better-known as SSundee is an American YouTube gamer. The name ‘SSundee’ originated through his brother-in-law in late 2009. His brother-in-law was making accounts on Call of Duty and gave a username called “Saturdee_” and Stapleton made … Read more

Dillon Francis Net Worth in 2022: A Tale of Bustling Life

Dillon Francis Net Worth

Leo Tolstoy once told– Remember then: there is only one time that is important – Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power. The lines can truly mimic the bustling life of the famous artist – Dillon Francis. This American professional disc jockey, record producer, and … Read more