4 Best Costa Lens Color for Driving – Suit All Weather

Sunglasses are beneficial for our different daily activities. When you look for sunglasses for better, comfortable, and safe driving, you require sunglass to ensure and enhance vision. Only the best lens for sunglasses with authentic colors can help your driving level.

Costa lenses are mainly designed for purposes like fishing and boating. But there are some Costa lens colors suitable for driving on various occasions.

To find out the best Costa color for driving, it is important to know the details of different Costa lens colors which can compete with the requirements of proper driving. If you go through this analysis, you will be able to know the pros and cons of suitable Costa lens colors.

Are Costa Sunglasses Good for Driving?

Costa sunglasses are manufactured ideally for different outdoor activities. But only sunglasses with exact lens colors are good for driving. Mainly the colors with a soft tint are suitable for this. Vision clarity is the precondition of safe and confident driving.

Costa sunglasses have some authentic lenses which serve this important feature. All these sunglasses are not featured for random use. Sunglasses of each of these colors serve specific times and situations.

Best Costa lens color for driving

The Right Combination of Costa Lens Material and Color for Driving:

Costa uses polarized 580P and 580G lenses for its sunglasses. One is plastic and the other is glass made. But for better vision through the right color preference, Costa 580P is the ideal material for driving.

Balance and Combination of Tints: 

The clarity and suitability of a lens color are related to the level of brightness of different parts of the day. So, you must choose the proportion of tints on the lens colors carefully as you need the right kind of tints adjustable with the comforts of your driving. There are exactly 5 different levels of tints from 0 to 4. These different levels have specific implications for the lens colors. Such as:

  • If you want a lens color for driving in average brightness, you need ‘level 0 tint’. This will give you high transmission rates of light.
  • The tint levels of 1 and 2 are suitable when you need clear vision in weather of low or medium light.
  • Driving in extensive brightness and sunlight requires the 3 and 4 levels tint because they maintain the vision clarity by using the lower light transmission.   

4 Best Costa Lens Color for Driving:

When you are seeking a suitable sunglass for safe and comfortable driving, lens color is a matter of great concern. According to scientific concepts, bright and fancy colors like pink, blue, or red may not be ideal for driving purposes. Let’s find the best color.

1. Costa Grey and Black Lenses:

While driving in different environments, conditions, light, and times, Costa grey and black lenses have wide recognition. Usually, Costa editions have color limitations for driving purposes but these two colors are an important part of Costa editions which can be ideal for a particular phase of the driving experience.


  • Costa grey and black lenses are very effective while driving in highly bright sunlight.
  • The darkness of the shades soothes the glare of the sun.
  • Perfectly framed to match the shades of face and style.
  • Coated ideally to absorb the harmful rays.
  • These specific shades work great to calm eyestrain.
  • Also beneficial for other outdoor activities and sports on a sunny day.


  • Not ideal for nighttime driving.
  • Complexity in the proper tint rate may affect the visual quality.

2. Costa Copper Lens:

It is one of the best Costa lenses for driving. There are a few other particular lens colors of Costa sunglasses that are reasonably suitable for safe driving but the copper lens is marked to be better than most of them. Brown or copper lens has been preferred by many people as a good color to go across the route. Costa manufactures different models with this kind of lens.


  • A copper lens is perfect for enhancing color contrast.
  • By dealing with the contrast of the lights, it sharpens the frontal vision.
  • With the right tone of tint, a copper lens creates comfort for eyesight.
  • Easily matches the complexion of the face and seems stylish.
  • This is one of the first choices of expert drivers.


  • A darker tint of the copper lens may create an obscure vision and lack of enough light.

3. Costa Violet and Yellow Lenses:

Driving is not just related to bright and sunny weather. We often have to drive through haze, cloudy and foggy environments. In such situations, there is a lack of lights. Moreover, the route and roads ahead may seem unclear. This is where Costa violet and yellow lenses will prove handy for you. It is also used for enhancing night vision.


  • Help to see through the shades created by a foggy or cloudy environment.
  • Create scopes for entering more light into the eyes to deal with low light conditions.
  • These lens colors are great for informal styles.
  • Block UV rays even being in a dark environment.


  • Not suitable at all for bright and sunny weather.
  • Contrast with high brightness may create sudden hazards in vision.

4. Costa Bronze or Amber Lens:

If you seek lens colors for having a warm tint, a Costa bronze or amber lens is an authentic choice. Costa sunglasses with this particular lens are used for driving in multiple conditions. The vision quality resembles the features of a copper lens. This tint is warmer than that of black and gray.


  • Suitable for providing better visions in both cloudy and sunny weather.
  • Helps to understand traffic light safety by preserving proper vision.
  • It enhances contrast for red and yellow colors of sunlight which is important for driving.
  • Provides a stylish outlook for different face shapes.


  • Not much suitable for nighttime or driving in extensive darkness.


Improper lens color can cause hazardous situations while you drive. Hence, in-depth knowledge about lens colors is significant. In this article “Best Costa lens color for driving” we have evaluated specific Costa lens colors which can cope with the visual quality needed for driving.

Whether you want to drive on a bright day or under cloudy darkness, this discussion will guide you for making a fruitful decision.

We want to make your driving safer and clearer. So, our team has endeavored its best to gather and filter all important information regarding the matchup between the right lens colors and driving purpose. Costa lens replacement policy designs the models fixed for such intention. Let us know how beneficial this analysis is for you. Make us your trusted partner for making each purchase more authentic.

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