Costa Green Mirror vs Copper – Which is Suitable for You?

Costa sunglasses have variety in the color coating of the lenses and Costa green mirror and copper are two major editions. So, we have put a comparative discussion on Costa green mirror vs copper.

These two lens colors have similar and dissimilar qualities to serve multiple purposes. But you need to understand some facts to distinguish between these two Costas and pick the most suitable one.

You are likely to know about the featured situations, glare protection, light transmission, and driving suitability of these two particular lens colors if you go through the following analysis. 

Costa green mirror vs Copper – In-depth review:

Lens color is an important factor whenever we want to deal with specific weather, light, conditions, and activities. Green mirror and copper lenses are two popular Costa lens colors with particular features. But there are some differences between the formation and usability of these two lenses. Let’s have a comparative view:

Costa green mirror vs copper

Featured situations:

Costa green mirror is ideally made for simultaneous inshore and freshwater fishing. Costa has produced this lens to have comfortable sight on a full sunny day. It is designed with a copper base and Costa 580 lens technology

Costa copper lens is recognized to be one of the best lens colors of Costa Del Mar. This color is coordinated with its shade. It is ideally formed to provide better eyesight in various situations. This lens color is quite suitable for fishing. 

Light transmission: 

For visual clarity, the level of light transmission plays a very important role. Especially in low light conditions, the light transmission rate proves extremely effective. Costa’s green mirror lens has a 10% light transmission rate. On the contrary, the Costa copper lens provides 12% light transmission. Therefore, the copper lens is handier in low light conditions.

Glare protection:

Costa green mirror and copper lens colors are technologically advanced for ensuring glare protection. Both come with a specified shade to protect eyes from unexpected glare. A copper lens is more effective for having a darker shade. These two lens colors help reduce eyestrain by blocking the extensive light reflection.

Driving suitability:

For being a light color, Costa green mirror may not be the ideal color for comfortable driving. Especially, the color contrast of the green mirror is comparatively less suitable for driving purposes. 

On the other hand, the Costa copper lens is known to be the best lens color for driving. It helps create better color contrast needed for clear vision. Costa copper also suits the eyesight to understand route and road signals.

What are green lenses good for?

Among all the Costa fishing sunglasses, green lenses have gained popularity for some particular reasons. These are:

  • A stylish choice for outdoor activities like fishing on a rainy or shiny day.
  • Under high brightness, it transmits all colors in a balanced proportion.
  • With a glossy coating, this lens color is preferable for general purposes.
  • Green lenses shrink glare but brighten shadows for better vision.
  • 580g lens makes it a combination of style and usefulness.

What are copper lenses good for?

Copper lenses are very beneficial for serving diversified activities under several statuses. 580p lens technology is supposed to make it more durable. There are many good things about it. Such as:

  • A copper lens is perfect for enhancing the balance of color contrast and color transmission. 
  • By dealing with the contrast of the lights according to the conditions, it sharpens the frontal vision.
  • With the right tone of tint, a copper lens creates comfort for eyesight and reduces eyestrain.
  • The base and center match the complexion of the face and seem stylish.
  • This is one of the first lens color choices of expert drivers.



This article “Costa green mirror vs copper” is the fruitful result of our united effort. The in-depth evaluation and comparison of two popular Costa lens colors will guide you to find the best out of these two. We have filtered several sources and gathered all the information about these two types of Costa lenses through extensive research.

Costa green mirror lens is a high-quality edition among all Costa lens colors. This lens color is a quality part of the list of fishing sunglasses Costa manufactured. So, if you are thinking of inshore fishing and outdoor activities on a bright day, it is a good choice.

But there are some limitations and a lack of variety in Costa green mirror. Costa copper lens has gained fame for being versatile and handy in different conditions. The shade is suitable for both low and high brightness and all these qualities have made it a part of the most popular Costa sunglasses. We would like to recommend the Costa copper lens and you can have the replacement of Costa lenses accordingly.

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