Discontinued Costa Del Mar Sunglasses List & Probable Reason

Costa Del Mar has been manufacturing sunglasses of different categories. Different styles of Costa sunglasses come with distinctive features. But there are some versions of Costas which could not keep pace with the preference of customers. For making your choice more authentic and precise, it is important to learn about the discontinued Costa Del Mar sunglasses list.

Proper analysis of all discontinued sunglasses and estimating the probable reason behind that discontinuation is never easy. Therefore, we have set this article with a view to providing you with a list and short details of all those Costa sunglasses which are no more produced commercially. Apart from that, we have also given the sign and formula to figure out an original Costa glass.

Discontinued Costa Del Mar sunglasses list:

Discontinued Costa Del Mar sunglasses list

1. Costa Pilothouse Sunglasses Matte Black Green Mirror 580P Polarized Aviators:

This discontinued style of Costa was supposed to provide package protection more like a ship’s pilothouse. This sunglass is featured with an extra large titanium metal frame having Hydrolite rubber temple pads. There are facts like 8 base curves and full-motion nose pads. It has lightweight and Premium Polarized 580 Lenses. These lenses are scratch resistant and durable. The C-Wall coating provides a benefit that repels water, oil, and sweat.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • Only non-prescription lenses were available.
  • Lack of variety in the frame and lens’s color, and size. 

2. Costa La Mar Sunglasses:

This is another discontinued sunglass from Costa Del Mar. Though this particular style was produced with all the most common features, the market position could not be held on. The semi-round frames have colors like Light brown/tan wood grain. The lenses belong to 580P grey. Scratch resistance and UV protection are also available in it.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • Frames seemed to fade a bit comparatively earlier.
  • Color and design failed to hold to the changing trend.

3. Costa Del Mar Tico Polarized Sunglasses:

This version of Costa Del Mar sunglasses is produced no more for different reasons. These sunglasses are light, sleek, and durable to fit the face for a long time. It also offers 100% UV protection, as well as crystal clear vision. It has polycarbonate lenses which are scratch and shatter-proof. The Costa Tico lightweight composite frames mainly adjust smaller faces. 

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The average status of lens color failed to attract customers.

4. Costa Del Mar Fluid Sunglasses: 

This discontinued style is ideal for chasing the marlins. Costa Del Mar manufactured these sunglasses as interchangeable. The polarized lenses can adapt to high or low light. These sunglasses protect the eyes from the glare of the water and increase clarity. The lightweight frames are comfortable to fit in regular shape.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • Limitations in frame and lens color could not cope with the trends.

5. Costa Del Mar Daphnes Sunglasses: 

This particular design started with a promising sense but could not carry on. The plastic lenses are scratch-resistant, durable, and UV-resistant. Sturdy frames and corrosion-resistant hinges are available. Rubber-coated temples and Nose Bridge make it adjustable and free from irritation. Glare protection is active when you are at outdoor activities.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The features could not compete with the new advanced models.

6. Costa Del Mar Bonefish Bay Polarized Sunglasses: 

These sunglasses were made to give a great fishing experience. Costa Del Mar Bonefish Bay Polarized Sunglasses come with advanced Costa 400 lenses. The technology helps to straight clear vision through the water. This model has eight-layer glass or CR-39 lenses. There is a 100% polarizing film for neutralizing the harmful glare alongside 100% UV protection. This model used to have a water-repellent coating that can shed salt water.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • Nose pads were not comfortable like other styles.
  • The size and shape could not attract much.

7. Costa Del Mar Bahia Mar Sunglasses:

Costa Del Mar Bahia Mar Sunglasses were made to provide a matchless deep-sea experience. It has a durable Monel frame to serve smooth benefits. The glass lenses cut glare off the water and increase clarity. There are spring hinges that resist corrosion from salt water. Common protective features are available too.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The limitation in the preference of lens materials.
  • The thickness of the frame and color combination could not comply with trends.

8. Costa Del Mar Seven Mile Sunglasses: 

When you think of enjoying the evening at the beach, this sunglass is meant to make that count. But this model could not continue its reign. The Seven Mile Sunglasses have lenses that resist scratching in the sand. Moreover, the glasses enhance your view, especially of the sunset. Well-made nose pads, temples, and hinges help keep it fit even during the time of sleeping. 

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • Lack of versatility and specific limitations on using.

9. Costa Del Mar Lash Polarized Sunglasses:

The Costa Del Mar Lash Polarized Sunglasses was manufactured in a style to fit your face comfortably. The polarized polycarbonate lenses of these glasses help to see through the light waves. There are eight-base shatterproof lenses that provide sharp resolution as well as 100% UV protection. Costa Del Mar Lash Sunglasses have a water-repellent coating. They are flexible with corrosion-resistant hinges.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The frame structure didn’t suit the preference of most of the customers.

10. Costa Del Mar Draft Polarized Sunglasses:

Costa Del Mars Draft Polarized Sunglasses have scratchproof polycarbonate lenses. They also have a laser-welded frame. These shades are useful for the afternoon time at the ocean. The glasses come with corrosion-resistant frames and hinges protective against salt water, sweat, etc. This Costa style has polycarbonate lenses with 8 layers of reflecting zircon, titanium, and magnesium oxides needed for better vision.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The frame and lens designs were too simple to attract the new generation.

11. Costa Del Mar Rum Cay Sunglasses:

The Costa Del Mar Rum Cap Sunglasses were meant to be a part of a great coastal or beach experience. The smaller frames are adorned with polarized lenses which can protect your eyes. Opticians made them with the structure to ensure comfort. This particular model has temples and silicon nose pads great for a long day on the water.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The smaller size of the frame dissatisfied many customers.

12. Costa Del Mar Fly Catcher Sunglasses:

This model of Costa was made to give clear and comfortable vision under or off the water. Costa Del Mar manufactured the Fly Catcher glasses with polycarbonate lenses. These sunglasses have a stainless steel frame with a glossy design. The polarized lenses provide UV protection and safety against glare reflection.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The frames and structure didn’t have the versatility to hold the market value.

13. Costa Del Mar George Sunglasses:

This Costa model was designed to give crystal clear vision and a stylish look on your activities related to the sea. The George glasses have polycarbonate lenses to prevent UV rays. These glasses are also scratch resistant. The frames are durable and structurally sturdy. The stylish look kept it in the market for a certain period.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The lens technology and frame materials became comparably weak.

14. Costa Del Mar Release Sunglasses:

Among the list of discontinued Costa sunglasses, this model has a reputation to be versatile and attractive. It has three different sets of polarized lenses. These lenses are supposed to cope with the different light conditions mainly on the water. The wraparound styled frame with a comfortable nose bridge keeps it fit on the face.

The probable reason behind the discontinuation:

  • The production cost and product cost could not be balanced.

How do I know what Costas I have? 

The ways to check the originality: Real Costas will come in an authentic package including warranty cards and product details. You will see rubber detail on the frames of real Costas. Original lenses have 580 or 580P engraved on them. Two lines of model information can be found on frames. By confirming these issues you can tell about the originality.

The ways to check the identity of polarization: All Costas are polarized. There are some features of a polarized sunglass. You can justify the authenticity of your Costa sunglasses by analyzing them according to some characteristics. These are:

  • Take your Costa sunglasses and hold them in front of the screen of a computer or laptop. If the lenses are polarized, they will change color when you move the glasses to 90°.
  • By wearing real Costa polarized sunglasses outside, you will see a grey or dark shade minimizing the extensive brightness. 
  • Costa polarized sunglasses are supposed to give you a clear view through the water by preventing glare reflection. 
  • You can expect perfect etching and comforts while wearing a polarized Costa sunglass.


To make your Costa experience more hassle-free, we have put our highest effort into this article “Discontinued Costa Del Mar sunglasses list”. Our dedicated team took all accessible ways to identify and input information about this particular topic.

If you go through this article, you are supposed to have an idea about the Costa sunglasses which once had a market value but they lost consumers over time.

Thus we intend to help you choose and buy the most perfect Costa. Our dedicated team is always ready to share your concern and decrease your confusion. Let us know what you think of our effort for your benefit. Your opinion is always precious.

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