Do Dreadlocks Damage Caucasian Hair – Honest Answer & Guide

Sadly, a misconception has become quite popular; Caucasian hair can’t be dreaded as dreads damage this hair type. The truth is, dreadlocks can be done with any hair type, whether the hair is Caucasian or Afro-American. More importantly, dreads don’t damage Caucasian hair.

We will look into more in-depth information on the topic “do dreadlocks damage Caucasian hair.” So, continue reading this guide to learn more.

Do Dreadlocks Damage Caucasian Hair

Do Dreadlocks Damage Caucasian Hair

Our hair naturally dreads if we don’t brush or comb. This means anyone can wear dreads regardless of the hair type.

Dreading Caucasian hair is a bit challenging compared to African-American hair. However, that doesn’t mean dreadlocks damage Caucasian hair. In fact, dreads can damage any hair type if they remain untreated.

Follow the below tips when dreading your Caucasian hair.

  • Regular washing prevents the buildup of dirt and dust, allowing your dreads to lock properly
  • Initially, you need to wash your dreads 1 time per week. However, you can go longer if you don’t feel itchy. But we recommend you wash dreads periodically. This way, your dreads will remain moisturized for long days
  • After washing, wrap up your dreads with a towel. Squeeze them gently. Don’t hurry or force the dreads to dry. Air dry would be the best option to dry your dreads. Also, you can invest in a premium-quality blow dryer or hood dryer. Make sure to dry the dread root thoroughly

Remember to ensure you follow the above pointers to avoid damage to your Caucasian hair once dreaded. 

Pros and Cons of Dreads on Caucasian Hair

This section shares the pros and cons of dreads on Caucasian hair.


  • Washing and styling the hair in the morning is time-killing. When you have dreads, you don’t need to spend much time washing and combing in the morning. It means you will have no bad hair days.
  • Dreadlocks don’t require daily washing; 1 time washing in a week is good; you can go maximum 2 times. This way, you can chill for 5 – 6 days and less worry about your hair.
  • Many people with dreads on Caucasian hair expressed that they started feeling confident after getting dreadlocks. Through dreads, you can express your uniqueness. Moreover, you will feel comfortable. This is an outstanding fashion style, helping you complete any task with confidence.
  • Virtually, dreads are low-maintenance. Spending too much time is not required for maintaining dreads. Thus, you can utilize your time doing other work.


  • In order to get dreads, you need to be patient enough. Dreads require much time to form. Achieving this style within 6 – 8 months is possible if you have long hair. While if you begin this process with short hair, it will take a prolonged period to form.
  • Since washing once or twice is necessary to get dreads, dirt, and dust, even odor may build up in your hairs. However, you need to maintain the right washing procedure and hair products to avoid dirt buildup.
  • Some may feel discomfort in the beginning.

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How do you do Dreadlocks with Caucasian hair?

By now, you already understand that you can wear dreads with Caucasian hair. If you have Caucasian hair, here are the steps to get your dreads. We will be looking at natural methods.

Step 01: While following the natural dreading method, you don’t need to do anything like brushing, combing, washing, separating, or messing. Once your hair begins to form dreads, use dreadlock wax only.

Step 02: In the beginning, 1 or 2 times washing in a week is necessary. Once dreads are locked, you can wash them as often as you wish.

Step 03: Use a crochet needle to include loose hair in the dreads. To grab the loose hairs, push the needle into the locks. This way, the hairs will get hooked in the needle end. Then pull the hook, and the hair will get included in the locks.

Step 04: Now, apply dread wax to set the dreads. You can use a rubber band at the bottom and top of the dreads to hold them in place. Continue the same process at least for 3 – 4 months until your dreads are locked.

Step 05: Between 3 – 4 months, remove one rubber band from any section. Then start backcombing with a fine-toothed comb. This process will let your hair get dreaded. Twist and turn the dreads while backcombing.

Step 06: Separate your hairs into multiple sections according to the expected size of your dreads. Next, secure each section’s top and bottom with rubber bands. Try to secure the rubber band as close to the scalp.

Step 07: It would be best to use residue-free shampoo to wash your hair. When washing and rinsing, do clockwise rubbing. Let your dreads dry completely. After washing, if you find any broken or damaged rubber, replace them. You can also use a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

Step 08: Lightly coat your dreads with dread wax each morning until 3 – 4 months.

Step 09: Once dreadlocks start, carefully remove one rubber. At the same time, ensure to maintain the rip and twist method. Take each section between your palm and begin rubbing. Next, pull the section apart into 2 twisted strands, make sure to pull up to the scalp. This process needs to be repeated until your hairs are completely dreaded.


So, do dreadlocks damage Caucasian hair? No, not at all if you follow the best process to keep your dreads healthy. Otherwise, Caucasian hair will get damaged, and this statement is true for another hair type as well.

Dreadlocks are a cool hairstyle, and you can choose it, whatever your hair type is. All you need to do is, follow the proper maintenance procedure and get nice, eye-catchy, healthy dreads.

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