Do Dreadlocks Make Your Hair Grow Faster?: The Lengthy Truth


Do Dreadlocks Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Dreadlocks seem to grow faster than loose hair because of their distinctive coiled appearance. The question is, do dreadlocks make your hair grow faster, or is this merely a myth? Let’s explore the truth of dreadlock length.

The Myth About Dreadlock Length

For many years, myths and personal experiences have supported the idea that dreadlocks help make hair grow faster. Some people think that creating and keeping dreadlocks, which need little styling or manipulation, in some way encourages hair growth. But while analyzing this assertion, it’s critical to understand the difference between coincidence and causality.

The Growth Reality of Dreadlocks

While dreadlocks themselves do not possess magical properties to accelerate hair growth, they can indirectly influence it by reducing breakage and retaining hair length. They immobilize individual strands within the locks, creating the illusion of faster growth without frequent trimming. With proper care, dreadlocks protect hair ends from damage and environmental stressors, allowing individuals to retain more hair length over time. Also, maintaining a clean scalp environment, which involves regular washing and scalp care, promotes optimal hair growth by removing buildup and preventing issues like dandruff and scalp irritation.

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Maximizing Growth With Dreadlocks

Even though dreadlocks don’t directly increase growth rate, there are ways to optimize hair health and growth while rocking locs:

Scalp Care

A healthy scalp is crucial for hair growth, regardless of whether it’s dreadlocks or not. To maintain a healthy scalp, use a gentle shampoo 1-2 times a week, avoid over-washing, and rinse with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to remove buildup and balance scalp pH. Regular scalp massages with fingertips can also stimulate hair follicles, promoting overall hair health.

Diet and Hydration

To promote healthy hair growth, maintain a balanced diet rich in protein, vitamins A, E, and B Complex, and essential fatty acids. Also, drinking enough water helps keep your scalp and hair hydrated, preventing dryness and breakage that can hinder growth.

Regular Maintenance

Dreadlocks require regular retwisting sessions with a loctician to tighten loose sections and promote growth. Protective styles like interlocking or wearing dread hats can minimize manipulation and breakage during the initial locking stage. Dreadlocks also benefit from occasional moisturizing with natural oils like jojoba or avocado oil, but avoid over-moisturizing to prevent buildup and mildew.


Even with the finest efforts, hair growth is a natural process that takes time to show noticeable effects. Enjoy the process of growing your dreadlocks and be patient and persistent with your routine!

Frequently Asked Questions on Do Dreadlocks Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

1. Do dreadlocks make your hair grow faster?

Dreadlocks do not speed up hair growth, as they tighten and compact over time, creating the illusion of longer hair. Hair growth is primarily determined by genetics and overall health.

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2. Will having dreadlocks prevent my hair from growing?

No, Dreadlocks allow hair to grow naturally, but due to the tightly woven hair, it may not grow as quickly as loose hair.

3. How can I promote healthy hair growth with dreadlocks?

Maintaining a healthy scalp and hair care routine is crucial for promoting healthy hair growth with dreadlocks, including regular washing, moisturizing, and avoiding excessive tension or manipulation.

4. Will my hair grow faster if I start with short dreadlocks?

Short dreadlocks may appear faster hair growth, but hair growth is uniform for each hair strand, regardless of initial length.

5. Can dreadlocks help to retain length and reduce breakage?

Yes, Dreadlocks maintain length and prevent breakage by minimizing manipulation and styling, requiring less frequent combing, brushing, and heat styling once formed.

6. Will my hair grow slower if I have very tight dreadlocks?

Tight dreadlocks can hinder hair growth by causing excessive tension on the scalp and hair follicles, so it’s crucial to balance tightness with hair growth.

7. Can I stimulate hair growth while wearing dreadlocks?

Maintaining good scalp health, a balanced diet, staying hydrated, minimizing stress, using natural oils, and engaging in regular exercise can promote healthy hair growth while wearing dreadlocks.

8. Will my hair grow faster if I crochet or interlock my dreadlocks?

Crocheting or interlocking dreadlocks can tighten locks, but excessive manipulation can cause damage or breakage, and potentially impede hair growth if not done carefully.


The idea that wearing dreadlocks causes your hair to grow faster is incorrect. Dreadlocks do not change the natural rate at which hair grows from the scalp, even though their unusual appearance may give the impression of fast growth. Rather, by following the right care and maintenance procedures, dreadlocks can be kept in good condition which in turn encourages general hair health and length retention.

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