Italian Eyeglass Frames Manufacturers: Top 10 with Specialty

Fashion and trends are complex things that also relate to your personality. So, the right preferences in the fashion world of eyewear accessories are not so easy.

Here we have analyzed, evaluated, and categorized the famous Italian eyeglass frames manufacturers for both casual and personal needs alongside different sunglasses.

This article will inform and guide you with facts and features so that you may feel at ease choosing a brand or company perfectly.  

10 Italian Eyeglass Frames Manufacturers:

Italian eyeglass frames manufacturers


It is one of the best Italian eyeglass frame manufacturers resounded in this position in the specified sector for more than 10 years. The company is creating frames for different buyers throughout the world. With extensive market research, VOSLAB makes a design that suits the trend and fashion of the age. Some facts about the company are:

  • The company works with the changing trend through design representing the brand.
  • Production system of the company focuses on the proven quality of the suppliers.
  • VOSLAB is also committed to ensuring smooth service from design, and collections to delivery.


This Italian manufacturer company has gained a reputation for producing eyewear frames of tremendous quality from its starting day till now for many years. The eyewear sector has been added since 2000 and the company is playing a leading role in producing high-quality frames for consumers all over the world.

  • The brand has been chosen by many famous international fashion sectors.
  • SEIT ELETTRONICA SRL produces both metal frames and acetate frames of high quality.
  • The whole working process is done with an excellent technological combination.


A classic eyeglass frame manufacturer that is ruling the industry since 1950 is a fascinating brand IOVES. The company has already modified its production strategy and gone for technological advancement so that it can cope with the expectation and service management around the world.

  • IOVES has a long business relationship with buyers from almost 45 countries.
  • It deals with the production of frames for both sunglass and regular optical eyewear.
  • The whole process is done with the process of plan, approval, prototype, and production.


This particular company is another well-known manufacturer of eyewear frames based on Italy which is continuing its business with several parties around the world since late 1980s. After a certain period, the company expanded its business and started manufacturing frames alongside sunglasses.

  • The company mainly deals with the production of frames.
  • The production process gets along with the combination of high-quality design and technology.
  • OTTICA PREALPI gives services to many international brands and companies.

5. L.G.R or Luca Gnecchi Ruscone:

It has set an indisputable name and fame as one of the best Italian handmade eyeglass frame manufacturing companies. This brand also works hard to build a product having both a touch of tradition and modernity. This brand has already created a popular market throughout the world contributing to the Italian economy. 

  • Makes different kinds of handmade frames of own style.
  • The frames have a very smooth finishing and comfortable edge.
  • The eyewear accessories are really long-lasting and eye-catching. 

6. Prada:

Mario and Martino Prada started the journey of this brand in 1913. Alongside other fashion accessories, this manufacturer company has a huge reputation for producing high-class eyewear frames. The eyewear sector was added to the company in 1990 and since then Prada has been creating unique frames for eyeglasses.

  • Prada works for frames on the ranges of oversize, geometry, angular, etc.
  • It has classic collections of cat-eye and round frames for both men and women.
  • There is a combination of unique themes and sophisticated traditions.


Since the year of 1985, this Italian luxurious fashion house has been contributing to the manufacturing of different things. Eyewear frames of this brand are quite popular around the world. Mainly from 2010, they added the eyewear accessories industry to their product category.

  • The frames of this brand are of the finest materials.
  • Different kinds of eyewear frames represent expressive themes and playfulness.
  • DOLCE & GABBANA work for both regular and prescribed frameworks.

8. I Visionari:

Italian eyewear frames have got a symbolic identity through this brand. The brand works with both eyeglasses and the manufacturing of frames. They make the frames of verities keeping the customers’ preferences, passion, and vision in concern.

  • This brand produces frames like cat-eye, square, rectangular, and oversize.
  • They always give importance to creativity.
  • The raw materials are of excellent quality.

9. Mirage Occhiali:

Another Italian manufacturing company that has established a firm position in the eyewear frame industry is Mirage. After its journey started in 1960, the brand is now a pride for Italian representation. For its well-balanced customized service, the brand is well accepted to many countries.

  • The company makes the eye frame by using high technology.
  • Pure craftsmanship is making the product more enthusiastic.
  • Its technical success has taken the brand to the international sector.

10. Rebuli SRL:

It is a fine sunglasses manufacturing company which is producing different frames of specific categories. After the journey began in the year of 1995, the brand expanded a lot and has become a reputed company with worldwide acceptance.

  • This manufacturer mainly focuses on the production of acetate and optical frames.
  • Rebuli SRL uses workers with specific skills for the productions.
  • It supplies the products to both the local consumers and global buyers.

Top 10 Eyewear Manufacturers in Italy:

01. Safilo: Since 1934, this eyewear company has been working to create fine sunglasses and eyeglass accessories mainly taking practical needs in concern. They are determined to go ahead with tradition and safety alongside the quality, elegance, and authenticity of the products.

02. Persol: When we talk about handmade eyeglass accessories and innovations, Persol comes top as a brand. This manufacturer is producing very high-quality products for long and successful years. The company focuses on maintaining fine craftsmanship and uniqueness. The products of the brand have fame for durability.

03. Luxottica: It is one of the largest eyewear manufacturers producing tremendous quality eyeglasses alongside optical frames. Since the year of 1961, the brand expanded its area throughout the world having around seven thousand outlets. Visionary approaches help it to create firm roots in the competitive market.

04. Gucci: This is another eyewear brand that created a sense of ecstasy among the people.  The materials and final products of this brand match the trend and styles of this new century.  So, in many countries of the world, Gucci is a brand of trust and fantasy. It has already won the reputation of being the best eyeglass brand in 2018.

05. TAVAT: Eyeglass, frame, and lenses all combine to perfection in this Italian company. From the year 2010 onwards, this manufacturing company is working with artistic styles for making attractive designs.  On the other hand, the workers also give importance to the comfort of wearing glasses. TAVAT also conducts a wide range of business.

06. Trussardi: If you are looking for an eyewear manufacturer who can provide you with the opportunity of choosing glasses out of modern and classic ones, Trussardi is the ideal destination. The brand is really committed to keeping Italian style but with very good quality. For quite a long, it has been a name of trust.

07. Res/Rei: This manufacturing company works to represent outstanding quality and skills by making purely handmade eyewear accessories.  The brand has been working since 2011 for establishing a name that will prove quality, durability, and individuality.  This is really popular among people looking for classy items.

08. Lightbird: A brand of eyewear manufacturer which works entirely on the basis of the Italian continent. The company marginalized quality and modernization process yet it is keeping the touch of pure Italian tradition. Its highly skilled workforce is also giving their everything to take the brand to a suitable position.

09. La Giardiniera: It is an Italy based eyewear and sunglass manufacturing company that is producing quality products for almost 40 years. This brand not only focuses on the quality but also on the affordability of its eyewear. This brand maintains well-researched market management both nationally and internationally.

10. Handmade in Rome: This eyewear brand is playing a significant role in manufacturing excellent eyewear accessories since 2003. The company emphasizes the combination of aesthetic touch and perfection in the product and this certainly makes the brand more receptive.  It also ensures smooth service to the customers.

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