11 Italian Handmade Sunglasses Brands: Essence of Elegance

Sunglasses have to suit your personality and passion. The color, material, and process ideal for you can be very obscure, especially for handmade sunglasses. Therefore, proper ideas and understanding of facts and features are important.

Here we have sorted out and discussed all the characteristics needed to know about Italian handmade sunglasses brands so that you feel confident and risk-free to choose the best out of the bests that suit your personality.

What is Handmade Sunglass?

Handmade sunglasses are eyewear products that are manufactured by using natural acetate. From adjustments to polish, the whole process is done through the finger touch of highly skilled workers. This type of sunglasses brand avoids technology in the main production and gives importance to manual classic styles.

Are Handmade Sunglasses of Any Good?

Handmade sunglasses consume a long time but the result of those efforts is really good. Some of the benefits and goodness of such sunglasses are:

Perfect customization: As the complete process of manufacturing this type of sunglasses is handcrafted, the craftsman can form the shape, design, and color in a better-customized way and according to the preference of a customer.

Fabulous finish: Handmade sunglasses get a very sharp finishing. The artisans can give a smooth touch to every edge which makes the eyewear very fit and comfortable.

Durability: The materials are well sorted and the production process goes through intensive care. So, the final item gets a perfect attachment that ensures durability.

Naturally beautiful: Handmade sunglasses are made of natural acetate and every step is well controlled. Therefore, these glasses look extremely beautiful by nature.

11 Best Italian Handmade Sunglasses Brands:

Italian Handmade Sunglasses Brands

1. Handmade in Italy L.G.R:

It is formed by the familial efforts of three artisans who redefined the true class of Italian handmade sunglasses. The whole production process is traditional along with the touch of modern design and fashion. The highly skilled craftsmen create the sunglasses frames of metal or acetate.

  • In the sunglasses, the brand uses tempered mineral glassware.
  • There are fashionable sunglasses for both men and women.
  • The nobility and authenticity of the sunglasses attracted celebrities like Tom Cruise, Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince William, Kate Hudson, and many more.

2. Persol:

Whenever we think of an Italian brand that has an age-old reputation for manufacturing handcrafted Italian sunglasses, Persol is an indisputable name. The lenses, frames, glasses, and the combined representations of high-quality sunglasses of this brand have a huge name and fame. It is known as one of the most successful eyewear brands in the world. Giuseppe Ratti formed it in 1917 focusing mainly on the need for pilots and the sports sector. It is a brand that also represents luxury in the fashion world.

  • The sunglasses of this brand are made of elegant design and look.
  • The structure of this eyewear brand is fit and perfect with crystal clear glasses.
  • It always innovates but at the same time maintains the class of handmade tradition of Italy.

3. Illesteva:

The independent eyewear brand which has redefined the Italian heritage of classic handmade sunglasses and eyewear accessories is Illesteva. This brand is one of the eyewear sectors which have been controlling the market. The company makes the supportive materials of sunglasses from a luxury manufacturer in Italy and the process is entirely handcrafted.

  • Illesteva is famous for creating metal and acetate frames for sunglasses.
  • The manufacturing system goes through 50 different steps taking 90 days to finish.
  • The artisans are working to develop the quality and make durable and comfortable sunglasses.

4. Italia Independent:

It is an independent eyewear brand that turns unique designs into reality through the manufacturing of some of the finest handmade sunglasses in Italy. Since the journey started in 2007, the company has been producing different categories of sunglasses made of colorful lenses and frames which are worn by celebrities all around the world. This brand produces sunglasses for both men and women.

  • The company produces customized products for consumers.
  • The sunglasses are made of the finest materials for each particle.
  • The whole craftwork is purely handmade in Italy by highly skilled workers.

5. TBD Eyewear:

This is a pure Italian brand that is continuously working for manufacturing the best quality sunglasses of different kinds. It produces high-quality handmade eyewear products like sunglasses by ensuring traditional craftsmanship. Cran, pleat, lapel, Donegal, and Shetland are some of the unique kinds of sunglasses and regular eyeglasses of this company. The company is now doing business all around with the motto of ensuring the Italian class.

  • This brand is determined to maintain sustainability alongside the Italian vibes.
  • The company is committed to decreasing waste disposal and being environmentally friendly.
  • Skillful workers with artistic sense create the sunglasses and other products of it.

6. Epos Eyewear:

This is a brand of sunglasses that emphasizes the Italian vibes in its production. Therefore, 100% handmade sunglasses and eyewear accessories of the company proudly represent the craftsmanship, tradition, and class of Italy. This manufacturing company has been keeping the beauty of visual art for a long period.

  • Romeo, Argos, and Iago are some of its popular sunglasses designs.
  • The materials are made and collected authentically matching Italian fashion.
  • The handcrafted sunglasses provide a casual look to both men and women.

7. Handmade in Rome:

Being a part of the project implemented by G&G S.R.L, this Italian brand is proudly manufacturing handmade Italian sunglasses of super quality since 2003. This brand provides private label sunglasses distributions within Italy and also renders customized product delivery to the global sectors. For long successful years, the company is making eyewear of different patterns.

  • This eyewear company makes sunglasses using high-quality materials.
  • They work with a combination of Italian traditions and customers’ satisfaction.
  • The workers are very talented and artistic in their thoughts.

8. 1995:

It is another well-known Italian handmade sunglasses brand that operates the production process on a private label. The brand came to light in the year of 1995. The company maintains specific and strict standards to create eyewear products of high quality.

  • The products of this brand have uniqueness and individuality.
  • The working process is handcrafted where 70 steps are to be followed by the workers using Italian raw materials.
  • Occhialeria, Artigiana, and Primus are some of the finest collections.

9. Pagani:

If we talk about Italian handmade sunglasses, Pagani is another brand that is needed to be taken in our concern. The brand is continuously trying to produce the best quality sunglasses through a combination of tradition and innovation.

  • Agate, angel, Bellagio, Botero, dandy, and flower are some of the designs made respectively for the fashion concerned men and women.
  • This sunglasses brand inputs elegant and aesthetic design on the components of eyewear.
  • The company aims to represent the class of Italian products to the world community.

10. Super:

It is a well-known contemporary handmade sunglasses manufacturing brand which is a part of RETROSUPERFUTURE. Daniel Beckerman founded this brand in Italy in the year 2007 and since then ‘Super’ has been manufacturing superb sunglasses. Various popular sunglasses categories like Ciccio, Flat Top, América, Lucia and Drew, etc.

  • This brand has an impressive record of building acetate sunglasses.
  • It works with an impressive team to produce eyewear of smooth edge.
  • This brand is really popular for keeping vibrant collections of sunglasses.

11. Mad in Italy:

It is a great brand of manufacturing sunglasses where the madness of art gets the touch of ecstasy and elegance. The journey of the brand started in 2010 and since then the company has been manufacturing masterpieces. The sunglasses of this brand are made by skillful artisans. The process is handmade, conventional, and at the same time purely based in Italy.

  • The brand works with the vision of giving the finest customized service to the Italians and globally as well.
  • The main focus of the production is to keep the eyewear comfortable and light.
  • Raw materials for the manufacturing process get intensively selected and processed through the madness of beauty.


The details of the article “Italian handmade sunglasses brands” are presented here to make you a smart consumer while selecting any particular brand. Sunglasses can be of different kinds. Handmade sunglasses have different identities than those made technically. You need to have a clear concept and perception about the thing you want to buy.

So, the information we have put above can be very effective for your every step as a customer or researcher. Let us know how helpful our effort has been. We expect your support and comments because we want to provide the best to you. Go through the links given in the article because your trust is our power.

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