15 Best Korean Sunglasses Brands in 2022 [You will Love These]

Korea is a powerhouse of several top-rated sunglasses and eyewear brands. Some of these brands started the fashion industry’s journey in the past few years and already gained a reputation worldwide.

The reason behind Korean Sunglasses Brands’ reputation is – the designers always come with innovative and stylish designs that attract a different class of people.

However, all brands are not the same. If you are unaware of the best Korean eyeglasses brands, you might select eyeglasses from a low-quality brand.  

So, let’s dig deeper and learn about the best Korean glasses brands.

15 Top Rated Korean Sunglasses Brands

korean sunglasses brands

Here you will learn about a total of 15 brands of Korean sunglasses. All these brands are manufacturing premium quality frames and shapes.

01. Carin

In recent times, Carin has gained much popularity because BTS Jimin has worn their sunglasses in his latest hit called “Dynamite.” The product is medium to high range sunglasses and the range of the frame cost is $200 – $300. Carin has a user-friendly website in the English language and offers worldwide shipping.

02. Gentle Monster

“High-end experiment,” Gentle Monster develops sunglasses following this motto. They started their journey in 2011, and over the last 10 years, they have become one of the most admired Korean sunglass manufacturers in the world.

Dark-colored thick frame and oversized glass is their signature look. Celebrities named Jeon Ji Hyun and BTS’ Jimin are spotted wearing their sunglasses. They have a few collaborated projects with other sunglass manufacturers such as Ambush, Havana, Hood by Air, and many more.

Their sunglasses are sold online, and throughout the world, they have outlets. So, you can buy their sunglasses while visiting their outlets too.

03. Projekt Produkt

2014: the year Projekt Produkt was founded. The frame designs are more unique and more interesting than other sunglasses brands. Also, frames are available in a wide range of colors.

They introduced a unique design recently that has a colored lens placed in metal or transparent frames. Similar to Gentle Monster, this brand is also widely recognized all over the globe.  

04. Muzik Eyewear

Inspired by music, culture, fashion, and art, Muzik Eyewear designs its sunglasses. They begin designing sunglasses in 2013 and, collaborating with Korean designers, manufactured sunglasses get a unique look and style.

Many Korean superstars named IU, Girls’ Generation’s Tae Yeon, and actor Nam Goong-min have worn Muzik Eyewear’s sunglasses. They developed the website in Korean and English languages, which means non-Korean can also order sunglasses through their website.

05. Faction

Are you looking for a fashionable yet unique sunglass brand? Well, Facetone is here for you with a variety of sunglasses for a wide range of people. Although they formed in 2016, their S, F+Up Sunglasses has received much popularity. SSF Mall has a whole selection of Faction sunglasses; you can buy them as per your preference from there.

06. Manomos

2015: the founding year of Manomos and their flagship store is in Seoul. Korean Pop-stars IKON, Seventeen are fond of this brand’s sunglasses and have worn this eyewear in their many videos. The most interesting fact is that you can choose the design worn by a Korean Popstar, pretty amazing, right? Manomos sunglasses are also available in many countries.

07. Stephane Christian

If you are a fan of acetone and metal frames, Stephane Christian is for you. They follow the modern and retro design and French Chic is their inspiration. They are also one of the modern Korean fashion glasses brands formed in 2016. Renowned designers J Koo and Calvin Luo have designed Stephane Christian sunglasses since they were founded. With overseas shipping options, their website is also available in the English language.

08. Lapiz

They have a wide range of collections for both men and women. Full large-sized angular frame encourages the consumer to survive at the moment. Famous Japanese designer Yuka Chocomoo and popular actor Daniel Henney have collaborated with Lapiz. Unfortunately, they are no longer available for selling sunglasses outside of Korea.

09. Grafik: Plastic

The frame design of Grafik: Plastic will amaze you because you will hardly find a sunglass manufacturer that has a large number of frame designs. However, you will find this brand’s sunglasses only in Korea. You can check their frame designs by visiting their Instagram page and website.

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10. Senselect

Many Korean celebrities wear the retro and modern styles of Senselect sunglasses. The above-pictured frame name is Copain F, which is popular among many young Korean guys. The bad news is, in order to buy Senselect sunglasses, you will need to visit Korea.


The 2 words “IR” and “RESIST” combined and made the word “IRRESISTOR.” The word IRRESISTOR means IRRESISTIBLE CREATION. IRRESISTOR’s philosophy is to create new designs following the combo of fashion, art, culture, and lifestyle.

12. NYBK Korea

The founder of this top Korean Sunglasses Brand is a few talented designers who graduated from Parson’s School of Design in New York, known as one of the world’s leading fashion schools. They launched in 2013 and successfully run their business globally.

Materials are outsourced from European brands and manufactured in the same production line. Their delivery channel is flexible and offers an affordable price range.

13. Truth Eyewear

They just don’t design eyewear; they design eyewear in such a way that your eyes feel relaxed. Their specialty is a handmade metal frame, and plastic glass simply makes them a unique eyewear brand in Korea.

14. Caliphash

“Darkness most Beauty” is the slogan used by the manufacturer Caliphash, which tells that their manufactured sunglasses are mostly designed in dark colors. They focus on creating top-quality sunglasses and have been inspired by leather artisans since 1996. All creation of Caliphash is focusing on discovering and expressing the darkness’s beauty.

15. Pez Verde

The Spanish word Pez Verde is a combination of 2 separate words. Pes means “fish,” and Verde means “Green.” So, Pez Verde means “Green Fish.”

They have numerous modern and standard European-style sunglasses in the collection. Each sunglass design of Pez Verde is a blend of balance, harmony, freshness, youth, and vital force.

How Do I Choose Sunglasses?

Sunglasses add spice to anyone’s style. They block UV rays and protect the eyes from damage. When choosing Korean fashion glasses, keeping a few considerations is significantly essential. What is this consideration? Read below to learn more.

  1. When buying a sunglass, the most important thing is to check for a tag saying “100% UV-resistant.” In fact, most of us don’t look at the tag when buying a sunglass, a survey done by the Academy’s 2014 national sun safety survey.
  2. Bigger sunglasses mean the coverage will be much bigger. As a result, your eyes will get full protection from harmful UV rays. Oversized sunglasses will prevent UV rays from entering the eyes. So, go for bigger sunglasses.
  3. Many people think that darker sunglasses provide the best protection. It is a misconception at all. Dark-colored sunglasses will give you a cool look. Unfortunately, they don’t guarantee to prevent UV rays, and your eyes can get damaged anytime.
  4. Driving becomes more comfortable with polarized glasses because it assists in reducing glare coming from water or lights. However, polarized glasses are not designed to protect from UV rays.

Ophthalmologist Brenda Pagán-Durán, M.D., a clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology based in Westwood, New Jersey, said that “People always look at the appearance of a sunglass without focusing on the sun-protective feature. It would be best if you look at the tag attached with the sunglasses to learn if it is UV protective glasses or not.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Final Words

The eyes are the most divine gift from the almighty. Out of many Korean Sunglasses Brands, it is essential to pick the right brand. And eyes can damage with the wrong sunglass.

Hopefully, this Korean fashion glasses write-up will lead you to the right path of picking the best-suited sunglass.

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