Liver King Net Worth: Beyond The Raw Meat


Liver King Net Worth

In the world of fitness, Brian Johnson—better known online as the Liver King—has made a name for himself. Liver King’s “ancestral lifestyle” promotes raw meat consumption and has garnered millions of followers, controversy, and a huge net worth.

Liver King Net Worth

Nick NameLiver King
Real NameBrian Michael Johnson
Net Worth$10 million
Birth PlaceSan Antonio, Texas
Sex OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseBarbara Johnson
Date of Birth7th April 1977
ProfessionAmerican Fitness Social Media Influencer and Businessman
Source of WealthWellness Startups, Endorsements, and Real Estate Investments.
EducationTexas Tech University

Early Life

Brian Johnson was born in San Antonio, on 7th April 1977.  When Brian was a baby, his father passed away. As a result, he lacked a perfect father figure to mentor him. During his formative years, Brian moved to Texas with his mother and older brother. Being short in stature, he was constantly teased and became an awkward preteen. He attended John Marshall High School in Leon Valley, Texas, after which he earned a biochemistry degree from Texas Technical University.

After college, He started as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company, making between $100,000 and $125,000 a year. He had enough money to indulge in pastimes like snowboarding.
Liver King has not disclosed much about his early life, choosing instead to focus on his current endeavors and lifestyle. He is well-known for advocating for what he terms an “ancestral lifestyle,” which entails consuming a lot of raw meat and organs and suggesting liver be consumed every day. The unusual eating habits of Liver King have grown in popularity and drawn praise and condemnation. Despite igniting controversy within the health and wellness world, he also places a strong emphasis on holistic well-being and fitness.

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Liver King is a well-known fitness fanatic who rose to prominence on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. He displayed his extreme eating patterns, which included consuming raw animal parts, as a vital element of his fitness and wellness regimen. A big part of King’s career was creating content, which included photos of him eating, working out, and going about his everyday activities. In the health and wellness industry, he has worked with several brands and businesses on sponsored content, product endorsements, and brand ambassadorships.

King also took part in live events and public speaking engagements where he shared his knowledge in lifestyle optimization, fitness, and nutrition. He was able to engage his audience and spread his message and brand through these appearances. It’s possible that Liver King explored health and wellness-related business endeavors, creating his goods, services, or online courses to assist people in reaching their objectives for physical fitness and lifestyle.

Personal Life

Liver King has a controversial online lifestyle centered around raw meat consumption, primal rituals, and nine pillars of well-being. His family includes his wife Barbara Johnson, also known as the “Liver Queen,” who supports his online persona. The couple has two sons who participate in some aspects of their parents’ online presence. He prioritizes promoting his “ancestral lifestyle” and avoids delving deeply into his personal life, raising questions about his motivations and the potential for selective disclosure. In late 2022, emails revealed his past use of performance-enhancing drugs, damaging his credibility and sparking discussions about transparency and misinformation in the fitness industry. The full picture of the Liver King’s personal life remains largely unknown.

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Liver King may enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and surfing, as well as cooking and experimenting with recipes. However, without explicit information, it’s difficult to identify his specific hobbies or recreational activities. He likely engages in pursuits that bring him happiness and fulfilment beyond his public persona.

Net Worth

Liver King, also known as Brian Michael Johnson, is said to have an estimated net worth of $10 million. His main source of wealth is likely from social media influence, product sales, public appearances, affiliate marketing, and entrepreneurial ventures. Also, He earns from sponsored content, brand partnerships, endorsements, merchandise, supplements, and digital products related to health and fitness. He may also earn commissions through affiliate links promoting third-party products.

Awards and Achievements

Liver King has made significant contributions to the health and fitness community. He has gained a significant following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, sharing content about his unconventional dietary practices, fitness routines, and holistic wellness philosophy. His influence has sparked discussions and debates within the community. Liver King has also collaborated with various brands and companies within the health and wellness industry, demonstrating his influence and reach. His unique approach to nutrition and fitness has attracted media attention, showcasing his unconventional lifestyle and advocacy for primal living. Despite not receiving formal awards, Liver King’s success as a social media personality and advocate for alternative health practices is noteworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Liver King Net Worth

1. What is Liver King’s net worth?

Liver King is thought to have an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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2. How does Liver King make money?

Liver King generates income through sponsored content, brand partnerships, product sales, public appearances, affiliate marketing, and potentially entrepreneurial ventures within the health and wellness industry.

3. What is Liver King’s main source of wealth?

Liver King’s primary source of wealth comes from his online activities as a social media influencer and wellness advocate. This includes earnings from sponsored content, brand partnerships, and product sales related to health, fitness, and wellness.

4. Has Liver King received any awards or recognition?

Liver King’s formal awards or recognition are not widely documented. However, his influence within the health and wellness community, as evidenced by his significant following and brand collaborations, speaks to his impact as a social media personality.

5. How much money does Liver King make from social media?

Liver King’s earnings from social media can vary based on factors such as audience engagement, brand partnerships, and sponsored content deals. Exact figures are not publicly disclosed, but he likely earns a significant income through his online presence.

6. Is Liver King involved in any entrepreneurial ventures?

Liver King may involve himself in entrepreneurial ventures within the health and wellness industry, potentially developing and selling products or services aligned with his brand and philosophy. However, Liver King and his team have not widely publicized specific details about these ventures.


Although the Liver King’s exact net worth is up for debate, there is no denying his influence on the fitness sector. Although medical experts haven’t always accepted his approaches, he has initiated discussions on ancestral living and alternative health measures. In the end, the Liver King’s wealth is only one side of his complex character. His impact, conflicts, and attitude toward health continue to both enthrall and alienate audiences.

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