Moscot vs Oliver Peoples – Which One is Better and Why?

Comparing two famous glasses brands of luxury and quality is more complex than it seems to be. But choosing the best out of the bests requires competitive analysis. Therefore, we have brought this intensive evaluation on Moscot vs Oliver Peoples. Vintage Moscot or passionate Oliver, we have gathered in-depth information on all the main and related features of both brands.

When we judge eyeglasses, we have to focus on glass quality, lenses, frames, costs, warranty, and other related characteristics. So, to select one out of two has to be on the comparison of better materials and services. We have made this easier for you. Go through these research results so that you face no hesitation to get the best you deserve.

Moscot Vs Oliver Peoples: Let’s dig in the deep

Comparative Features:MOSCOTOliver Peoples
Glass QualityMineral, crystal clear, scratch resistant, anti-glare coated, and durable.Unique, Transparent, and heat & scratch resistant.
UV Protection100% UV protection.100% UVA, UVB protection
Lens MaterialsPlastic and Polycarbonate.Crystal, glass, Cr39 plastic, and polyamide.
Lens colorsColor verities are available.Multiple colors available
PolarizationAvailable for sunglassesAvailable for sunglasses
Frame MaterialsAcetate, Metal.Acetate Cellulose
PriceStarts at around 300$ to 450$Starts at around 350$-600$
Warranties1 Year2 Years
InsuranceOut-of-network service for all insuranceStandard insurance on product shipping
Return PolicyApplication available within 10 days of purchaseAvailable within 45 days of purchase
Customer ServiceOnline & Hotline serviceOnline & Hotline service
moscot vs oliver peoples

Glass Quality:

Moscot prescription, non-prescription, and polarized glasses have supreme quality. Lemtosh glasses are popular for their excellent materials. Mineral and crystal clear glasses have scratch resistance, anti-glare coating, and durability. There is tremendous color balance. The setup of glasses and frames is matchless and smooth. Quality glasses help create better vision.

Oliver Peoples maintains quality assurance in manufacturing their glasses. All of their glasses are made of the best raw elements and they provide crystal clear views. There are sun protection and Oliver Peoples reading glasses with a protective coating. The glasses are featured with different types of lenses and framed in a faultless way.

UV Protection:

Moscot sunglasses are specially produced to provide 100% protection against UV or other harmful rays. The polarized and prescription glasses are made perfectly for blocking UV rays.

Oliver Peoples glasses or lenses also give powerful protection against UV rays. This brand has manufactured a new edition of a lens named proprietary crystal lenses with UV 400+ UV block coating. This lens is more effective against UVA or UVB rays.

Quality of the Lenses:

Moscot has single vision and progressive lenses. Single vision lenses can be standard, advanced, and premier. Every lens has distinctive qualities. Standard and advanced lenses are made of plastic but Moscot premier lenses are made of polycarbonate. Single vision and progressive premier lenses are lightweight, durable, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant.

Oliver Peoples’ lens quality is excellent and precise. The high class of materials and sophisticated manufacturing process has increased the popularity of their lenses. All types of lenses are crystal clear and perfectly shaped.

Lens Color:

Moscot makes colorful tinted lenses. These lenses have around 20 different shades. Tinted lenses are handmade and dip-dyed. There are colors like grey, black, green, blue, gold, etc. G15, Calibar Green, Cosmitan Brown, Grey, Blue, and Yellow are 6 glass lens colors of Moscot.

Oliver Peoples also have various color options. Especially, the non-mirrored Oliver lenses give color choices like brown, copper, gray, and green.


Moscot produces polarized sunglasses which have mineral glass and gold mirrored lenses. Oliver Peoples also manufactures polarized sunglasses with a protective coating.

These polarized sunglasses are very effective against harmful rays. They also protect eyes from glare so these glasses are perfect for waterfront tasks and snowy weather. Moscot Lemtosh, Zev, Yukel, Aidim sun polarized, etc have worldwide popularity.


Moscot frames have excellent quality. They use supreme acetate for manufacturing frames and there are narrow, average, and wide shapes to adjust the specific shape of the face. Acetate, step-down, and metal bridge fits are available. Acetate nose pads perfectly collaborate with the frame. The metal frame is also available with clip-on technology.

The Oliver Peoples glass frames are made of pure Italian acetate cellulose. They maintain the traditional handcrafted methods to manufacture their frames. The frames are firmly polished and well coated with protective elements.


Haskel Sun is one of the best sunglasses editions of Moscot wraparounds. Oliver Peoples make some limited versions of wraparound.

These types of sunglasses are made of high-quality materials, sturdy frames, and quality lenses. Their wraparounds are perfectly structured to protect eyes from glare, harmful rays, and dust.


Moscot has different kinds of eyeglasses and sunglasses. These glasses have different ranges of average cost. The average price can be around 300$ to 450$ which can be higher in terms of progressive and prescription lenses.

Usually, Oliver Peoples’ non-prescription glasses come at an average price of around 350$ to 1500. The frame prices range from around 330$ to 600$.


Moscot has warranty policies to ensure the protection of a product against all sorts of defects in the manufacturing process and materials. Moscot will give 1 year of warranty after the purchase date of a product from authentic sources like, Moscot retail shops, etc. Within 1 year, Moscot will take the responsibility of repair or replacement free. After the warranty period, Moscot sunglasses repair will take standard charges.

Oliver Peoples provides a warranty of 2 years on frames, glasses, or sunglasses if there are any defects related to materials and workmanship during production. Intentional damages are not covered by this policy.


Though does not take any insurance on orders, this brand has an out-of-network service for all insurance. After showing active insurance membership papers, a customer can have 15% off on professional examination service and retail pricing of complete prescription glasses. 50$ credit is offered for an eye examination.

Oliver Peoples follows the standard insurance policy of Luxottica. Generally, the shipments are covered by insurance to cover up the damage or loss during shipping a product.

Return Policy:

Moscot has a specific return policy for US customers. They will gladly accept a return request for eyewear within 10 days of delivery and the return must be completed within 28 days of the request. The same policies are applied to International customers but are limited to non-prescription or single-vision prescription lenses. Other types of glasses require standard charges.

Oliver Peoples provides a flexible return policy for 45 days after the completion of purchase and shipment. This return policy does not cover any intentionally damaged or engraved products. The purchase and original package must be authentic.

Customer Service:

Moscot and Olive care about their customers. Therefore, these brands have multiple contact options to respond to the consumers. The customer support center is ready to provide solutions to all kinds of quarries. One can contact through online chatting, hotline calls, and e-mails. Their service time ranges from Mon-Friday. Moscot gives full week support in North America.

Moscot Lemtosh vs Oliver Peoples Sheldrake:

Moscot Lemtosh is known to be the most popular Moscot edition. It is more attractive as this particular design is preferred by the celebrity Johnny Depp. The frames are purely handcrafted. Diamond rivets, comfortable keyhole Nose Bridge, 7-barrel hinge, signature acetate, and imported parts and materials make Lemtosh flawless. Lemtosh sun, monochrome, and Lemtosh fold are some of the world’s best sunglasses. Lemtosh’s price range starts at around 300$+.

Oliver Peoples Sheldrake is a popular edition of the eyeglasses of this brand. This edition includes general eyewear and sunglasses. Sheldrake has different editions according to materials and lenses. Its low nose bridge makes it fit and adjustable. Oliver Sheldrake 1950 Sunglasses, Sheldrake metal sunglasses, Sheldrake OV5036 1579 47 Prescription Glasses, etc have retro styles and vintage designs. Sheldrake coasting ranges from 350$+.

How can you tell fake MOSCOT?

There are some facts that we can keep in our mind to recognize a fake Moscot. Packaging is a very important issue in this sense. The original box has a specific card and paper with the authentication number and logo of Moscot. The main box of Original Moscot comes in a gray shade but colored logo.

The main package is firmly wrapped. The original case is very well made. The hinge of the real Moscot frame’s arms is flashed and perfectly curved to adjust the nose-top. Moscot logo is smoothly embedded in the frames. All these are not seen in a fake Moscot.

How do you know if Olivers are real?

This is very normal to find replica versions of Oliver Peoples. But there are some ways to understand whether Olivers are real or not. Firstly, original Olivers have the logo in the lenses which can be seen by breathing on it. This type of blurred logo is rare in other brands. Second, a beautiful and glossy logo can be found in the frame of Olivers.

Besides, the real Olivers will have perfect edges and precisely coated bodies. Finally, the packaging can be another way of identification as those packages come with a special logo and QR code on the body. All of these are very hard to be copied and some features are impossible to be addressed in fake Olivers.

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Moscot has 107 years of vintage tradition. This brand has uniqueness, class, and market value. Oliver Peoples is also a powerful brand that has a name and fame in the fashion world. In this article “Moscot vs Oliver Peoples” we tried to find out the best glass brand between these two.

Oliver Peoples is undoubtedly a good brand having multiple features and systematic production. Besides, the general eyeglasses of Oliver Peoples are comparatively varied than Moscot. They have extended warranty and return days. So, Oliver Peoples is a powerful contender in its regular eyewear accessories.

But if we talk about the perfect combination of quality, cost, luxury, and classic sunglasses, Moscot always gives a thrilling experience. Signature Edition like Lemtosh, free shipping, customized repair service, and positive customer reviews provoke us to recommend Moscot as your best choice.


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