Oliver Peoples vs Persol: Must Read Before Buying Any of Them

When we are supposed to compare and choose brands from the same mega company, it is never easy to analyze each feature comparatively. But we have taken the challenge to make your task easier. Therefore, we have selected two popular brands of Luxottica, Oliver Peoples, and Persol.

Our analyses focus on the competitive theme of Oliver Peoples vs Persol. Here we have given our earnest effort to point out the similarities and differences between these two popular brands. 

To choose the perfect eyeglasses or sunglasses, there is no alternative to knowing about the issues like glasses, lenses, frames, cost, and other related facts. Hence, our discussion has been categorized based on all those important characteristics which can help to select the best brand with the highest amount of good qualities. 

Oliver Peoples Vs Persol:

Comparative Features:Oliver peoplesPersol
Glass QualityUnique, Transparent, and heat resistant.Crystal clear, stylish, Sophisticated.
Lens MaterialsCrystal, glass, Cr39 plastic, and polyamide.Pure silica, optical glass, crystal, etc.
UV Protection100% UVA, UVB protection100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection
Lens colorsMultiple colors availableMultiple colors available
PolarizationAvailable for sunglassesAvailable for sunglasses
Frame MaterialsAcetate CelluloseAcetate from​ cotton, powdery pigments
PriceAround 350$-1500$Around 250$-1000$+
Warranties2 Years2 Years
InsuranceStandard insurance on product shippingStandard insurance on product shipping
Return PolicyAvailable within 45 days of purchaseAvailable within 45 days of purchase
Customer ServiceOnline & Hotline serviceOnline & Hotline service
Oliver Peoples Vs Persol

Glass Quality:

Oliver Peoples and Persol both maintain quality assurance in manufacturing their glasses. All of their glasses are made of the best raw elements and they provide crystal clear views. There are sun protection glasses with UV rays protection coating. The glasses are featured with different types of lenses and framed in a faultless way.

Quality of the Lenses: 

The quality of the lenses produced by Oliver Peoples and Persol is excellent. The high class of materials and sophisticated manufacturing process has increased the popularity of their lenses. All types of lenses are crystal clear and perfectly shaped technologically and manually.

The premium class lenses of these two brands provide the highest resistance against unexpected rays like UVA and UVB. Overall, they improve the vision corrections and clarity.

UV Protection: 

Oliver Peoples: The proprietary crystal lenses, the polarized, wraparound, prescription, and non-prescription eyeglasses are made of quality materials by skilled craftsmen and protective coating against harmful rays. Alongside these all, a new addition of lens UV 400 + UV Block coating provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Persol: The photochromic lenses with the blue-light-filtering option in different glasses and polarized, prescription, and non-prescription sunglasses are featured with the virtue of providing 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. These lenses are capable of saving the eyes strains and aches. 

Lens Color: 

Lens color is very important for a better view. So, Oliver Peoples and Persol have various color options. The non-mirrored lenses of Oliver Peoples’ color choices like brown, copper, gray, and green.

Persol sunglasses’ non-mirrored lenses have colors like Stealth Black, Slate Gray, Smoke Gray, Dark Brown, Gray Green, Tracer Yellow, and many more. Mirrored lenses have more color options and combinations of Honey, Havana, and Black. Such variety is not available in many brands of sunglasses not owned by Luxottica.


These two brands of Luxottica manufacture polarized lenses and sunglasses which offer better quality than any other non-Luxottica sunglasses company. Their polarized sunglasses provide extensive protection against harmful rays & dust and prevent reflection of light glare.

The standard material and crystal clear lenses help decrease eye strains or other eye-related problems. They also improve vision power and are nicely framed for better comfort. 


The frames of these two brands are made of pure Italian acetate cellulose. They maintain the traditional handcrafted methods to manufacture their frames. There are frames for different kinds including polarized, wraparounds, non-prescription, and prescription. You can choose your frame from various color options.

Persol uses the clip-on system to match up the frame and lens most precisely. Oliver Peoples and Persol polish the frames manually and there is technological touch for ensuring perfection.


Oliver Peoples and Persol brands have some limited edition wraparound sunglasses. These glasses are made of excellent acetate frames and crystal clear lenses. The wraparound designs are stylish.

The face adjustment of these frames and curved coating help save the eyes from any sort of glare and harmful lights. Oliver Peoples wraparounds are manufactured very skillfully and Persol wraparounds are surprisingly stylish.


The price ranges of Oliver Peoples and Persol eyeglasses are comparatively high because of issues like brand value, production styles, quality of materials, and features of the lenses. The average cost of these two brands follows the policy of Luxottica and the non-prescription glasses come at an average price of around 350$ to 1500$. The frame prices range from around 330$ to 600$.

Persol sunglasses may be found at a price ranging from around 250$ to 1000$+. The prescription glasses and progressive lenses add some of the cost. Gift cards and special discount offers may help buy these glasses at a lower rate. 


Being belonged to one of the biggest glasses companies ‘Luxottica’, Oliver Peoples, and Persol have the same warranty policies. They provide a warranty of two years on frames, glasses, or sunglasses if there are any defects related to materials and workmanship during production. Intentional bends on frames, scratched lenses, etc are not covered by the warranty. A customer has to provide authentic purchase papers for getting warranty benefits.


These two brands follow the standard insurance policy of Luxottica. Generally, the shipments are covered by insurance to cover up the damage or loss during shipping a product. But Oliver Peoples and Persol eyewear products are guaranteed to be the best examples of Italian Glasses Company. So, there is little scope for accepting vision insurance.

Return Policy:

Oliver Peoples and Persol provide a flexible return policy for 45 days after the completion of purchase and shipment. If you are not satisfied with your product and want a refund, you have to apply online within the time limit. This return policy does not cover any intentionally damaged or engraved products which are customized to you. The full process might take approximately 5 to 15 business days to complete. 

Customer Service:

These two brands have reputation for providing quality customer service. Oliver Peoples and Persol both are committed to giving cooperative services to their customers online and offline. A person can connect to the customer care sector by filling out a form online or calling the official numbers for help.

The service remains open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm. You can also have benefited from their FAQ sections and social media platforms. The brands use special customer privacy acts and policies according to the rules set by Luxottica.

Frequently Asked Questions


Through all the specifications in this article “Oliver Peoples vs Persol”, we have tried to give you in-depth ideas about these two eyewear brands. We have also answered some of the important frequently asked questions so that you may have enough resources to take your next step.

If we talk about Oliver Peoples’ quality, this brand undoubtedly manufactures frames, glass, and lenses of the elite class. It has popularity among famous artists around the world and a firm position in the eyewear industry. Therefore, it is quite fair to be recommended it.

But we would like you to choose Persol and compare the brands on the competitive term of Persol vs Oliver Peoples. Persol is a vintage brand with age-old traditional values. Though specialized for sunglasses, all types of eyeglasses of this brand have elegance, sophistication, and perfection. The trademark editions like Barberini are unprecedented. It’s a celebrated brand that can flourish your passion and look. 

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