Oliver Peoples vs Warby Parker: You Need to Know Before Buy

There are many good brands in the eyeglass industry and each of them has distinctive qualities. So, without proper comparison and analysis, taking the right decision and therefore choosing the best brand is very challenging. We want to make that challenge easier for you so in this comparative article we have put Oliver Peoples Vs Warby Parker.

To select the most desired glass, lens, and frame according to the budget, there is no alternative to knowing the details of a brand. Hence, we have not only described the features of the two best eyewear brands but also shown the similarities and differences they have.

After reading this article, you are expected to understand which things to be taken into concern for buying the best products like sunglasses, lenses, and frames by matching budget and quality.

Oliver Peoples vs Warby Parker: The Core Difference

Oliver Peoples vs Warby Parker

Glass Quality:

Glasses of Oliver Peoples are guaranteed to have natural purity and unique transparency. Its glasses offer the most precise and accurate optics. Assurance of having the finest raw material and supreme quality lenses make the glasses scratch resistant, comfortable for the eyes, crystal clear, and heat resilient. The glasses have an anti-reflection coating with a UV Block system the manufacturer applies hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coatings which make it classy. 

Handcrafted processes, pure cellulose acetate, polycarbonate, raw metal, and advanced technology all work together to produce high-quality Warby Parker glasses. Designing, polishing, and framing every step is well controlled in the optical laboratory of this brand. Prescription, non-prescription, single vision, and transitional glasses and sunglasses all Warby Parker glasses are quality eyewear products.

UV Protection:

Oliver Peoples lenses are modified and manufactured perfectly with a powerful UV protection feature. This brand has introduced a new version of lens UV 400 + UV Block coating and this lens provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Warby Parker lenses and glasses are made of high-class materials. The sunglasses, prescription glasses, and lenses are not only scratch resistant but also provide 100% UV protection. 

Quality of the Lenses:

Oliver Peoples makes lenses using advanced technology and quality assurance. Through an innovative process, they produce a Proprietary Crystal lens which is made of supreme glass. There is a combination of skill and optimum elements that makes the lenses special, strong against UV, and stylish.

The lenses of Warby Parker are made of great-quality polycarbonate material and high index. Its lenses have scratch resistance, anti-reflective, and superhydrophobic coating. Warby Parker prescription lenses are 100% active against UV rays.

Lens Color:

For non-mirrored lenses, Oliver Peoples has various colors like brown, copper, gray, and green. This brand’s mirrored lenses have more color options. The mirrored lenses can be found in colors like brown with green, gold, black, and silver mirror, grey, copper, yellow-green, etc.

The light-responsive lenses of Warby Parker come with color options like grey, green, and brown. On the other hand, the lenses of sunglasses also have color variations. Its lenses are solid; flash mirrored, gradient, and come with an attractive palette with colors like grey, green, and many more.


Oliver Peoples manufactures proprietary sun prescription polarized lenses. These lenses are made of quality materials and provide a crystal mineral look. These sunglasses are perfect to decrease the reflection of light glare and also beneficial to heal eyestrain. Polarized lenses also improve vision power. The lenses are perfectly adjusted to the frames. 

Warby Parker also makes high-quality polarized sunglasses with prescription lenses. The polarized lenses are made of authentic raw materials and are coated with an anti-glare element. These lenses not only can improve color perception and vision level but also work as an eye treatment. Such polarization does not add to any extra cost.


The frames made by Oliver Peoples are examples of supreme quality. Being made of pure Italian acetate, the total process of manufacturing the frames includes handcrafted activities and technical touch. From design to prototype, every step of making frames is vintage art. The final productions are classy, attractive, well-polished, and long-lasting.

There are different types of frames manufactured by Warby Parker. Mostly made of excellent acetate and metal, the frames are hand-finished with an artistic touch. Frames adjust the lenses perfectly and colorful designs make them fascinating. The quality of Warby Parker frames is really up to the mark.


These kinds of frames and eyeglasses are manufactured with specific bending structures and extended parts around the glass to get fit with the eye position. Oliver Peoples wraparound sunglasses are well-designed to stop harmful or disturbing lights from entering the eyes. These wraparounds are designed with polarized categories.

Warby Parker usually doesn’t have a wraparound edition but their prescription and polarized glasses provide protection quite similar to wraparounds. 


The average costs of non-prescription glasses of Oliver Peoples range from 350$ to 1500$. But prescription glasses including progressive lenses cost much more. Frames of prescription lenses cost around 330$ to 650$ and progressive lenses may cause around 650$ to 1000$. Prescription glasses altogether may cost up to 1500$.

Warby Parker glasses cost reasonably low. The average price of non-prescription glasses ranges from 95$ to around 145$. But for prescription lenses, the additional cost is added. 50$ to 150$ extra can be added for progressive and transitional lenses. 


If there is any sort of manufacturer’s defect, Oliver Peoples offer a warranty policy for two years after purchasing a product. The frames are enlisted in this warranty policy but any intentional sign of damage, broken parts, pressure breaks, and bending are not parts of the warranty benefit. Moreover, scratching on lenses or other lens-related problems does not cover this benefit. Authentication is needed to apply for this service.

The lenses and frames of Warby Parker are under a general manufacturer’s warranty policy of 12 months after purchase. Within this time, Warby Parker guarantees scratch resistance and quality but free replacement or repairing service in case of any problem. Prescription lenses are under the coverage of 6 months of warranty. Products are returnable and replaceable within the first 30 days.


Oliver Peoples follow the service policies set by Luxottica and this brand has its fixed way to ensure and guarantee quality. External insurance for Oliver Peoples by ‘Reddit’ might be possible but expensive.

But Warby Parker accepts insurance policies for its prescription glasses from insurance providers like United Healthcare, Spectera, VSP, Eye-Med, Cigna, Humana, Davis Vision, Anthem, etc. Such insurance also covers eye health checks. 

Return Policy: 

Oliver Peoples and Warby Parker both the brands have their specific return policy. The return policy of Oliver Peoples is limited to 45 days after purchase and 30 days for the products of Warby parker. In both cases, the returnable products must be well-packed and unharmed. A customer has to apply through a specific way to get this service.

Customer Service:

Oliver Peoples and Warby Parker both have an excellent record of providing premium-class customer services. Both the brands have scope to connect through online, social media, and hotline numbers. Customers can get convincing answers to their frequently asked questions. The customer service section usually remains open from Monday to Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Warby Parker different?

Warby Parker has come to this eye industry with a unique theme. They have their way of production and distribution. The most important thing which makes them different is online purchasing benefits including the virtual trial section. Home-try-on service has already increased its popularity worldwide. 
Warby Parker is also different in their customer services as they provide free shipment and 30 days of return and replacement benefits. The lenses and glasses come in many varieties but at a reasonably low price. 

Where are Oliver Peoples glasses made?

Oliver Peoples glasses are made in optical factories situated in Italy and Japan. The frames are handcrafted with advanced technology. Oliver Peoples manufactures the glasses and high-quality crystal lenses in their technical factory in Barberini in Silvi, Italy. 
The glasses are made of acetate material and the lenses are made of excellent optimum elements. After setting a design, the company creates prototypes and then the final products come out with great qualities. 

Why are Oliver Peoples glasses so expensive?

Compared to many of the world-class brands, Oliver Peoples glasses are really expensive. Many facts work behind this high expenditure. Branding is one of the biggest reasons. Being a part of a luxurious fashion company Luxottica, Oliver Peoples glasses have already gained name and fame as products of luxury. 
The sunglasses, lenses, and regular glasses are made of expensive Italian acetate. The frames have quality materials. Finally, it’s a brand that is preferred by many celebrities including Hollywood superstars. All of these have created an extra brand value for these glasses.

What glasses are similar to Oliver Peoples?

Oliver Peoples
Sunglass Hut
Target Optical
Barton Perreira
Garrett Leight

Is Oliver Peoples owned by Luxottica?

Whenever we talk about luxury eyewear brands, Oliver Peoples is a part of the list of the best. It is an American company based in Los Angeles and is now owned by the famous eyewear mega brand Luxottica. Though Oliver Peoples was founded in 1987 as an independent fashion-oriented brand, in 2006 Oakley owned this brand.
But in 2007, Oakley along with Oliver Peoples became parts of Luxottica. Now, the eyewear industry of Oliver Peoples is operating business throughout the world and the eyewear products are designed in Los Angeles, Japan, and Italy. 

Are Oliver Peoples handmade?

The eyewear products of Oliver Peoples are manufactured through a combination of technology and handcrafted manual adjustments. The frames are carefully handmade. The shape, color, and cutting edge everything is controlled and manufactured by skilled artisans. 
Oliver Peoples uses technologies to set the pin and plaques of the frame and to modify the glass and lenses. But the adjustment and polishing of glasses and frames are handcrafted. Overall, Oliver Peoples are handmade with a touch of technological elegance. 

Are Oliver Peoples glasses worth it?

If you are concerned about maintaining the latest eyewear fashions and brand value, Oliver Peoples glasses are meant for you. Lenses, glass, and frame provide elegant designs, prescription benefits, protection for eyes, and guarantee of quality. This brand requires a big investment but the combination of quality and fame can prove it worth to a particular class of customers.


Oliver Peoples is a brand that holds luxury. Warby Parker is a brand that has launched a revolutionary process of eyeglass production and distribution. Comparing these two “Oliver peoples Vs Warby Parker” we have found the competitive benefits they offer. We have researched, evaluated, and then organized all in this article where you will find authentic answers to important quarries.

Having a brand value, vintage styles, and huge popularity in the luxurious fashion world, Oliver Peoples is undoubtedly a strong contender. But there are issues like a high price, lens variety, and unique services like buy one give one campaign, free shipping and return. So, taking every little thing into concern that is quite affordable, we would prefer to select Warby Parker for greater benefits.

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