Warby Parker Vs Luxottica – An In-Depth Comparison of Both

Warby Parker Vs Luxottica

When it comes to designer eyewear or fashionable glasses, you can’t make so many choices. Depending on your persona, attire, and appearance, you can either go for custom-made rims or designer glass manufacturers. Today, we discuss two of the most influential yet, at-edge companies that have always grabbed attention in the designer glasses industry. Those … Read more

Top 15 Italian Eyeglasses Company to Cope Up on New Trend

italian eyeglasses company

When it comes to eyeglasses brands, Italian companies are dominating the glasses industry. Luxottica is a great example of such a brand that has been dominating the industry for a long time. But no one can rely on a single Italian Eyeglasses Company. To get a good-looking, comfortable, and stylish glass to suit your needs, … Read more

Top 10 Luxottica Competitors in 2022: Bosses of Sunglass World

Luxottica Competitors

Luxottica is one of the reputed names in the fashion industry. It stands out in many areas and thus sets up a monopoly business. This giant spread its branches worldwide and also set up an amazing supply chain to satisfy its consumers. The business practice of this giant company is to eat up its rival … Read more

15 Best Korean Sunglasses Brands in 2022 [You will Love These]

korean sunglasses brands

Korea is a powerhouse of several top-rated sunglasses and eyewear brands. Some of these brands started the fashion industry’s journey in the past few years and already gained a reputation worldwide. The reason behind Korean Sunglasses Brands’ reputation is – the designers always come with innovative and stylish designs that attract a different class of … Read more

15 Good Quality Sunglasses Brands Not Owned by Luxottica

Sunglasses Brands Not Owned by Luxottica

Making better quality eyewear is the prime characteristic of Luxottica. Merging with Essilor in 2019, Luxottica created a huge corporation and owned several top-rated sunglasses companies. As a result, Luxottica manufactures both budget-friendly and expensive sunglasses. However, there are a few sunglasses brands not owned by Luxottica. These brands of sunglasses are also widely popular … Read more