15 Good Quality Sunglasses Brands Not Owned by Luxottica

Making better quality eyewear is the prime characteristic of Luxottica. Merging with Essilor in 2019, Luxottica created a huge corporation and owned several top-rated sunglasses companies.

As a result, Luxottica manufactures both budget-friendly and expensive sunglasses. However, there are a few sunglasses brands not owned by Luxottica. These brands of sunglasses are also widely popular among many users because they also manufacture quality sunglasses to survive in the competitive market with Luxottica.

So, what are those companies not owned by Luxottica?

Let’s explore.

Sunglasses Brands Not Owned by Luxottica

List of 15 Sunglasses Brands Not Owned by Luxottica

01. Warby Parker

warby parker

Warby Parker sunglass company is well-known for its affordable price and fashionable acetate frames. They introduced many classic and trendy sunglasses to the customer. Every year, they are offering new collections of eyewear on different occasions. This brand is a valuable one, in our opinion.

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02. Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering specializes in making a wide range of aviator glasses with steel frame. They follow the 200 steps of a handmade manufacturing process in their factory located in the USA. This brand is the answer for aviator lovers.

03. Quay


Quay has a reputation for manufacturing premium quality sunglasses at an affordable price. They have several on-trend and stylish sunglasses in their store. If you are looking for polarized sunglasses at a wallet-friendly price, choose Quay sunglasses without any hesitation.

04. Moscot-Eyewear


This brand has 100 years of history in the sunglass industry. The New York-based companies have a collection of classic and high-end designed sunglasses made of titanium and acetate. You may find them pricier than its competitor, but in terms of quality, they are champions.

05. RetroSuperFuture

When visiting the RetroSuperFuture store, you will find that they have substantial modern design sunglasses. The best characteristic of RetroSuperFuture is, each season, they are changing their inventory. Also, you will hardly find the same design sunglasses at other outlets. Both acetate and metal styles are available, and the sunglasses are Made in Italy.

06. Maui Jim

Sunglasses block harmful UV rays to protect our eyes. Maui Jim sunglasses are designed specially to save our eyes from the 3 bands of UV rays: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Although Maui Jim sunglasses are inexpensive compared to their class but these glasses are made of quality materials. As a result, they are durable. Due to the unique shades and eye-catchy designs, Maui Jim sunglasses are worth the price.

07. Rudy Project

Manufacturing top-quality product is the habit of the Rudy Project. Advanced features and comfort is confirmed in these sunglasses. They make sunglasses for both individuals and athletes.

The sunglasses block harsh sunlight and a great choice when in the water. Moreover, under sunlight, lens colors get changed and perform as a protective layer over the eyes. This is the reason; athletes of different fields prefer to buy Rudy Project sunglasses.

These sunglasses are suitable to wear in all weather and use a photochromic lens. All around the sunglasses, ventilation slots are available that make them mist-resistant.

08. Gucci

A widely known sunglass brand in the world. If your preference is durability, without thinking twice, choose Gucci sunglasses. Gucci changes its design and styles following the fashion trend. So, these sunglasses are ideal for those who want to stand up with the current fashion trends.

Gucci uses scratch-resistant glass, and because of that, they are highly portable. Also, it delivers service for a long time. Due to their unique design and style, Gucci is preferred by many sunglass wearers and has a good reputation in the sunglass industry.


Many celebrities choose TOM FORD sunglasses because of their elegant look. Additionally, these sunglasses have classic patterns, exclusive frames, and dark colors.

They are made in Italy. Providing UV protection is one of its main characteristics. The frames are extra thick and can be used with both casual and formal wear. They block sidelights and blue lights both.

The TOM FORD sunglasses come with a sleek design, stylish look, durable, versatile, and comfortable features.


MYKITA is another remarkable brand, and they have a sunglasses business in more than 80 countries. Metal, acetate, and nylon are used to manufacture their sunglasses.

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11. American Optical

Over the last few decades, American Optical is producing eye wears for their reliable customers. The great thing about this brand is, you can make your customized sunglasses from them.

All you need to do is, share your requirements with them; they will manufacture the sunglasses for you with original parts and accessories.

12. Serengeti

It is an iconic brand with many nylon, metal, acetate, and sport sunglasses on its shelf. You can choose Serengeti sunglasses from numerous designs and styles for daily use.

13. Smith Optics

Athletes of skiing, climbing, biking, surfing, and snowboarding prefer Smith Optics sunglasses. They use advanced formulas so that players can comfortably wear them in a game. They have worldwide popularity.

14. Dita

The shapes of Dita sunglasses are unique. Square, round, butterfly, aviator, and many other shapes of sunglasses are showcased in Dita’s store.

15. Zenni Optical

Making premium quality sunglasses at a reasonable price is the motto of Zenni Optical. They offer modern and retro design sunglasses. However, the best thing about Zenni Optical is you will get premium quality frames starting from less than $30.

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