Tee Grizzley Net Worth: Career & Interesting Facts


Tee Grizzley Net Worth
Tee Grizzley, What do you know about him? Are you aware that he has been found parallel to the law and thrown behind bars several times? Or you only listen to his songs, but do you know the underside of him? Well, if you want to know better about Tee Grizzley net worth, personal life, career, source of wealth, age, height, and more read on to know him better.

Tee Grizzley Net Worth іn 2023

Tee Grizzley Net Worth:$3 million
Nick Name:Tee Grizzley
Real name:Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr.
Birth Place:Detroit, Michigan, United States
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single
Date of Birth:March 23, 1994
Height:6 feet
Profession:American Rapper, Songwriter, Singer
Source of Wealth:Music, Online Merchandise & YouTube
Education:Michigan State University dropout
Father:Terry Sanchez Wallace Sr.
Mother:Latoya “Twink” Perry
Brother and Sister:Mar Mar Wallace (younger brother)

Early Life of Tee Grizzley

Terry Sanchez Wallace popularly known as Tee Grizzley was born in March 1994 in a place called Detroit Michigan, United States. Tee spent most of his time with his grandmother because of his parent’s involvement in criminal activities. His mother was put behind bars for 15 years due to her involvement in drug peddling. Tee’s father was murdered in 2012 also because of his involvement in criminal activities.

Tee Grizzley joined Michigan State University to pursue accounting and finance. But because of financial strain, he started involving himself in a robbery. He, his friend Jeremy Ford, and their friends were arrested for attempting to rob an electronic shop. They were released as the investigation was being carried out. After their release, Tee sought refuge in Kentucky but things were neither smooth nor theirs. While in Kentucky he was arrested again with his friends and imprisoned for 9 months for attempting to steal from a jewelry shop.

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In 2015, Tee was again handcuffed and sentenced to 18 months for 15 years for Michigan state robberies. He finally came out in late 2016.


Tee’s passion for music started at a very tender age. During middle school, he formed a band called All-Stars Ball Hard. The band had three members; JR, Po, and Lee.

In 2016, Tee released his very first single called First Day Out. Second Day Out followed in the following year. Tee’s has released other singles named: Straight to it, No efforts, Colours, Don’t Even Trip, and many others. Grizzley has also released mixtapes such as Still released in 2018 and My Moment (2017).

In 2017, he teamed up with Lil Durk and released an album called Bloodas. Additionally, Tee has managed to come up with two studio albums. The first one that he released in 2018 is called Activated and the second one Scriptures was released in 2019. Activated performed well by being number 10 on the Billboard 200.

Tee Grizzley Net Worth & His Source Of Income

Tee Grizzley has made this wealth by selling his music albums and stage shows. He has also been involved in online merchandise sales such as jerseys, hoodies, jogger pants, and t-shirts. This has additionally contributed to his wealth. Tee additionally earns around $29.1k to $464.9k each year from his YouTube channel.

Awards and Achievement

Tee’s first single ‘First Day Out’ which he released in 2016 gained more than two million views. Tee managed to sign a contract with 300 Entertainment & Atlantic Records. He was also nominated at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in 2017 in two categories, Best Mix-tape and Best hip-hop but unfortunately, he didn’t manage to win any.

Personal Life

Due to Tee’s parents’ involvement in criminal activities, he didn’t have a chance to spend much of his time with them. However, he spent much of his childhood with his grandmother who raised him. Though not confirmed, Tee is in a relationship because he has been seen several times with this lady however, her exact identity is not known.


Tee once gave back to his young fans by treating almost 300 students to a screening of ‘Black Panther’. The students majorly came from Grizzley’s alma mater Frank High School, Detroit Public Schools, Horatio Williams Foundation, and many others.

Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Tee Grizzley

Tee had his aunt as his manager but she was shot and killed while in the same vehicle with Tee and his friend. Her name was Jobina Brown.

Tee up to now confesses that his manager is the person behind his successful career in music. She was his aunt apart from being his employee. She resigned from her job in 2016 to help Tee in his music career.

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Tee made up his mind to become a rapper at fourteen years of age. He was inspired by rappers from Detroit such as Street Lordz, Blade Icewood, and others.

FAQs About Tee Grizzley

Who is Tee Grizzley?

Tee Grizzley, born Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., is a rapper, songwriter, and recording artist from the United States. He rose to prominence with his smash tune “First Day Out” and is noted for his distinct storytelling and gritty lyrics.

When did Tee Grizzley begin his music career?

Tee Grizzley launched his music career in 2016 with the release of his debut single “First Day Out,” which immediately grew in popularity.

What is the musical style and influence of Tee Grizzley?

Tee Grizzley’s musical approach is frequently distinguished by his raw and realistic storytelling, which addresses subjects such as street life, struggle, and perseverance. His style is influenced by his childhood in Detroit, Michigan.

Which of Tee Grizzley’s songs and albums are the most popular?

Tee Grizzley has had a string of hits, including albums like “Activated” and “Scriptures.” His hits include “First Day Out,” “No Effort,” “From the D to the A,” and “Satish.”

Has Tee Grizzley won any music awards?

Tee Grizzley had not won any major music awards as of my last update in September 2021, although he had gotten nominations and acclaim for his contributions to the hip-hop genre.

Is Tee Grizzley active in any charitable or community service?

Tee Grizzley has indicated a desire to give back to his community and has participated in a number of programs to assist impoverished youngsters and advocate for good change in disadvantaged communities.

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Has Tee Grizzley worked with any other artists?

Yes, Tee Grizzley has worked with a number of well-known artists in the music industry, including Lil Durk, Meek Mill, YNW Melly, and Chance the Rapper.

What is Tee Grizzley’s history and upbringing?

Tee Grizzley was born in Detroit, Michigan on March 23, 1994. He had a tough childhood and suffered legal difficulties, including time in prison. His childhood and prison experiences profoundly affected his music and lyrical substance.


Tee has a unique sound and style that makes him stand out from other rappers and grab the attention of his audience. He has utilized his hip-hop music to express how he feels to his audience. He does not take music seriously up to the extent that he composed his first mixtape while in prison. Tee has truly worked hard to be where he is now. He has received several nominations for his extremely good work in the hip-hop industry.



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