18 Different Types of Sweaters to Keep You Comfortable in 2022

In winter, we all want to stay warm and comfortable wearing sweaters. At the same time, when choosing the sweater type, “fashion” always gets the preference.

Similar to all other dresses, sweaters also come with different types of options. Learning about the kinds of sweaters will let you be stylish and fashionable, for sure, because you can choose the right sweater type when going to the office or a night party in the winter.

What Are the Different Types of Sweaters for Ladies & Mens?

Types of Sweaters

From 1940 to 1950, army personnel, navy, and sailors wore sweaters as a part of their uniforms. At the end of the 19th century, it became a famous outfit for general people in winter.  

Based on Style

1. Crewneck

At the beginning of the 20th century, athletes wore a crewneck sweaters to keep themselves free from skin irritation. Due to crewneck sweaters’ more casual and sportier look, today, both males and females prefer this sweater type. Crewneck sweaters don’t have any collars and have a round neckline, which gives them a more relaxed look.

Black, navy, or grey-colored crewneck sweaters will be the right choice in the beginning before putting on more advanced designs like mock necks or inertia knits.

2. V-Neck

Due to its V-neckline, it has received such a name. However, it is a more formal sweater type than its cousin crewneck. If you are on a professional occasion, put on a sharp tie and sports coat with this, be sure you will get a professional look. This sweater type also goes perfectly well when you are exercising or in an informal meeting with your friends and family.

Make sure you wear the shirt underneath it. You will not look good with other outfits when you wear a t-shirt under a V-neck sweater. Choose a solid color or pattern designed.

3. Cardigan

This basic sweater type comes with long sleeves and consists of a button in the front. They can be collarless, round, or V-neck. Wearing this sweater, you can attend both formal and informal meetings. Cardigans are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. The buttoned-up or zipped up or belted shut design will make you fashionable and stylish for sure.

The shawl collar is an added feature of a cardigan. It is an additional layer of folded-down fabric that provides the highest comfortability and rustic look.

4. Vest

It is a bit odd-looking sweater because it doesn’t contain any sleeves. This type of design goes against the idea of wearing a sweater as sleeveless means; that your arms will not be protected in severely cold weather. But the truth is, a vest sweater is a must-have outfit for both men and women in winter.

You can wear it underneath another sweater if it is too cold on the outside or when a full sleeve jacket is not necessary to wear; a vest type of sweater will undoubtedly give you comfort.

5. Turtleneck

From many different types of sweaters, the turtleneck is the easiest one to identify and define. Turtleneck sweaters come with a unique criterion: a folded-down high collar that covers the neck completely. Turtleneck sweaters are also known as roll-neck or the polo neck sweater. Some may find similarities between the mock neck and turtleneck sweater; in fact, the turtleneck is the mock neck sweater’s younger brother.

Turtleneck is much popular because it can be used on both formal and casual occasions. You can wear them underneath a blazer too. Pretty impressive, right?

6. Half-Zip

The design of half-zip sweaters is so simple. The zipper length of this sweater type is 6 – 8”. Half-zip design gives it a look similar to a V-neck sweater. You can easily put the sweat on and off due to the zipper design. Generally, the half-zip sweater is thicker than other sweater types, and people wear it in summer and fall when the weather becomes warmer.

You can style wearing them with jeans. It is also a great office outfit since you will get a professional look; at the same time, comfortability will be ensured.

7. Cable Knit


Now let me introduce the part of the sweater world where a specific fabric is recognized. Cable knitted fabric adds a textual element beyond the elements of the fabric. Aran or fisherman sweater is the other name for cable knit sweater. Cable needles are used to manufacture this sweater, and the used yarn has specific patterns so that the fabric surface achieves a crossing surface.

Solid colors like oat milk, and creamy white are the classic versions of cable-knit sweaters. Unarguably, this sweater type is a stylish one.

8. Fair Isle

Fair Isle sweaters are mostly worn during the holiday season or skiing. They are colorful and have a limited variety of patterns. When wearing a fair-isle sweater, make sure to keep the other outfits solid-colored and straightforward. You will find an average of 4 colors in this sweater type. Thus, the sweater pattern shines and gives a distinctive look to its wearer.

As stated earlier, fair isle is suitable for the holiday season, as the temperature drops. And the best month for wearing it is January and February.

9. Boyfriend

You might be curious to learn why this sweater type is named boyfriend sweater. Looking at the design of this sweater, you will get a feeling like it has been stolen from the closet of your boyfriend. It is a combination of a cardigan and a V-neck sweater. The unique thing about boyfriend sweaters is the perfect match for both dressy and casual occasions because they are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics.

Boyfriend sweaters are best in the warmer months and the air-conditioned room because they create a thin layer over a t-shirt or tank top to give you comfort.

10. Tunic

Defining the tunic sweater is a bit tricky. Other categories in this list are sweaters, but a tunic is not always a sweater. In fact, the tunic is not a shirt nor a sweater, but it focuses on keeping you warm. The difference between the tunic and the shirt is the length. They come with a little bit of a lengthy feature than a blouse and shorter than a dress. Tunic provides a modern look to a woman.

Depending on the shape and cut, you can also categorize other sweaters as tunic. Tunics can be sleeveless, cowl neck cashmere, and many different shapes.

11. Pullover

Pullovers represent a vast class. The truth is, a button-less or open sweater is considered a pullover. But in this list, we categorized tunic and turtleneck sweaters separately because of their unique characteristic. In order to wear or remove a pullover sweater, you will need to pull it over your head; this is the simplest definition of this sweater.

It is a symbol of comfort and an excellent way to express yourself.

12. Knitted

Individual vertical pattern is an exclusive feature, and stitches are visible in knitted sweaters. This type of sweater has many advantages. The Stretchability of knitted sweaters is high and doesn’t tear easily. Maintaining them is trouble-free as well.

The most attractive feature of knitted sweaters is that you can wear them with any outfit without hesitation. A large number of designs and styles are available so that you will never face the problem of finding your expected knitted sweater. Additionally, various yarns are used to weave them out, which means you will find precisely what you want if you want something heavy or light.

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Based on Fabric

13. Blends

A sweater can be heavier or lightweight, warmer or cooler depending on the used fabric in it.

You will find cotton and silk-blend sweaters in the market. Moreover, many other types of different blends are available, and finding them is also straightforward.

Wool, silk, and cashmere are high-end materials, sweaters made of these materials are expensive, but you will get classier winter cloth. On the other hand, cotton and linen are low-end materials and lightweight as well as durable.

14. Cashmere Sweater


Cashmere is a replica of luxury, and Kashmir goat wool is used to produce this sweater. Cashmere sweaters are softer and lightweight compared to other sweaters types. Wearing a cashmere sweater will give you a fantastic feeling. And the best thing about this sweater is, that you will not love to wear any other sweater type after wearing a cashmere sweater. However, they are costlier, a value-adding product.

Cashmere sweaters are well-made items, high-quality, and thin. Over time, they become softer after every wash.

15. Cotton Sweater

Cotton is a widely used fabric for manufacturing sweaters. The popularity of cotton sweaters is they are warmer, lighter, and highly durable than other fabrics. You can wear cotton made a sweater in any season. With the right accessories with a cotton sweater, you will get a classy look. It is the most suitable winter cloth for casual wear.

16. Linen Sweater

Linen is considered one of the breathable fabrics, and its absorbing capability is more than cotton. That is the reason people wear linen sweaters in warm weather. However, many people don’t like linen because of its wrinkle characteristic. But this lightweight material is available in numerous colors and designs. Besides, you will remain warm wearing a linen sweater in the winter season too.

Additionally, this is an excellent option for layering when you feel too stuffy wearing a cashmere or wool sweater.

17. Sheep Wool Sweater

This is another common fabric that is used in most sweaters. You can choose from different types of wool according to your preference. Each of these is different in terms of warmth and softness. Shetland, Lambswool, and Merino are the most widely used wool.

Merino is the softer wool compared to the other 2 types. Then the next place is for Lambswool and the 3rd one in Shetland. After wearing your sheep wool sweater, the sweater is most likely made of Shetland if you feel an itchy feeling.

18. Silk Sweater

Finding a sweater made of silk only is a daunting task, but you can easily find a shirt in which silk plays a role as an insulator. This also improves the aesthetic of a sweater. Silk has unique characteristics like softness, comfortable to wear, and durability. As a result, when it comes to retaining heat, silk is the best performer.

Most of the time, silk is used with other fabric types when manufacturing sweaters. Silk sweaters come in various colors and designs so that you can pick any size and color as per your requirement.

Frequently Asked Question

Wrap Up

Various types of sweaters are available in mind, and you can choose depending on your requirement. As per your need, choosing the right sweater is significantly essential, so make sure your selected sweater can make you feel comfortable.

Different brands are available in the market, such as U.S. Polo Assn, Raymond, Duke, Tommy Hilfiger, Roadster, and many more. Buying sweaters from the brand is best because they are fashionable and made of quality materials.

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