What Happened To Slick Rick Eye – An Honest Answer is Here


Richard Martin Lloyd Walters is commonly recognized by many as Slick Rick is an American rapper who is associated with an eye patch. He was bred and born in Mitcham, England but later in 1976, his family moved to the United State of America. Slick has had a successful journey in his music career as a rapper. Apart from all these, do you know what happened to Slick Rick eye? Well, if you don’t know read on to know how slick lost his right eye.

What Happened To Slick Rick Eye?

There are claims that Slick’s early drug abuse was as a result of the injury that led him to put on his signature eye patch. The truth is, Slick sustained an injury on his right eye that left him blinded. The injury was as a result of a window that broke and his right eye was hit by a piece of glass. Partial vision could have been restored if caught at the time of the accident.

The accident happened at a local hip-hop show where Slick had gone to improve his skills as an MC. Slick used to wear dark sunglasses before the incident happened.

Slick Rick

The eye injury that slick sustained at 18 months only is the main reason why he always puts on an eye patch. The accident had a very big impact on the psyche, development of his personal life, and eventually, the hip-hop music history. Slick once confessed that the accident made him pretty shy and that is why he opted to stay indoors to write stories instead of going out to play.

For nearly his entire lifetime, Rick wore dark shades or an eye patch, which could turn into one of many components that made him stand outside from the Bronx’s ancient Hip-Hop community.

According to him, the eye injury that he sustained pushed him and motivated him towards creative undertakings. His British accent combined with the eye patch, made sure that anybody who heard him rap would not forget it. Most of his fanatics claim that they have never come across a person or rather a rapper who resembles him.

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Despite what happened to Slick Rick’s eye, he is among the vital rappers and hip-hop’s most respected. His rapping with a lilting British accent and humorous storytelling make him stand out from other rappers. Acclaimed by top-notch hip-hop icons like Snoop Dogg, Rick The Ruler is one of the celebrated hip-hop rappers.

Up to now, Slick has produced four albums in total, ‘The Art of Storytelling’ is the latest album. Other albums include: ‘The Great Adventures of Slick’ (The first), ‘The Ruler’s Back’, and ‘Behind Bars’. Top-notch stars like Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, The Beast Boys, Kanye West, and Miley Cyrus have sampled his solo ‘La-Di-Da-Di’. This has helped Rick to get the title of the most sampled hip-hop musician. Slick’s stature as a hip-hop icon has remained unsullied, despite the INS troubles.

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