Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather


Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

What to Wear in 60-degree Weather

What do you wear when the temperature is just right—not too hot, nor too cold? A temperature of 60 degrees is typically experienced during the autumn and spring seasons. This is the time of year when you need to devise clothes to wear in 60-degree weather to avoid having to remove layers while you are out and about.

Does this imply that you should get out your thick coats and store the tank tops in the bottom drawer of your closet? No, not quite. Tank tops and basic shirts are not suitable as standalone outfits for temperatures of 60 degrees, but they serve as a perfect base for weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. It’s all about layering right now!

There is no doubt that you will find more intelligent methods to dress up for this weather in this post. Whether you are looking for a guide on what to wear in 60-degree weather today for a trip or simply looking for a variety to add to your spring-fall close.

The fact that the weather can change on a dime is the most significant problem with clothing that is designed for sixty degrees. Because it is that strange temperature that falls somewhere in the middle, you can be sweating one minute and freezing the next. Therefore, you must select the appropriate fabrics and layer appropriately to get a fashionable and comfortable appearance.

Slip Dress and Blazer

Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

This style exemplifies how to design a versatile look that can endure fluctuating weather conditions. It combines seasonal essentials, like a leather blazer for autumn and a summer slip dress. Black accessories that make a statement such as a sleek Chelsea boot with square toes and large Saint Laurent sunglasses, provide a contrast to the romantic mood that the slip dress exudes.

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Floral Ties That Fit

Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

When the temperature does not rise above sixty degrees, it is best to choose a style that is fitting rather than airy to maintain a certain amount of warmth. Another advantage of keeping the length long is that there is no possibility of concealing any aspect of your appearance with extra layers. For the flowery design to stand out, you should wear it with jewelry that is understated and classy and a sandal that is simple and sleek.

Jumpsuit To Be Neutral

Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

Jumpsuits are another look that is effortless and chic, and they will never let you down when the weather is in a full fall outfit mood. Try a jumpsuit with a baggier fit, such as the one that Stella McCartney wears. This jumpsuit is made from compact cotton, which is created sustainably, using non-toxic chemicals, and requiring up to 70 percent less water than standard fabrics. The style is finished off with a bag that is inspired by the beach, sunglasses in the shape of an oval, and a mule made of black leather.

Chinos Trousers And An Oxford Shirt

Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

For a laid-back look that is reminiscent of work attire, try pairing chinos with an oxford shirt. Maintaining a relaxed appearance requires that the top buttons be left undone and the sleeves be rolled. Maybe the dress code at your place of employment does not let you show that little bit of skin. Ensuring a proper fit for both of these items is crucial for achieving a polished look with this outfit. For a slim fit, it’s best to go with the Oxford and chinos. Reducing the amount of fabric used reduces billowing. You can still wear a blazer over the Oxford shirt, even though it is a more informal option than a dress shirt. While cotton and linen are more appropriate for the spring and summer seasons, wool is a suitable choice for the autumn and winter seasons.

Chore Jacket and Chinos (or Jeans)

Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

What a fantastic thing it is to have a good chore jacket. In situations where the weather is not indicating a particular direction, shirts made of heavy cotton and thick gauge are an excellent choice.

You can think of the chore jacket, often known as the “shacket“, as the hefty and rugged cousin of the Oxford. It is possible to style the chore jacket in the same manner that you would an Oxford, provided that you do not tuck it before wearing it.

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You can play up the utilitarian and military edge of your style by wearing a pair of service boots, or you can tone it down by wearing a pair of Chelsea boots, which are more tailored to formal occasions.

Henley And Bomber

Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

A Henley and bomber is an outfit that is appropriate for a casual night out on the town because it will keep you warm for a considerable amount of time after the sun has set.

Bodysuit With Long Sleeves And Shorts Or Trousers

Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

We love the combination of a pair of shorts and a form-fitting bodysuit with long sleeves for this season’s outfits. Create a versatile costume that effortlessly fits into any setting by pairing loose-fitting shorts with a form-fitting bodysuit. To draw attention to your waist, you should keep things simple by wearing massive gold hoop earrings and an ultra-skinny belt.

A General Guideline on What To Wear in 60-Degree Weather

  1. The Importance Of Layering: Layering is the key to mastering the wardrobe for weather temperatures of sixty degrees. Begin by putting on a comfortable base layer, such as a blouse or shirt with long sleeves. Because of this, you will have a foundation upon which you can easily build as the temperature changes throughout the day.
  2. Fashionable Tops: Shirts with long sleeves, light sweaters, and pullovers are all options for men to consider. The ladies have the option of selecting tops with long sleeves, blouses, light sweaters, or fashionable cardigans. To achieve breathing and comfort, select textiles such as cotton or wool that are lightweight.
  3. Underneath: Make sure you stick to traditional options such as jeans, khakis, or pants that are comfortable. It is possible to achieve additional warmth without compromising your sense of style by wearing a pair of lightweight leggings or tights below your pants when you are experiencing a chilly feeling.
  4. Coats And Jackets: You must wear a lightweight coat or jacket. An adaptable denim jacket, a windcheater, or a warm fleece are all good options to think about. This upper layer will allow you to shed it when the sun decides to make an appearance, but at the same time, it will keep you warm when the temperature is lower.

Additional Items on What to Wear in 60-Degree Weather

If you are especially susceptible to colder conditions, you should bring a lightweight scarf or cap with you, Not only does a fashionable hat add flair to your ensemble, but it also has the potential to offer some protection against the sun if you will be spending time outside.

Shoes To Wear In 60-Degree Weather

Styling Outfits for 60-Degree Weather

For maximum comfort, you should wear trainers or shoes with closed toes. There is a possibility that heavy boots are not required unless the ground is damp. If you intend to walk a lot, you should select comfortable shoes and provide adequate support.

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For The Rain

Always be ready for changes in the weather that you did not anticipate. If there is a possibility of rain, do not forget to bring an umbrella with you or carry a jacket that is water-resistant and compact. In this case, it is better to be cautious than sorry

Frequently Asked Questions On What To Wear In 60-Degree Weather

1. If the temperature is 60-degrees, what should I wear?

If the temperature is sixty degrees, it is recommended that you wear layered clothing. As an option, you could want to consider wearing a lightweight long-sleeved shirt or blouse, along with comfy pants or jeans, and a lightweight jacket or sweater.

2. If it is sixty degrees outside, do I need to carry a jacket with me?

The answer is yes, it is a good idea to bring a light jacket or coat when the temperature is sixty degrees. The temperature can drop in the evening or when there is a breeze, even though it is already quite moderate.

3. In weather that is 60 degrees, is it appropriate to wear shorts?

Choosing longer bottoms like trousers or jeans and adding a layer on top is usually recommended when the temperature is sixty degrees. However, some individuals may feel comfortable wearing shorts in such conditions.

4. At a temperature of 60 degrees, what kind of footwear is appropriate to wear?

In temperatures of sixty degrees, closed-toe shoes or trainers are appropriate footwear. It is possible that heavy boots are not required unless there are particular weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

5. Is it okay to wear short sleeves while the temperature is 60 degrees?

Even while short sleeves could be more comfortable throughout the day, it is still a good idea to have a lightweight jumper or jacket on hand when the temperature drops, particularly in the morning or evening.

6. If it’s 60 degrees outside, what are some stylish ways to dress?

At sixty degrees, you can look attractive by layering your outfit with fashionable coats, scarves, and accessories. It is a good idea to mix different colors and textures to give visual appeal to your clothing.

7. In a temperature of 60 degrees, what kind of fabrics are appropriate?

Cotton, lightweight wool, and mixes are examples of fabrics that are appropriate for temperatures of sixty degrees. These materials allow air to circulate freely and promote comfort, all while maintaining a suitable level of warmth.

8. If the temperature is sixty degrees, should I think of wearing rain gear?

To ensure that you are well-prepared, it is recommended that you check the weather forecast. If there is a possibility of rain, you should bring along a water-resistant jacket that is compact or an umbrella.

9. Can I wear a dress when the temperature is 60 degrees?

Dresses are possible to be worn in temperatures as high as sixty degrees. For a more versatile look, you might want to consider wearing them with tights or leggings and adding a lightweight jacket.

10. Despite the varying temperatures, what can I do to maintain my comfort?

When the temperature is constantly changing, the best way to maintain comfort is to dress in layers. It is important to check the weather forecast frequently and to adjust your attire accordingly during the day based on temperature variations.


Dressing for sixty degrees can be an enjoyable activity that allows you to showcase your style while staying comfortable. You can achieve the perfect balance between day and night attire by mastering the art of layering, selecting fabrics with care, and considering your choice of accessories. Thus, take advantage of the mild weather and let your clothes showcase the adaptability and flair that 60°F weather demands.

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