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Who doesn’t love to dress up-fitted, clean, and comfortable in a graduation ceremony? Graduation day is one of the memorable days of a person’s life, so we all plan what to wear to graduation male.

We all want to get a good look at this day because it will be celebrated with family, friends, and beloved ones on the premises of the educational institute. Definitely, you will capture images to show your children in the future. Meticulous dressing for this special occasion echoes the hard work and effort you put into getting your diploma.

So, in this article, you will get 30 graduation outfits for guys in 2022.

What to Wear to Graduation Male

Graduation Outfit Selection for Boys

1. The blue outfit will give you a lovely look on graduation day. Choose a plaid shirt, black belt, and grey shoes. The look will be complete when you wear a wristwatch and skinny tie. Use a silver-colored tie pin so that the tie stays in its position steadily. Generally, the robe is a common outfit for every graduate. Roll the sleeves, which will give you a perfect look on the day.

2. Let’s get a formal look with a dark grey satin tie and matched trousers and a shirt. Grey colored shirt will make a great combination at this point. Wear a black belt, and don’t forget to use a tie pin. Underneath the graduation robe, get the sleeve unrolled.

3. Many new graduates want to get an informal look at the graduation day. This look is for them. A floral tie with rolled-up sleeves is a significant idea for new male graduates. Also, rolled-up sleeves will give you a semi-formal look.

Floral tie

4. Get a rugged look with a polka-dotted shirt, and maroon-colored bow tie with the matching belt. The shirt must not contain any other design; it has to be so simple. All these outfits create an excellent balance.

5. Be fashionable with the cotton outfit. Choose a white shirt and dark grey pants with a black belt and shoes. You also can decide not to wear a belt because this style will also make the right combination. Be stylish!

6. The below look is a classy university look! It is as simple as it is. This will definitely give you an eye-catchy look. Shirt of pink color, blue polka-dotted tie, navy blue trousers, brown belt, a pair of blue frame glass and brown shoes.

7. A hip look means more stylish. Yes, wear blue trousers and match them with a shoe that has blue laces. A yellow tie pin in the light blue tie and belt of light brown color will add spark to the graduate outfit.

8. Get yourself prepared with a check blue shirt, but you will get a unique look with the color’s shoes and a wristwatch. A white wristwatch and shoes will add a vibe to the style. Stand outlook is confirmed with style. Get a complete look by picking a dark-colored tie.

9. Are you ready to go to your graduation in a classic outfit? Well, a striped club-collar dress shirt, blue trousers, a tie, and a brown belt are the classic outfits.

10. Grey cotton trousers, full-sleeve black shirt, plaid tie with black and white color. In fact, it is a regular formal outfit, but it gives a good look.

11. If you decide to wear brown shoes, it would always be best to choose a matched-colored shirt. Be reminded; that grey is a thicker color. Choose a purple color for the shirt, which will also go well with blue trousers. Moreover, make sure to match the color of the belt too.

12. Do you want to wear gentlemen’s outfits? This outfit is suitable when graduating in the winter. Select a cardigan with light grey color, white shirt, black pants, and buttoned-up. In winter, this outfit will keep you warm when roaming around the campus. Add a tie of different colors and wear a wristwatch of any color to complete the look.

13. This is another outfit for winter graduating. Everyone will praise this outfit on graduation day. Brown-colored wristwatch, cap-toe boots, collared shirt, blue color tie, and trousers. The dress-up will be stylish.

14. Another outfit idea for winter graduation. Choose a canvas shoe, blue color jacket matching the blue trouser. You also can choose navy blue trousers and a jacket. Sweater vest of light grey color. The completion of the outfit will be great with a colored shirt and dark color tie.

15. It is an entirely different graduation outfit idea. Ensure picking the same colored strap, trousers, and watch. And both have to be dark colors such as black, dark grey, or anything else. Get a bow tie with it. A white color shirt will make a great combination. This is a brilliant graduating outfit in summer.

16. Do you want to get a smart, trendy, and handsome look on the graduating day? A combination of black and grey outfits will give you that look. A Grey plaid shirt, black belt, and wristwatch with black pants add vibrancy, the grey polka-dotted tie will give a formal look.

17. Jeans are an outfit that goes well with any colored shirt and tie. Most of the guys will look good with this winter outfit black jeans, and full-sleeve sweater, a grey collared shirt, and a black tie.

18. In this graduation outfit idea, you will need to wear a full formal dress, but spice will be added when you take out your coat in hand and roll the white color shirt to short sleeves. Additionally, the style will be more eye-catchy with the simple and plain grey-colored tie.

19. The tie is color-matched with the wristwatch band, shoe, and belt. The other outfits like a belt and trousers also need brown color. Then wear a white shirt, and over it, a blue v-neck vest will add a rugged yet classy look.

20. Pure sky blue shirt is a special outfit for outdoor events. With it, put on a pair of glasses, light brown cotton trousers, and a tie pin to get the classier look. Your overall look will be more relaxed than everyone.

21. If you are a tall man, go with a small check shirt. The check can be white and blue or grey and white. When picking a check shirt, keep the white color in the check and wear a tie matching it. Put a similar colored wristwatch and belt. The trouser can be blue or grey or light grey as per your preference.

22. Go formal with cotton pants in black color, a floral tie with the brown shoe. Also oxford shoes of brown color and brown belt. Wear either a watch or bracelets or both as per your choice.

23. Dark blue pants with collared check white and blue shirts. To make a combination, go with a brown belt and watch. A tie pin is one of the fantastic graduation outfits, so don’t forget to wear one.

24. Look at the below picture. Blue polka shorts and tie are matched. The tie has a silver-colored tie pin to stop its unnecessary movement. The light blue shirt makes a perfect combination. Brown belts and shoes take the style to the next level.

25. This style is known for its stylish conservative look. Your trouser and sweater is light grey while the shirt comes in white color. Concentration can easily be attractive when you wear a red or maroon color tie with it. You can put off the sweater too if necessary. This style is suitable for both graduating in winter and summer.

26. Black suspender and coat are also a perfect graduation outfit. Choose a contrasting color tie, watch, and bracelet. A colored button white shirt and black pants will attract other persons’ eyes.

27. Grey cotton trousers with a blue check shirt give a formal appearance. The different colored ties will add drama to the appearance. Black tie and silver-colored tie pin, oxford shoes of brown color, grey pants, and belt of brown color.

28. A linen shirt will give you a trendy look for sure. Linen is extremely comfortable, an ideal choice for a long day occasion. Pick dark color pants; it can be dark blue or dark grey, boots with a dark brown and striped tie.

29. Did you enjoy the “Men in Black” movie? Or, are you fond of black color? Then choose every outfit that comes in black color except the tie. The contrasting color tie will add a vibrant look to your style undoubtedly. Shirt, trousers, watch, shoes, waistcoat vest, everything will be black color.

30. Isn’t blue a formal color? Might be! A deep blue-colored tie, brown shoes, and completion of the graduation look will happen with the light blue shirt.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Graduation Day Male?

Confirm Appropriate Dressing on the Graduation Day

A shirt, tie, shoes, and dark color paint is a common graduation outfits for men. It would be best if you choose a short color according to your personality.

Lightweight materials are best when the weather is warm. This way, during the ceremony, you can avoid discomfort. Choose a dress that can keep you warm when the weather is cool.

Don’t Wear a Dress that Has Too Many or Few Layers

Many students look for the answer to what to wear to graduation outfit underneath the graduation gown every year.

Here the trick is, don’t wear too many or too few layers under the gown. Graduation day happens for a whole day, and you will need to wear the dress for a long time. You may look bulky if you decide to go with too many layers. At the same time, thin layers may give you a bad look at the camera.

Choose wisely and don’t choose complicated dress colors.

The Hairstyle Should Be Sober

A cap is an essential part of a graduation day, which means your hairstyle should be sober so that it can adapt to the cap appropriately. Putting on the cap will be challenging when you have spiked hair. A classy and straightforward hairstyle will let you wear the cap comfortably.

Comb your head to one side. Consider giving a trial on your preferred hairstyle before going to graduation day.

Wisely Choose the Footwear

Shoes tell the personality of a person – so picking the right shoes is significantly essential. Remember, you can hide your shirts, watches, belts, or vests under the gown, but hiding the shoes is impossible.

Black and brown shoes are the best option to get a stylish look on graduation day. Never decide to wear casual shoes. You can practice wearing shoes too before graduation day.

Tips and Tricks for Graduation Day Dress-ups on Male

As stated earlier, picking the graduation dress-up is tricky. Make sure to choose something formal in a dress. Read the below points.

When Graduating in the Summer

  • Choose a light-colored shirt and tie. You can choose from skinny or regular styles.
  • You will get a fancy look if you put on a bow tie.
  • Either choose from a belt or suspenders. Never decide to go with both.
  • A pair of matched shoes.
  • Ensure to wear a pair of socks that matches the trousers and shoes. You can choose polka-dotted socks, but confirm that the sock has your shoes or trousers’ color.
  • A linen or cotton shirt will give you comfort during a hot and sunny day for sure.

When Graduating in the Winter

  • Wear a vest over the shirt.
  • A woolen cardigan and jacket will also be the right choice.

Get a Fancy Look Wearing

  • Watch or bracelets
  • Tie pin

What Should You Not Wear Graduation?

Avoid wearing the below dresses for your graduation

  • Chunky jewelry
  • Shorts
  • Hip-hop dresses
  • Regular cap
  • Unusual shoes

Last Words

Smart fashion sense is essential to balance between fashion and style. Wearing an inappropriate dress can make your graduation day dull, while with the right dress, the day will be memorable that you can tell stories to your grandchildren.

Your fashion sense will be praised by your friends and bellowed ones with the above what to wear graduation male ideas.

Be fashionable, be stylish!

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