Why are Costa Sunglasses so Expensive? 5 Reasons Should Know

Costa Del Mar sunglasses have a worldwide reputation for their quality and benefits. At the same time, there is a big issue like the high costs of this brand. So, choosing a brand of sunglasses having such a big budget is never easy.

Costa produces some of the best sunglasses in the world, especially for fishing, boating, surfing, etc. But there is a significant quarry about why Costa sunglasses are so expensive. Before making a purchase, you need to ensure the authenticity of quality and costs.

So, are Costa sunglasses expensive? In this article, we have tried to find out and discuss different possible reasons behind the expenditure of Costas. We have also put analysis on the good qualities of this brand, satisfactory answers to some of your quarries, and understand whether they are worth the investment.

Why are Costa sunglasses so expensive?

Beside the main production cost, some reasons contribute to the high price of Costa sunglasses. Let us have an overview of those reasons:

Why are Costa Sunglasses so Expensive

1. Expensive raw materials:

The first identified reason behind the costly Costas is the costly raw materials used for frames and lenses. Italian acetate, polycarbonate, 580P, and 580G lenses are quality things that cost reasonably high. Therefore, material expenditures have an impact on the base price.

2. Combined use of technology and manpower:

Complete technological production may have reduced the total cost. But Costa uses the hand assembling of the parts of the sunglasses to ensure structural perfection. Opticians carry the whole process through several steps. So, this extra cost gets added to the final price.

3. Polarization:

All Costa sunglasses are polarized. Polarization is an advanced technological system that increases costing of ordinary sunglasses. Costa has polarized the sunglasses to give better sun protection at extensive brightness and the lenses change and maintain color balance while you move your head.

4. The shipping cost of imported parts:

Costa sunglasses are hand assembled in America but they have to bring different parts from the factories in China, Italy, or Japan. Therefore, the brand has to conduct a shipping cost. This cost also gets added to the price of each sunglass.

5. Brand value:

There is a saying that big brands come with big value. Being a part of EssilorLuxottica, Costa Del Mar has a huge name and fame around the world. As a result, Costa sets the price of the sunglasses much higher than the production cost due to the brand value it owns in the eyewear market.

How much does it cost to make Costa sunglasses?

The manufacturing cost of a brand of sunglass depends on several things. Being a part of EssilorLuxottica, Costa Del Mar sunglasses have a high price tag. Yet, the real expenditure of making Costa sunglasses is not exposed properly. Luxottica claims that it sets the value of glass on the margin of 10-20% profit but it doesn’t seem to be so. Let’s analyze to have a minimum idea about the actual production costs:

At this present, the cost of manufacturing an acetate or metal frame can vary from 10$ to 20$. The production of non-prescription lenses can cost 10$-15$ which may increase to 20$-35$ for prescription or polarized lenses. Therefore, the basic cost of a complete Costa sunglass might be around 35$-45$ with some additional expenses.

On average, how much are Costa sunglasses? The answer is 150$ to 330$ and even more. So, there is a huge gap between the probable rates and the market price. So, why are Costa Del Mar sunglasses so expensive? We know that the cost may be higher if we add the extra cost of brand value, production-related shipping, technology, and labor. But this is not esteemed to be comparable with the set price of different Costa sunglasses.

Nowadays, Costa even offers 30% to 40% discounts on sunglasses. So, it can be understood that this brand fixes a price much higher than the original production cost which can be. Brand value plays a complex role in this sector. Costas has extended rates for brand value. Hence, it is not surprising to guess that Costa probably fixes a price 5-6 times more than the average production costs.

What makes Costa sunglasses so good?

Costa sunglasses have a huge brand value around the world. These Costas have become great parts of adventures on or off the water, underwater fishing, sports, and outdoor activities. There are different reasons which make Costa sunglasses so good. These are:

Supreme frame quality:

Costa frames are made of quality materials like Nylon, Monel metal, Hydrolite Rubber, Titanium, and Beta Titanium. The frames are very strong, durable, and comfortable. The hinge, nose pads, and bends are perfect to fit the face. The frames have specific measurements to suit the look and liking of the customers.

High-quality lenses:

Costas use special versions of 580 glass, plastic, or polycarbonate lenses which are coated with a protective layer. Therefore, the lenses are scratch resistant and warranted against breakage.

Hand assembling:

It is a very important fact that makes Costa sunglasses very good. After making and bringing the lenses and frames from Italy, Japan, China, and other reasons, they are hand assembled in the factory of Costa in America. Thus, every part is carefully examined and adjusted with each other using hands. Therefore, the glossy look and faultless shape can be ensured.

Attractive color combinations:

The frames and the lenses of Costa sunglasses have different colors. The skilled artisans of this brand adjust a frame and lens according to the shape and colors. Through Costa sunglasses styles, all the combinations are made to match the trends, tastes, and aesthetic sense of a buyer.

UV and HEV protection:

The polarized sunglasses of Costa have technologically advanced lenses. These lenses provide powerful protection against UV rays. Moreover, the glasses are made to give protection against HEV blue light and set color balance. So, your vision quality gradually improves a lot.

Incredible fishing experience:

Beyond all other virtues, the most popular Costa sunglasses are incredibly prepared for anglers. Whether you are fishing on the water, on shore, or under the water, Costa sunglasses have smart editions to reduce glare and create comfortably clear eyesight.

Conclusion – Are Costa sunglasses worth the money?

Here “Why are Costa sunglasses so expensive?” we have tried to gather all the authentic information regarding the cost and good features of Costa. When you look for buying anything from such an expensive brand, you must be aware of all those things which are important for a fruitful purchase.

Therefore, we have marked and discussed all the facilities and benefits you can have from Costa sunglasses. We have also analyzed the possible manufacturing cost of Costas and tried to answer the question, why is Costa glass so expensive?

There is an impression that the selling price and production cost of Costa has a contradictory imbalance. Yet, the sunglasses of this brand have matchless quality and they are also recognized as the world’s best. If you are seeking sunglass for your fishing, adventure, or outdoor activities related to boating and surfing, Costa sunglasses are quite worth the money.

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