Dreadlock Hair Bands Basics: Choosing the Right One


Dreadlock Hair Band

The dreadlock hair bands are a distinctive and adaptable choice in the world of hair accessories. Hair bands provide a unique method to adorn dreadlocks while also serving useful purposes by fusing fashion and utility.

Dreadlock Hair Bands

Dreadlock hair bands sometimes referred to as dread wraps or dread ties, became popular as a way to accessorize and preserve dreadlocks while also showcasing individual flair. These bands, which draw inspiration from traditional hair decorations from several nations, capture the international influences that gave rise to the dreadlock hairdo.

Why Use Them?

Dreadlock hair bands have several advantages.

  • Maintaining Shape: New dreads can be loose and unruly. By keeping the coils compressed, hair bands aid in their formation and maturation.
  • Preventing Unraveling: As dreads mature, loose hair can unravel at the ends. To stop this from happening, bands secure the ends.
  • Styling Versatility: Hairbands keep your dreads tidy while enabling you to create a variety of looks, from ponytails to updos.
  • Decoration: With a variety of colors and materials available, bands can add a touch of personality to your look.
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Types of Dreadlocks Hair Bands

The world of dreadlock hair bands offers a surprising variety. There is a band for every need.

Elastic Bands

The most common type, available in various sizes and colors. They are affordable, easy-to-find, and versatile, these hair bands are ideal for securing new dreads, but may be harsh on delicate ones, potentially cause breakage, and lose elasticity over time.


Scrunchies of various colors and patterns are gentler on mature dreads and breakage-prone ones, but may not provide a secure hold or be suitable for high-activity situations. They are a kinder substitute for elastics and offer a more relaxed fit without breaking.

Beads with Elastic

These hair bands are decorative and useful at the same time, providing flair and securing dreads. Various bead styles and materials offer decoration and functionality for dreadlocks while being heavier than regular elastics and potentially securing delicate fabrics.

Hair Cuffs

These hair bands are made from metal or wood. They offer an eye-catching appearance but can be expensive and snag on hair or clothing. Choose rounded, smooth edges to prevent snagging.

Crocheted Loops

This hair band is gentle and can be customized with yarn colors or textures, but requires crocheting skills and may not be as secure for active lifestyles. To get a more organic appearance, use tiny loops that secure the dreads without adding bulk from bands using yarn or crochet thread.

Choosing The Right Band For Your Dreadlocks

When choosing dreadlock hair bands, consider factors like maturity, hair thickness, activity level, and style preference. New dreads require gentler bands, while more mature ones can handle elastics or hair cuffs. Secure bands are ideal for high-activity situations. Also, style preferences can be colored or neutral. Care should be taken when it comes to hair bands. It is important to avoid overuse, rotate bands to prevent weak spots and uneven tightening, and wash them regularly to prevent dirt and product buildup. Remember to use bands strategically and avoid overuse for a healthy dreadlocks look.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Dreadlock Hair Band

1. What is a dreadlock hair bands?

A dreadlock hair band, also known as a dread wrap or dread tie, is a type of hair accessory designed specifically for individuals with dreadlocks. It typically consists of a fabric-covered elastic band that is wrapped around dreadlocks to secure and adorn them.

2. How are dreadlock hair bands different from regular hair bands?

Dreadlock hair bands are specifically designed for the unique needs of dreadlock wearers. Unlike traditional hair bands or elastic ties, which can create tension and cause breakage, dreadlock hair bands are softer and gentler on the hair. They provide a secure hold without pulling or damaging the dreadlocks.

3. What are the benefits of using dreadlock hair bands?

Dreadlock hair bands provide a secure hold, preventing frizz and breakage. They are gentle on hair due to their soft, stretchy fabric construction. They come in various colors, patterns, and designs, allowing for personalized styling and creative expression. These versatile hair bands can be used for various hairstyles, from simple ponytails to intricate braids.

4. How do you use dreadlock hair bands?

To use a dreadlock hair band, simply gather your dreadlocks into the desired hairstyle (such as a ponytail, bun, or braid) and wrap the hair band around the base to secure it in place. The soft and stretchy fabric construction ensures a comfortable and secure hold without causing tension or discomfort to the scalp.

5. Are dreadlock hair bands suitable for all hair types?

While dreadlock hair bands are specifically designed for individuals with dreadlocks, they can also be used on other hair types, such as thick or curly hair. However, individuals with fine or delicate hair may find that dreadlock hair bands are too bulky or heavy for their hair texture.

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6. Can dreadlock hair bands be customized or personalized?

Yes, many dreadlocks hair bands can be customized or personalized to suit individual preferences. Some hair bands come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs, allowing for personalized styling and creative expression. Additionally, some hair bands may be embellished with beads, charms, or other decorative elements for added flair.


Dreadlock hair bands are more than just accessories; they’re essential tools for maintaining healthy, well-groomed dreads. By understanding their uses, and types, and choosing the right ones for your needs, you can ensure your dreadlocks stay healthy and stylish throughout their journey. So, embrace the power of the band and take control of your loc mane!

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