Takeoff Net Worth: A Flow Cut Short


Takeoff Net Worth

Takeoff, the late rapper and member of the Migos trio, captivated audiences with his signature flow and undeniable talent. Even at death, Takeoff’s music continues to resonate globally, but his story also serves as a cautionary tale about the complexities of wealth management in the music industry.

Takeoff Net Worth

Real NameKirsnick Khari Ball
Net Worth $26 million
Birth PlaceLawrenceville, Georgia,
Weight76 kg,
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
Date of BirthJune 18, 1994 – November 1, 2022
Height1.77 m
ProfessionRapper, songwriter
Source of WealthMusic Career, Endorsements With Renowned Brands, and Investments in Real Estate
EducationBerkmar High School
FatherKenneth M. Ball
MotherTitania Davenport-Treet

Early Life

Takeoff, the late rapper best known for his part in the Migos rap trio, was born Kirshnik Khari Ball in 1994 and raised in Lawrenceville, Georgia, with his family members Quavo and Offset. They grew close and encouraged a passion for music in each other from an early age. The youngest member, Takeoff, drew inspiration from Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Outkast. Takeoff received coaching from Quavo’s cousin while they pursued their musical goals in a familial setting.

After renaming themselves Migos from Polo Club in 2008, the trio began releasing mixtapes and gained recognition in Atlanta’s rap scene. Offset’s strong flow, Quavo’s ad-libs, and Takeoff’s distinctive delivery and infectious hooks laid the groundwork for the Migos sound.

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Despite challenges like legal issues and financial hardships, Migos remained dedicated to music, honing their craft and building a loyal fan base. Drake’s 2013 remix of their song “Versace” propelled the group into the spotlight. Hits like “Walk It Talk It” and “Bad and Boujee” cemented their position in the charts.


Takeoff was one of the members of the group “Polo Club” when it was founded in 2008. Later, in 2009, they rebranded themselves as “Migos” and put out mixtapes that attracted an Atlanta local fan base. Their distinctive style was developed by their music, which featured ad-libs, triplet flows, and catchy hooks. Notwithstanding obstacles like legal troubles, the Migos’ ability and tenacity were acknowledged in the Atlanta hip-hop community.

From 2013 to 2017, Drake’s “Versace” remix was the Migos’ big break, bringing their music to a wider audience. They put out several successful singles, such as “Walk It Talk It” (2017) with Drake, “Bad and Boujee” (2016), and “Fight Night” (2014). These songs permeated popular culture, influencing vocabulary and fashion trends.

The Migos maintained their success from 2017 to 2022 by collaborating with other artists and experimenting with various musical genres. As part of his solo endeavors, Takeoff released the mixtape “The Last Rocket” in 2018. Until Takeoff’s sudden death in 2022, Migos remained a significant presence in hip-hop, despite occasional breaks and internal conflicts.

The influence of Takeoff goes beyond its financial success and number-one singles. With their fast-paced delivery, they invented the “Migos flow” and impacted many rappers, streetwear aesthetics, and fashion trends.

Personal Life

Takeoff grew up in Lawrenceville, Georgia, raised by his mother and cousins Quavo and Offset, who later formed the Migos. His family’s strong bond and shared passion for music played a significant role in their journey. Takeoff was known for keeping his romantic life private, never publicly confirming any relationships. He prioritized music, constantly writing and recording songs. In his free time, he enjoyed playing video games, particularly online multiplayer games, to relax and connect with friends outside the music scene. On November 1, 2022, Takeoff was tragically shot and killed in Houston, Texas, at the age of 28. The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain under investigation.

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Net Worth

When Takeoff passed away in November 2022, his estimated net worth was $26 million. His lucrative career as a musician, mostly with the Migos, brought him enormous success via record sales, streaming fees, tour dates, and product sales. In 2018, Takeoff added to his wealth by releasing “The Last Rocket,” a solo mixtape. His spending habits, legal problems (including a lawsuit over a Migos song), and the uneven compensation structure within the Migos are some of the causes that have contributed to his reduced net worth. These elements might have affected his financial circumstances.

Awards and Achievements

Takeoff is recognized for influencing hip-hop alongside the Migos. Numerous honors and recognitions have doted his career, including two American Music Awards, a BET Hip Hop Award, multiple BET Awards, and four Grammy nominations. Hits that have topped the charts, like “Bad and Boujee,” which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, are a result of Takeoff’s collaboration with the Migos. The group’s music greatly influenced hip-hop as a whole, including language and fashion trends. Takeoff’s trademark flow and ad-libs were prominent features in their music. Migos’ triplet delivery and distinctive rhythm influenced numerous rappers, shaping contemporary hip-hop. Takeoff’s career solidified his status as a unique musician who left a lasting mark on the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Takeoff Net Worth

1. What is Takeoff’s current net worth?

Takeoff’s net worth is estimated to be around $26 million before his death. This includes earnings from his music career, touring, endorsements, and investments.

2. How did Takeoff accumulate his wealth?

Takeoff amassed his wealth primarily through his successful music career as a member of the hip-hop trio Migos. The group’s chart-topping albums hit singles, and lucrative touring deals have been major contributors to Takeoff’s net worth. Additionally, he has ventured into endorsements, fashion collaborations, and strategic investments in various business ventures.

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3. What are some of Migos’ most successful albums and singles?

Migos’ most successful albums include “Culture,” “Culture II,” and “Culture III,” which have produced numerous hit singles such as “Bad and Boujee,” “Stir Fry,” and “Walk It Talk It.” These albums and singles have not only topped the charts but also generated substantial revenue for Takeoff and his bandmates.

4. Does Takeoff have any endorsements or fashion collaborations?

Yes, Takeoff has collaborated with several brands and companies on endorsements and fashion collaborations. He has worked with brands such as Versace, Nike, and Avianne & Co., leveraging his influence and personal style to create successful partnerships and revenue streams.

5. How does Takeoff invest his wealth?

Takeoff has diversified his income through strategic investments in various business ventures, including real estate properties, startup companies, and other entrepreneurial endeavors. His forward-thinking approach to investing has allowed him to build a diverse portfolio and secure his financial future.

6. Does Takeoff participate in any philanthropic efforts?

Yes, Takeoff actively involves himself in philanthropic endeavors, supporting various charitable causes such as youth empowerment programs, education initiatives, and community development projects. Despite his immense wealth, Takeoff remains committed to giving back to his community and making a positive impact beyond his music career.

7. How does Takeoff’s net worth compare to his fellow Migos members?

Takeoff’s net worth is similar to that of his fellow Migos members, Quavo and Offset, with each member having amassed substantial wealth through their music careers, endorsements, and investments. While exact figures may vary, the world of hip-hop considers all three members of Migos highly successful and influential figures.


Even while Takeoff’s wealth may not match the heights of his music career, his skill and contributions to the field are still indisputable. His experience should serve as a reminder of the value of prudent money management as well as the timeless power of artistic expression.

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