Reasons Why You Should Get Dreads


Reasons Why You Should Get Dreads
Dreadlocks, also known as dreads, or locs, are intentionally done hairstyles. Found back in 2,500 B.C. and with its historical significance throughout the years, it symbolizes Pan-African political identity.

This hairstyle has been on an increasing trend over the past few years. People are changing their normal hairstyle to dreadlocks. There are several reasons why people get dreadlocks. You already know some of the causes, but other reasons will surely surprise you.

Before riding this trend, let’s dive deeper into the benefits and drawbacks of dreadlocks.

Why Do People Get Dreadlocks?

You can have dreadlocks from extensions or natural hairs. Even different hairstyling can be done based on your hair texture. Here are the reasons why you people get dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks are Easy to Get

People think that, in order to get dreadlocks, a lot of work needs to be done. But this is a misconception. Getting dreadlocks is incredibly easy.

The truth is, your hair will automatically grow into dread once you start it. Dreads is an “organic” or a “natural” hairstyle that doesn’t cause trouble. Many people prefer this natural process to grow their dreads.

Initially, you will have to help your dreads, and the rest will be done by itself.

Dreadlocks Look Awesome

The main reason people get dreadlocks is, they look awesome and cool. This hairstyle type goes with everyone, including men, women, kids, old, young, and adults. It is a charismatic style that will give you a cool look.

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Several hairstyles are out there, but none of the styles are similar to dreadlocks. It means dreadlocks give an exceptional look.

Easy to Maintain

Looking at other people’s dreadlocks, if you think this hairstyle is difficult to maintain, be sure you’re mistaken. Dreadlocks are extremely easy to maintain.

A recent study shows that women generally spend 55 minutes (average) on their hair maintenance and beauty regimen every day.

On the other hand, dreadlocks require the utmost maintenance. You can still wash and condition your dreads but daily is not required. Moreover, you don’t need to think about getting a perfect style.

This is one of the prime reasons people get dreadlocks.

Eliminates Bad Hair Days

By wearing dreadlocks, say “bye-bye” to your bad hair days.

Long hair owners find tangled hair after waking up in the morning. Nothing can be more frustrating than removing hair tangles, and it is also a time-consuming task. Lots of brushing, combing, and tweaking are necessary in this case.

The best thing about dreadlocks is, they provide a clean and consistent look every day. You may need to adjust your dreads once in a while, but they will remove your bad hair days effectively.

Promote Your Hair’s Health

Don’t wrinkle your eyebrows; dreadlocks promote your hair’s health.

Generally, dryness or lack of moisture is the main reason for hair breakage. This hairstyle maintains your hair by locking it tightly. As a result, necessary moisture, nutrients, and oils also get locked within the roots, preventing hair damage.

Confidence Booster

Do you feel ashamed of showing your inner styles and talents to the world? Then go with dreadlocks since they will help you boost your confidence.

Many people are out there who want to shame you about your style and talents. But it would be best if you didn’t bother about other people’s opinions. Pull yourself and get dreadlocks. Getting those cool locks will give you a taste of pride and freedom. Just be patient, let your dreads grow naturally, and style whatever way you want.

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Hassle-free Style

Except for dreadlocks, frequent shampooing, and conditioning, whatever hairstyle you want to achieve is necessary. Even, few styles require the use of other hair products as well. Moreover, after treating hair with shampoo and conditioner, those hairstyles are not easy to maintain.

The good news is that, with dreadlocks, hairstyling is not troublesome. Dreadlocks are ideal for daily styling. Styling and shaping are pretty easy without hassle.


Once you get the dreadlocks, you will spend less time maintaining and styling them. With the right method for dreading, you can easily achieve the style. Additionally, you don’t have to spend much time with your hair in the morning and night. This means dreadlocks are a time-efficient natural hairstyle.

Growing Acceptance

As the stereotypes associated with locks have faded because of the positive work done by people, including dreadlocks, the professional world and community are accepting this style more than before.

Additionally, Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, and Kardashian have appeared with dreadlocks in different programs. For this reason, many people prefer dreadlocks over other hairstyles.

What are the Disadvantages of Dreadlocks?

Everything comes with pros and cons; dreadlocks are also no exception. Find the cons of dreadlocks from the below discussions.

Unwelcome Attention

Still, some people possess negative thoughts about dreadlocks. You may fall into trouble for dreadlocks, especially with the authorities. Due to other people’s misconceptions about dreadlocks, they may stay away from you.


“Without patience, nothing can be achievable.” It is true with dreadlocks. In order to grow your dreads, you need to wait for a bit more time. But if you have long hair to get dreads, the required time will be less. That doesn’t mean you will get dreads overnight.

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With dreads, frequent washing is not possible. As a result, fur, lint, and dirt will build up in your scalp and give you an itchy feel.


In the beginning, you will surely feel discomfort while sleeping with dreadlocks.

Long Drying Time

After washing dreadlocks, you will have to give at least 6 hours to completely dry. The foul odor will build up if you leave your locks wet.


Is it OK for white people to have dreadlocks?

Dreadlock is a preferred hairstyle for black people. But white people can also wear dreadlocks. This hairstyle belongs to everyone, regardless of black and white people. Dreadlocks are something that holds the talents and style of a person. If you are a white person and wear dreadlocks, it shows that you respect and love the culture. According to us, it is OK for white people to have dreadlocks.

Do dreads smell?

Dreads smell like hair, and you are entirely responsible if dreads smell good or bad. Locks need to be washed once a week and dried thoroughly. If you wash them too often and don’t dry properly, the odor will build up and smell like hell. So, it is mandatory to dry dreads completely without failing to avoid odor. Proper washing and drying will prevent odor buildup and give your dreads a fresh look.

Are dreadlocks clean?

Yes, dreadlocks are clean if you wash and dry them regularly with great care. Dreadlocks are your hairs knotted together.
If you wash your dreads without paying attention, they will look unclean and dirty. So, to have a clean look of your dreads, wash them regularly and correctly.


Hopefully, you learned a lot about how dreads are beneficial in our daily lives and why do people get dreadlocks. Although dreads have drawbacks, their benefits outweigh them.

However, dreadlocks are not for everyone, but you can have this cool style. Get this unique style either by visiting your nearest parlor, or you can do it on your own at home.

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