How Often Should You Retwist Locs


How Often Should You Retwist Locs
Locs are getting popular these days; even celebrities are fond of it. There is a good reason you might be trying to have dreadlocks and looking for the answer; how often should you retwist locs?

You should retwist locs a maximum of once a month. Also, don’t plan or decide to retwist too often because it will damage your hair.

If you plan to get retwisted locs yourself, this comprehensive guide will help you get the required dreadlocks.

How Often Should You Retwist Locs?

If you want to get gorgeous locs, retwisting is necessary. But retwisting needs to be done following the right process based on the hair type and twisting stage.

Starter or Baby Phase: Retwist starter or baby locs after washing the hair. This could be anywhere from once every month up to 3 months.

Budding or Sprouting Phase: Maintain a light retwist routine to ensure new growth.

Teen Phase: You don’t need to retwist or reform your locs as much as possible in the teen phase. Your hair will grow in different directions. In this stage, you will see the dread form is developing as per your desire.

Maturity Phase: Retwist your hair properly. This will help your hair avoid weak locs and excessive frizz once it matures.

Rooted Phase: This stage requires the proper care with the ideal product. You don’t need to retwist locs in this phase because your hairs will automatically twist themselves.

When Should You Retwist Starter Locs

The patient is significantly important when starter locs are beginning. Remember, the process is long, and the result will not come overnight. The ideal thing is, begin retwisting your locs at least one time per month; it’s mandatory for starter locs.

If still you didn’t follow it, do it as soon as possible. However, some people prefer to wait longer. But the best option is to retwist one time in every 4 – 6 weeks.

However, retwisting has a few problems as well. First, roots can be extremely tight. This way, the progress will hamper. In fact, your hair will dislike it.

So, what are the maintenance tips for starter locs?

Well, after washing your hair, try to retwist. It can be done anywhere from once a month to 3 months. Yet, the frequency depends on your preference and how much your hair can bear it.

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Also, remember not to put too much stress on your hair. It can create problems later on.

How Often Should You Retwist Locs in the Beginning

The frequency of retwisting locs, in the beginning, depends on the below factors:

  • The starter locs phase or mature locs
  • Type of locs
  • Hair type
  • Retwist method

You should wash your starter locs between 4 – 6 weeks. You can go as long as 8 weeks between retwist when you interlock.

How Often Should You Retwist Baby Locs

The baby locs frequency depends on a few considerations: hair type and the growth of your hair.

Based on the above-mentioned considerations, retwist baby locs every 4 – 6 weeks.

If you consider retwisting too often, you will be putting stress on the scalp of your hair which will lead to hair damage.

While, if you decide to retwist the baby locs longer than required, it may not be sufficient to keep your dreads tight and locked.

However, the time for retwisting is not the same for people. For this, visit a loctician to know the correct time of retwisting your hair according to your hair type.

How Often Should You Retwist Mature Locs

Your locs are finally long enough to hang down or lie flat in the mature stage. At this stage, no re-forming will be there. So you won’t have to retwist your new growth as often during this period. It is because the locs are thick enough in this stage to support themselves. As mature locs happen after a few months, you must be comfortable with the locs and enjoy a regular shampooing and conditioning routine.

How Often Should You Retwist Your Dreadlocks?

Retwisting is a part of dreadlocks maintenance, and you need to ensure it to keep your locks tight. The most important thing is, don’t retwist your locks too frequently; your hair will be damaged if you do so. We recommend you to retwist your dreadlocks every 4 weeks. This way, breakage of the strands of your hair will not happen.

Over time, your hair will get thick. After 6 months, you need to reduce the frequency of retwisting your dreadlocks as thick hair can twist itself.

Since the reaction of hairs varies from person to person, during the early stage of your locs, consult with a hairstylist or a loctician. According to the hairstylist’s advice, retwist your hair.

How Long Can You Go Without Retwisting Locs?

Without retwisting locs, your hair will look unprofessional and messy. Generally, you can go as many days as you want without retwisting locs.

However, in order to keep your locs neat and clean, retwist your locs 1 or 2 times in a month is a good option. If you are not doing so, plan to retwist once every 2 months. This is ideal because your locs will look much better.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take proper care of their locs. They do it themselves and don’t pay much attention to its maintenance. Although the step-by-step maintenance process is not there since the process is different from person to person. But proper care will ensure a healthy scalp.

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A healthy scalp offers several benefits, such as preventing itchiness or hair loss. Make sure to wash and shampoo following the right process to avoid severe hair complications.

How Long Should Your Retwist Really Last?

The answer to the question relies on a few considerations, which are;

  • Your maintenance routine
  • Your hair type

Everyone wants last-longer locs. For this, follow a routine that works best for you. If you want a last-longing retwist, here are a few tips.

  • Wear a shower cap or wrap your hair with a cloth in the shower. While choosing a shower cap, make sure it has material inside. The material will prevent steam buildup and protect your locs.
  • If frequent washing is necessary for your hair, you will need a retwist more frequently.
  • Put on your hair scarf and go to bed to sleep. Maintain it regularly if you want your hair to look neat and nice for many days. If you wrap your hair with a hair bonnet instead of a hair scarf, we recommend proceeding.
  • It is important to dry your hair thoroughly after every wash in the grooming stage. Don’t rush through the drying process. If you do so, the retwist will not last long. Avoid using a hand dryer for drying your hair.
  • Never put your locs into plastic. This way, steam will be created. Also, don’t let your hair get exposed to rain.

How Do You Retwist Starter Locs

You can retwist your hair at home as it is not an effortless task. All you need to do is, follow the below steps carefully.

Required Ingredients:

  • Comb
  • Hairdryer
  • Hair clips
  • Dreadlocks tightening gel (buy according to your choice)
  • Water bottle

Step-by-step process:

  • Begin with the back locs (round your nape)
  • Use your fingers to pull one baby loc and spray some water on it
  • Now, get a small amount of dreadlocks tightening gel. Start applying it to your locs root to tip
  • Start combing your locs from the root. Next, turn the comb clockwise downward until the loc is on your scalp
  • Now take the comb off from the loc. Then put your fingers in
  • Holding the lock-in is necessary to get the desired result. In this case, use a hair clip to hold them
  • Continue the same process with other locs
  • Thoroughly dry your hairs
  • Wear a satin scarf to protect your dreads, then sleep on a silk pillowcase

Tips to Washing Starter Locs

A plethora of tips are available on the web for washing starter locs. But, paying attention to all of those tips is not always necessary. Here we shared 5 crucial tips for washing starter locs.

Tip# 01: Use Water to Make the locs Wet

Shampooing will be much easier if you wet the locs with water. Cleaning dry locs is harder. So, the cleaning process can easily be done when you wet your locs.

Tip# 02: Begin by Applying Small Amount of Shampoo

Don’t apply too much shampoo initially; start with a small amount. Your hair will be oily if too much shampoo is added. Moreover, you will have a hard time rinsing your locs. You can always add shampoo if you use a small amount. So, go with a tiny amount of shampoo.

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Tip# 03: Massage the Shampoo Properly on Your Scalp

Proper massaging of the shampoo will help you clean all buildup dirt from your scalp. Make sure you are hitting every part of your head. This tip is crucial to follow if you have starter locs.

Tip# 04: Use Lukewarm Water to Rinse the Shampoo

Rinsing with lukewarm water is better for your scalp. Don’t use hot or ice water for rinsing. Your hair follicles will remain good with lukewarm water.

Tip# 05: Ensure an Air-dry or Towel dry

Avoid blow-drying for drying locs. It can damage your hair. It would be best to use a towel or provide air-dry.


Are Starter Locs Supposed to Itch?

Yes, some may feel itchiness, while some may not experience it initially. The majority % of people feel itchiness only in the beginning, and gradually they become familiar with it. Itchiness happens when your scalp is too dry. Tea tree or peppermint oil can be helpful to get rid of the itch. Also, while choosing the product, make sure it doesn’t contain a toxic chemical.

What Happens If I Never Retwist My Dreads?

Sadly, some people overlook retwisting their dreads as they think it is unnecessary since their locs are well-placed.
The truth is, several hidden risks are there for not retwisting your dreads.

First, your locs will matt together at their root. In this case, pulling and retwisting them are necessary separately. It will take enough time and effort. Moreover, you may feel pain. Furthermore, scalp numbness will occur.

Second, your locs will detangle. Also, it will lose its shape.
This way, you need to apply a large amount of gel to boost the twisting process. Thus, buildup will happen.

How Long Should You Wait to Retwist Your Locs?

The waiting time depends on your locs status.
For newly updated locs, visit a loctician or hair salon every 2 – 3 weeks after the installation date.
If your loc is matured and thick, reform it every 6 weeks. Are you wondering why we need to wait that much time? Here are the reasons:
– Between 2 twist periods, 6 weeks is a good break.
– Within 6 weeks, your hair will produce enough natural oils, which will help you get the accurate texture for twisting.

How Often Should You Wash and Retwist Dreads?

Healthy and odor-free dreads are of utmost necessity. For this, wash and retwist your dreads a minimum of once a week. Remember to use residue-free shampoo while washing.

Can I Retwist My Dreads Every 2 Weeks?

It all depends on your hair and dread type. Look for a shampoo that suits your locs and cleans the dirt out of your hair. If your hair is caking up, it may be time for a wash.

How Often Should You Retwist Two Strand Twist?

Retwist two-strand twist every 4 or more weeks. If your preference is to interlock the new growth, do so every 8 weeks or more.


Hopefully, you understand that retwist is necessary at least once a month. Also, the more time you pass with your dreadlocks, the frequency of retwisting needs to be reduced. Remember, retwisting can do more harm than good.

We believe you got your answer regarding how often should you retwist locs. With proper care and maintenance, your locs will grow up and look beautiful as always.

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