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Dillon Francis Net Worth
Leo Tolstoy once told– Remember then: there is only one time that is important – Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.

The lines can truly mimic the bustling life of the famous artist – Dillon Francis.

This American professional disc jockey, record producer, and renowned electronic musician is widely known for his creativity. He is also called as DJ Hanzel. Dillon is getting famous day by day. And so, Dillon Francis net worth is always growing.

His fans always have curiosity about – how old is Dillon Francis, how tall is Dillon Francis, Dillon Francis’s girlfriend, and Dillon Francis Net worth. Check out the bio table to find the answer to his personal information

Dillon Francis Net Worth

Nick Name:Dillon Francis
Real Name:Dillon Hart Francis
Net Worth:$9 million
Birth Place:Los Angeles, California, United States
Date of Birth:October 5, 1987
Profession:American musician
Source of Wealth:Professional D.J.
Weight:78 kg
Height:1.80 m
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single
Education:Graduated from High School
Father:Robert Drew Francis
Mother:Katica Francis

Early Life of Dillon Francis

On October 5, 1987, Dillon Francis was born and raised in a sheltered family in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. His father, Robert Drew Francis, was American, and his mother Katica was Serbian-Croatian. According to Dillon’s statement, his father was an ‘alternative medicines doctor’.

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In 2010, Dillon released the Dillon Francis EP Swashbuckler Ep on the record label company Play Me. He edited the ‘Masta Blasta’ after the inspiration from Dutch musician Munchi. This Moombahton song made him famous.

In 2012, some Dillon Francis top songs were released – ‘I.D.G.A.F.O.S’ and ‘Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)’.

On September 9, 2013, Dillon was labeled as an ‘artist to watch’ by MTV.

On October 18, 2014, the debut studio album Money Sucks, Friends Rule was released.

In 2015, the second album was released named “This Mixtape is Fire”.In 2016, Dillon rolled as a background actor in Succeeding at Life T.V. film. He first appeared on T.V. in a popular MTV show “Ridiculousness”.

In 2017, Francis appeared in the four episodes of What Would Diplo Do: as Jasper.

On January 24, 2018, the first song was released on the album named ‘Ven’ with the collaboration of Quimico Ultra Mega and Arcangel. The third album named ‘Wut Wut’ was released too. In the same year, he portrayed himself in Taskmaster and Public Disturbance.

In 2019, he contributed to the soundtrack of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part with Catchy Song.

In May 2020, he performed in the Fortnite Party Royale Premiere.


Dillon caught the attention of people through the help of an American Producer named Diplo. They collaborated on a song named ‘Que Que’. This native of Los Angeles is well-known for popularizing the famous Dillon Francis genre – the moombahton genre.

The ‘Masta Blasta’ song ended up as the Moombahton track that brought him to fame. He opts for other genres – Electro house, trap, deep house, progressive house, dubstep.

His hits were produced by various Record Labels like Dim Mak, Fool’s Gold, Zee Music Company, O.W.S.L.A., and so on.

This platinum-selling D.J. has achieved an array of blockbusters that surpassed 500 million worldwide streams. Some are worth to mention – ‘Candy’ featuring Snappy Jit, ‘Anywhere’ featuring Will Heard, and ‘Coming Over’ with Kygo featuring James Hersey.

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Some of the best Dillon Francis song of his career – Get Low (2015), Need You (2016), Lost My Mind (2019)

How does Dillon Francis’s net worth reach $9 million in 2021?

This icon is among the top-rated D.J. and a spectacular record producer. He is one of the highest-paid D.J.s too. His albums have turned out to hit, and now Francis’s estimated net worth is $9 million.

Awards and Achievement

Let’s look at the Moombahton artist’s achievements –

  • The album named Money Sucks, Friends Rule reached the second position on the U.S. Dance Chart.
  • In February 2012, he was the first Moombahton artist to seize first place on the Beatport releases chart with his Something-Something-
  • This Mixtape is Fire took first place on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electric Albums Chart.
  • The popular song “Coming Over” has reached over 127 million streams on Spotify.
  • According to Forbes magazine, he is amongst the top highest-level D.J.s.

Interesting Facts That You May Not Know About Dillon Francis

  1. He was good at various instruments like keyboards, Digital audio workstations, synthesizers, etc.
  2. Many artists desire to work with him like Alison Wonderland, Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Chromeo, James Hersey, and more to go.
  3. This artist has made several Internet jokes about not finding his father.
  4. Dillon tells us that he could not watch T.V. until he did not watch at least two hours of Sesame Street per day.
  5. Dillon is one half of the comedy production duo Meowski666 and is linked to internet funnyman The Fat Jew.
  6. He was declared as number 73 in the D.J. Mag Top 100 poll.
  7. The 7-episode comedy series ‘Like and Subscribe’ was recently released by Dillion. The series is available on Funny or Die and Amazon Video.
  8. Despite having a dislike for the home studio, Dillon works there a lot.
  9. He used to work at the J. Lindeberg clothing shop in L.A.
  10. He has a good bond with his family.
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Favorite Quotes from Dillon Francis

Some glimpses of the remarkable words of Dillon Francis –

“He got a bunch of one-shots, but he also got a bunch of verses from people. From that, it kind of just started turning into something else. There were no expectations. The whole record was to go have fun again and have a great time making music.”

Dillon Francis

“Yes, there’s a reasoning behind it. Whenever I got in the studio with anyone who spoke English, anytime they would ask me for any advice, I would give them the most horrible advice on what to sing.”

Dillon Francis

Powerful Lessons from Dillon Francis

  • According to Dillon, to be in the moment is the miracle. He likes to live in the present moment as life is a continuous journey.
  • Fortune favors the brave. Fear is the worst thing that interrupts us from going further. So, we all should go against fear.
  • Respect and value your near and dear ones because you are nothing without their presence. Give your valuable time to them.

FAQs About Dillon Francis Net Worth

What kind of music is Dillon Francis?

Dillon is always into electronic music from his early life.

When was Dillon Francis famous?

He got famous in the year of 2010 with the help of the American Producer Diplo.

Where did Dillon Francis go to high school?

Dillon Francis went to Newbury Park High School, L.A.C.H.S.A. (Los Angeles County High School for Arts), and then he moved on to Santa Monica College. He chose art school because he used to do graffiti and was always into electronic music.

How much does Dillon Francis make a year?

Dillon makes around $75,000 dollar per year.


Many beautiful creations of this talented, pioneer of moombahcore music! He has created numerous songs with others– Look at Me Now, Stereo Hearts, Feel So Close, Suit and Tie, and more. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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