Jonathan Davis Net Worth In 2022: Bio, Career & Achievement

Maybe you have heard of Jonathan Davis, but do you know about Jonathan Davis net worth as of 2022, personal life, career, and achievements? Jonathan Davis popularly known as JD or J Devil is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He is majorly recognized as the lead frontman and vocalist of the nu-metal band Korn. Read on to know more about his career and personal life.

Nick Name:Jonathan Davis
Real Name:Jonathan Howsmon Davis
Jonathan Davis Net Worth:$50 million
Source of Wealth:Singing
Profession:American Singer and Musician
Date of Birth:Date of Birth 18 January 1971
Birth Place:Bakersfield, California, United States
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Divorced
Wife:Deven Davis (m. 2004–2018), Renee Perez (m. 1998–2000)
Children:Yes (Ricky Walters, Lateisha Walters)
Girl Friend:Yes (Nathan Howsmon Davis, Pirate Howsmon Davis, Zeppelin Howsmon Davis)
Education:San Francisco School of Mortuary Science, Highland High School
Father:Rick Davis
Mother:Holly Chavez
Brother and Sister:Alyssa Marie Davis, sister and a half-brother, Mark Chavez

Early lіfе

Born on 18th January, 1971 in Bakersfield, CA, Jonathan Howsman Davis grew up a vibrant child. His parents were known as Ricky Duane Davis and Holly Marie Chavez. They began the journey of marriage in 1970 in the Kern. His father had passionate about playing the keyboard. He worked for Buck Owens. Jonathan’s mother was a professional dancer and actor. At three years of age, his parents filed for a divorce. He then had to stay with his father. After the divorce, his father married a woman called Lillie and they stayed in Bakersfield.

Issues developed between him and his stepmother. He once remarked that he had made a mixture of tea and Thai oil when he particularly felt unwell. Jonathan had also a piece of a song entitled “Kill you” which is a relation she made regarding his stepmother especially after his father had denied him. In 1989, he graduated from Highland High School. At some point, he got spoilt when he started wearing indecently.


Jonathan Davis Net Worth

In 1985, his career was at the peak. He became a popular musician majoring in hip-hop. He worked with a crew known as Get Fresh. He had one person he had admired and that was Ricky D the MC. Jonathan once featured on a program called The Show. He also featured on a single production known as La Di Da Di. His songs became popular amongst hip-hop fans with his voice rating the best.

His pieces of music are delivered with a lot of confidence. He makes use of punchlines and melodies to his maximum. Russell Simmons label, being one of the most popular production studios in 1986, propelled him to a certain level when he worked on a single project. He was assisted by DJ Vance. 1988 became the year of joy for him. He made a production known as “The Great Adventures of Slick Rick.” This saw him clinch firs position on charts and billboards as the best Hip-hop and Rnb musician.

How much is Jonathan Davis net worth – Source of Wealth

Jonathan Davis net worth stands at $50 million in the year 2022 and all this money is from his career as musician and singer.

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Awards and achievement

He has not only achieved much in music but also in other fields. His movie had also achieved a lot. His six songs and soundtrack were featured in 2003. The soundtrack was called “Love on the Rocks. This was by Neil Diamond. This has not only contributed to his popularity but also gave rise to his pompous net worth.”Korn is not only the movie he is known for but also his achievements.

Personal life

Jonathan is a married man. His first wife was Renee Perez and the second one is Deven Davis. He married his first wife in November in the year 1998.

The couple so far has one son called Nathan Howsmon Davis. Their marriage has been on the rocks since then which led to their divorce in the year 2000. Later in 2004, he married Deven Davis.

They now have two sons named Zeppelin Howsman Davis and Pitate Howsman Davis. In August 2018, Deven Davis passed on aged 39 years.

Jonathan Davis Age, Height and Weight

As of today, Jonathan Davis is 50 years old. He currently weighs 69kg and he is 1.88m tall. 

Interesting Facts you may not know about Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis Net Worth

All his three kids are named Howsmon which is his middle name.

At the age of five Jonathan almost died from asthma.

Jonathan’s mother was a dancer and actress. His father was a famous keyboard player for Frank Zappa.



Jonathan’s childhood life was full of trials and tribulations. He had to live with his stepmom and father, which didn’t work out right as every child always wants the motherly love. He furthermore received criticism from his teachers because of his poor performance in academics. All that didn’t stop him, he is now a celebrated person who lives in the hearts of many people.

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