Warby Parker vs Ray Ban: Choose A Stylish Brand To Make Your Eyes Sparkle

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Warby Parker vs Ray Ban
In this article, we have picked and comparatively analyzed two popular eyewear brands Warby Parker and Ray Ban. Both brands have distinctive worthy qualities and they are great rivals of each other. So, the eyewear industry has created a competitive term between them. Here the comparative analyses have been formed from different perspectives based on the related topic of Warby Parker vs Ray Ban eyeglasses and sunglasses.

To inform you of all the information you need so that you can make the right choice between them, we have important facts like Glass Quality, UV Protection, Quality of The Lenses, Lens Color, Polarization, Frame, Wraparounds, Price, Warranties, Insurance, Return Policy, Customer Service, pros & cons of each brand, etc.

You should go through each part of this article so that you may have an in-depth idea of both brands. Warby Parker or Ray Ban, your final decision will help you to choose the brand that will be proven worthy.

Warby Parker vs. Ray Ban Sunglasses

Quality of Warby Parker Glasses

Quality of Prescription Glasses: When we talk about the best Warby Parker glasses, the features of prescription glasses are undoubtedly attractive. Single-Vision, Bifocals, and Trifocals are the editions of such glasses that help to correct your vision at far and close distances.

Quality of progressive glasses: The progressive glasses of Warby Parker are made of high-quality materials and high Warby Parker lens quality works great to clear the frontal views seamlessly.

Quality of Non-prescription glasses: The quality of this type of glasses is excellent but there is no emphasis on visual treatment. Rather quality assurance is provided on the look and adjustment.

Quality of Warby Parker Sunglasses: The sunglasses of this brand are also famous all over the world not only for their look but also for the quality of lenses, frames, and perfection. Rectangle, Square, and Round Sunglasses are very well-shaped.

Glass quality of the three best Warby Parker sunglasses: Warby Parker Wayfarer, aviators, and Raiders sunglasses are very famous for their quality features. Aviator glasses are made with lightweight material and clarity is pure with sun-protective lenses. As a part of aviator glasses, raider glasses are the pair of one the most popular Warby Parker glasses.

Quality of Ray Ban glasses: 

Quality of Prescription glasses and sunglasses: Ray Ban manufactures prescription glasses and sunglasses with powerful, sun-protective, and smart vision lenses. The glasses also come in multiple colors. These glasses come with polarized and other frames.

Quality of Prescription glasses and sunglasses: Though not categorized for medical purposes, Non-prescription sunglasses are smartly produced to protect eyes from dust particles, and direct sunlight, providing digital benefits, and reducing common eye strain.

Glass quality of the three best Ray Ban sunglasses:  Wayfarer, Erika, and Aviator models of this brand are the best out of different types of ray bans. These sunglasses are made of excellent materials and lenses which ensure UV protection, safety from screen reflections, and a clear visual experience.

UV Protection:

Warby Parker: All the sunglasses and general eyewear lenses are produced with the feature of scratch resistance and they have a 100% UV protection system. Warby Parker polarized and blue light-filtered lenses are quite popular in this regard.

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Ray Ban: The polarized eyeglasses or sunglasses of this brand are supposed to provide almost 100% UV protection. But in the case of the classic lenses, the protection percentage remains around 85. Nowadays, prescription glasses and modern lenses have full UV protection features.

Quality of the Lenses:

Warby Parker lenses quality: The lenses of this brand have Scratch-resistant treatment, super hydrophobic coating, Anti-reflective coating, and UV protection which ensures 100% UV protection. Lenses are made of polycarbonate materials and there are high-index lenses that work effectively.

Ray Ban lenses quality: This brand provides quality lenses for regular eyeglasses and sunglasses. The lenses are made with the latest technology that ensures clarity, prescription qualities, and comfort. These lenses also varied with lots of attractive colors.

Lens Colors: 

Warby Parker: There are different kinds of lenses produced by this brand like classic, blue light filtering, polycarbonate, light responsive, etc., but most of them come with a single color. But light-responsive lenses have color options. One can choose from grey, green, and brown lenses.

Ray Ban: It has much variety in its lenses’ color. Ray Ban Solid (Classic) Lenses have G-15, B-15, and blue shades. Ray Ban Gradient Lenses come in blue, gray, and brown colors. Ray Ban Mirror Lenses have blue, silver, copper, and orange colors. Ray Ban Chromance Lenses are formed with green-gold, green-blue, and grey colors.


Warby Parker: This brand manufactures polarized glasses for different categories including prescription and non-prescription. These lenses eliminate glare and improve visionary power. There are polarized sunglasses with a powerful glare-filtering process.

Ray Ban: This brand makes polarized sunglasses of marvelous quality. Ray Ban polarized lenses decrease the reflections of harmful rays and increase contrasting and visual quality. Such lenses also help to give a clear view and remove eye strains.


Warby Parker: It has different kinds of frames in its collection. These are Full-Rimmed Frames, Semi-Rimless Frames, Rimless Frames, Low Bridge Fit Frames, and Glasses Frame. The materials used for the frames are metal, acetate, and other materials like 3D-printed materials, precious materials, wood, horn, and even bones.

Ray Ban: This brand also provides an opportunity to choose from a variety of frames. The frames are distinguished through the categories like polarized, non-polarized, prescription, and non-prescription. Frames are made of metal, acetate, or titanium. The quality makes the durable and easily adjustable.


Wraparound eyeglasses or sunglasses are with a special kind of frame that is deeply curved and perfectly adjustable. Warby Parker does not manufacture wraparound glasses but some of Ray Ban’s sunglasses models are polarized wraparounds. These Ray Ban wraparounds give extra protection for the eyes minimizing the slightest possibility of entering harmful rays. The frames of Warby Parker wrap around the lenses perfectly.


Warby Parker is always regarded for its reasonably lower prices. Free shipping, in-house production, and many other things work behind this. Glasses with acetate frames can be bought for 95$ and metal ones will cost 145$. Vision correction lenses will add extra costs.

On the other hand, Ray Ban is comparatively costly for being part of the world’s best eyewear group. Most popular ray bans will cost 140$-200$ in general. Prescription glasses are likely to increase the cost. But, the discount benefit can help to get this brand at a surprisingly cheap rate.


Warby Parker: It is committed to producing and selling with Warby Parker’s guarantee on quality. Yet, this brand gives a 12-month warranty service on general frames and lenses. But the warranty is 6 months on the prescription lenses. Within this time, customers can replace or repair their damaged frames or lenses for free.

Ray Ban: Luxottica gives a manufacturer’s warranty offer on the products of Ray Ban. The glasses of this brand have 24 months of repairable or replaceable services for defective products. Within the time limit, a customer has to apply for the service following the authentication of his purchase.

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Warby Parker: The products of this brand can be taken under an insurance policy of several vision insurance companies like United Healthcare, Spectera, VSP, Eye-Med, Cigna, Humana, Davis Vision, Anthem, etc. Prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and eye exams are covered by such insurance. A proper application process should be followed.

Ray Ban: This brand accepts insurance plans from different vision insurance companies. A customer needs to apply online and select the insurance company from the list. A prescription has to be provided for this process. They accept insurance from companies like Eye-Med, Davis Vision, VSP, Cigna Vision, etc.

Return Policy

Return policy of Warby Parker: The 5 different frames and 5 days of home-on-try benefit is a revolutionary concept of this brand. You can choose your desired product and order a new intake version of that. You can simply return all the trial glasses paying no cost from your side. The returning policy should be followed in a specific way.

Return policy of Ray Ban: This brand provides a customer with the opportunity of returning a product within 45 days. But the return policy is limited to damaged or defective products. REMIX products are not refundable if they are not damaged. While returning, the customer has to pack the product safely and maintain proper formalities.

Customer Service:

Warby Parker and Ray Ban both provide a satisfactory level of customer service. They provide customer care on the online portal, phone calls, and social media. Ray Ban also gives this service through the FAQ. Besides, a customer can comfortably ask for anything related to their purchase, brand information, and other quarries.

Pros and cons of Warby Parker:


  • The in-house production system helps to maintain the quality and expenditure of eyewear.
  • One of the best features of this brand is the 5 days home trial option for the customers.
  • The online purchase and distribution process is a revolutionary concept.
  • Warby Parker provides the benefit of free shipping.
  • This brand shares a percentage of the profit received from each glassware for charity purposes.


  • In terms of prescription glasses, the high-index lenses may not adjust sometimes.
  • The app for the virtual try-on system does not work without specific mobile sets or versions.
  • Warby Parker does not sell any branded eyewear except for its products.

Pros and cons of Ray Bans:


  • There are multiple designs and colors of frames made of high-quality materials.
  • The lenses have different colors and provide full UV and harmful light protection.
  • Its eyewear is quite durable and lightweight.
  • The frames are nicely adjustable to the face structure.
  • This brand manufactures excellent quality prescription glasses.
  • Ray Ban glasses are comparatively expensive. Especially the smart glasses are overpriced.
  • It does not provide flexible try-on benefits as Warby Parker does.
  • There is a lack of water and dust resistance technology.
Warby Parker raider Vs Ray Ban aviator:

Warby Parker raider glasses are meant to protect your eyes and give you a smooth riding experience. Warby Parker manufactures this type of glasses with high-quality features. Stainless steel and cellulose acetate are used main structures for the raider glasses. There are PVC nose pads that help settle the frame on the face. The brand creates the lenses using the most impact-resistant materials like polycarbonate and there is a strong UV protection system.

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are mainly designed for military purposes and the aviation sector. Therefore, the quality is no doubt outstanding. Supreme class metal frame is used for this variant and the latest edition has a large brow bar above nose pads to keep sweat and debris away. Kalichrome lenses with a protective feature are used for Ray Ban aviators. The new HGU-4/P aviator sunglasses have special clear lenses for military pilots’ better views.

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What is the average cost of Warby Parker glasses?

Warby Parker has a reputation for manufacturing and selling glasses at affordable rates. Usually, the company makes eyewear with digital free-form progressive lenses. Besides, the sunglasses of this brand are also manufactured through in-house production.

So, the average cost is to be expected between $95 and $145. But the cost may increase if someone requires high-index lenses as part of prescription glasses. In that case, an additional cost of $30 might be added.

Is Warby Parker’s blue light worth it?

The blue light edition of Warby Parker is a smart choice of the time and worth it from different points of view. The blue light glass helps prevent harmful blue light from the sun, and screens. It is also supposed to provide you an opportunity to sleep soundly by blocking the blue light effect at night.

This glass is really helpful while using mobile and computer. It can also reduce eye irritation and other problems. Warby Parker can attach a blue light glass for just 50$ and all those benefits make it worth it.

Does Warby Parker sell Ray Bans?

Warby Parker does not sell Ray Ban but some of its glasses Harris Wayfarer may resemble the shape of each other. Warby Parker is an independent brand that produces and sells customized prescription glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses.

On the contrary, Ray Ban is part of the Italian Luxottica brand and it manufactures and distributes Wayfarer and Aviator-type sunglasses.

Are Ray Ban frames good?

Ray Ban manufactures frames of different shapes and colors. They use high-quality frames for both regular and prescription glasses. The frames are made of leather, denim, steel, titanium, velvet, metal, acetate, matte, glossy, plastic, and wooden.

All kinds of frames including those of Warfarer and Aviator sunglasses have smooth finishing and authentic materials. So, the frames are durable, flexible, strong, and beautiful to look at.

Does Ray Ban sell prescription glasses?

Ray Ban gives the benefit of customized prescription glasses. It can offer prescription lenses like Classic, Blue light filter, and Transitions, Polarized with acetate, metal, titanium, and steel frames on both single vision and progressive lenses. The thickness and visual needs can be customized according to the prescription.

Does Ray Ban make glasses in China?

Like many other eyewear brands, Ray Ban makes eyewear glasses even the frames at specific factories situated in China. Luxottica maintains complete control over the production systems and materials. The prime intention is to produce different glasses according to prescription, fashion, and tradition.

Are Warby Parker glasses made in China? 

For making glasses, this brand collects raw materials like cellulose acetate from Italy and manufactures frames in China. Finally, the main production and assembling of the parts are completed by craftsmen of the in-house factory in America. Recently, this brand has started making a particular kind of eyeglass in Italy named inlay glasses.


Evaluating the two best competitive eyewear brands Warby Parker and Ray Ban is always challenging. In this article, Warby Parker has been found to have attractive benefits like a reasonable price on high quality, home-trial benefits. There are varieties of prescription and non-prescription glasses and frames. Therefore, Warby Parker can be the ideal brand for being a complete package.

But if your prime concern is a proven and multi-featured brand, Ray Ban also has the full potential to be selected. If brand value, lens quality, sunglasses, and frames’ variety are the keys to your preference, the competition becomes Ray Ban vs Warby Parker sunglasses. Being a part of a world-class eyewear company, Ray Ban is never a wrong choice.

We believe that there should be no compromise on quality, brand value, legal pricing, and customer satisfaction or priority. All of these are more visible in the features of Warby Parker so we would like to choose Warby Parker as our eyewear solution.

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