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Brands Owned by Luxottica
Luxottica currently holds ownership of approximately 95% of the sunglass brands. Ray-Ban, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Oakley, and a plethora of other high-profile brands are all owned by Luxottica.

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However, there are a plethora of options available to those who would prefer not to deal with Luxottica. Zenni, Warby Parker, Barton Perreira, and other similar brands are known for offering high-quality sunglasses.

In this article, we will explore several brands that have already established an industry standard. Some of these brands are independent, while others are included in the Luxottica brands list.

How Many Brands Owned by Luxottica?

Is Barton Perreira owned by Luxottica?

Luxottica does not own Barton Perreira. This independent company maintains a fresh, sophisticated, stylish, and innovative design. Their sunglasses are made of handmade Japanese materials, including Titanium and Acetate. At the same time, they use inspirational colors such as Grapy Rose and Midnight Blue, making them timeless elegance.

Is Bolle owned by Luxottica?

Bolle is a globally creative and respected sports brand well-known for sunglasses, bike helmets, snow goggles, ski helmets, etc. Luxottica does not own this eyewear brand. They use upgraded technologies like Volt+, Phantom, Phantom+, Polarized in their lenses. Both men and women highly appreciate their manufactured lenses.

Is Costa owned by Luxottica?

The brand Costa is owned by a French company named Essilor. In 2014. Later, in 20018, they decided to merge themselves with Luxottica. From then, Costa was integrated into the Luxottica profile. Luxottica found Costa as unique and special, with the potential to grow in the sunglass industry. In fact, Luxottica is helping Costa to reach its full potential.

Is Dita owned by Luxottica?

Dita is a luxury boutique eyewear brand founded in 1995. Jeff Solorio and John Juniper founded this brand; both are best friends from Kindergarten age. They follow Japanese Craftsmanship during manufacturing sunglasses. The frames are made of Acetone, but they gained recognition globally when they started Titanium in their frames.

Is Eyebuydirect owned by Luxottica?

Eyebuydirect is an online retailer that sells prescription and non-prescription glasses. Roy Hessel has been the founder of Eyebuydirect from 2005 to now. French lens manufacturer Essilor bought a majority stake of Eyebuydirect in 2013. Essilor retained Roy Hessel in the CEO position. Eyebuydirect sells different lenses such as transitions, progressive, bifocal, etc.

Is Essilor owned by Luxottica?

In January 2018, French eyewear manufacturer Essilor announced to merge Italian giant sunglasses manufacturer Luxottica. Then on 01 October 2018, the European Commission approved the Essilor and Luxottica merger unconditionally. The reason behind the merger is to address the vision needs of the 7.2 billion people in the world, out of which 2.5 billion are suffering from uncorrected vision.

Is Eyemed owned by Luxottica?

Luxottica is the parent company of Eyemed. Eyemed is a renowned vision care organization in the USA. This company is dedicated to helping people achieve a clear, healthy vision by providing them access to diverse lenses. Also, they are the sponsor of the OneSight-a charitable program that has dedicated itself to ensuring a clear vision of people.

Is Framesdirect owned by Luxottica?

When it comes to making the list of earliest eyewear online retailers, Framesdirect will surely make its position in the list. This company was formed in 1996, and till now, they have more than 110,000 designs of eyewear available on their website. The parent company of Framesdirect is Essilor. This company uses only the highest-quality digital progressive lenses manufactured by Essilor.

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Is Gucci owned by Luxottica?

No, Gucci is not owned by Luxottica; even Luxottica doesn’t manufacture Gucci eyewear. The truth is, Gucci is owned by a French luxury goods provider named “the Kering Group.” Gucci has a vast eyewear and sunglass collection for men and women. Their classic aviators to cat-eyes and crystal Hollywood Forever styles are much popular among women.

Is Garrett Leight owned by Luxottica?

Garrett Leight is a designer, was born and raised in Venice, California. He has a family business of sunglasses and eyewear. In 2009, Leight opened his first concept store in his hometown of Venice and a year later founded Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO). The design of Garrett Leight sunglasses is inspired and reflects the artistic and intellectual diversity he was surrounded by growing up.

Is Glasses USA owned by Luxottica?

GlassesUSA, through its affiliation with the Luxottica Group, offers a variety of frames such as Oakley, Ray-Ban, Persol, Calvin-Klein, etc. Their state-of-the-art optical lab manufactures several good-quality lenses which meet customers’ needs. They offer high-quality prescription eyewear for their customers at an affordable price range.

Is Illesteva owned by Luxottica?

Illesteva is an independently owned eyewear brand formed in Downtown, New York. Their factory is situated in France and Italy. Before Illesteva, there were few options available in the market that offered eyewear at a reasonable price. They have skilled artisans who are well-experienced in making frames made of hand-mixing acetate.

Is Kaenon owned by Luxottica?

In 2002, 2 brothers from Southern California formed Kaenon. This is another top-notch brand not owned by Luxottica. They produce high-quality sunglasses designed in California. Their eyewear uses innovative SR-91 lens technology, which makes them exceptional in the sunglass industry. The core of this brand is: Quality, Innovation, Authenticity, Performance, Originality, Customer Service, Family, and they are true to their customer.

Is Lenscrafters owned by Luxottica?

In terms of sales, LensCrafters is one of the largest optical retail brands in North America. Most stores of LensCrafters are situated in busy shopping centers and commercial malls. The frames of this brand are of high-quality materials made by Luxottica. LensCrafters sell prescribed eyewear, different optical products, and premium-quality lenses in their shops.

Is Lenskart owned by Luxottica?

Lenskart is an India-based optical prescription eyewear manufacturer. Their main headquarter is situated in Faridabad. They have stores in more than 70 cities in India. An impressive piece of information is, they have a manufacturing facility in Delhi, and every month they produce 300,000 glasses. Moreover, they have a manufacturing facility in China that manufactures 20% of their frame production.

Is Maui Jim owned by Luxottica?

Maui Jim is a well-known brand not owned by Luxottica. People are fond of their polarized sunglasses that come with superior contrast. Their sunglasses are available throughout the world. All frames of Maui Jim are manufactured in Japan or Italy. The sunglasses are made to last, and their sunglasses come with such a long guarantee.

Is Marchon owned by Luxottica?

Luxottica is a dominant eyewear manufacturer, but they didn’t own Marchon. They use only the highest quality materials to manufacture the frames. The eye frames are made of durable, lightweight components to withstand active lifestyles effectively. More importantly, their frames are made for children as well. Marchon sells its products under popular brands like Calvin Klein, Marni, Liu Jo, Columbia, etc.

Is Myeyedr owned by Luxottica?

Capital Vision Services, a Virginia-based company, is the owner of Luxottica. Goldman Sachs is acquiring it for an undisclosed sum. They are a premier healthcare company with 40 vision care centers in Washington D.C. and more than 500 vision care centers throughout the United States.

Is Modelo owned by Luxottica?

Modelo is not owned by Luxottica. Their sunglasses provide the required eye protection which they deserve. The more important thing is, Modelo sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. UV rays are harmful to our eyes, and their sunglasses keep our eyes safe from harmful sun rays. The frames are of different shades to meet different customer needs.

Is Mykita owned by Luxottica?

Mykita is a Berlin-based independent eyewear design and manufacturing company. Ralph Andler founded this company in 1996. They are internationally popular for producing handcrafted eyeglasses and sunglasses. All frames are made from high technology and high-end materials like stainless steel, acetate, or MYLON. The offered ranges of Mykita are of outstanding quality for the price.

Is Oakley owned by Luxottica?

Oakley is a luxury brand owned by the Luxottica Group of Italy. Luxottica acquired Oakley in November 2007 for US$2.1 billion. Although Oakley sunglasses are expensive, they are worth the price. Oakley eyewear are so successful that Luxottica categorized them as their flagship products. Along with sunglasses, Oakley also manufactures sportswear. Top-rated players, including Lens Armstrong, worn Oakley sunglasses in the 2008 winter Olympics.

Is Oliver Peoples owned by Luxottica?

Olivier Peoples was founded in 1987. This brand is known as the heart of West Hollywood. Luxottica acquired this brand in 2007. Their frames are designed following the unique culture of Los Angeles. From the initial stages, they focused on craftsmanship using top-quality materials. You will find Olivier Peoples in 41 retail stores as well as distribution in more than 60 countries.

Is Owndays owned by Luxottica?

All frames of Owndays are its own, and it doesn’t source it from other brands, which makes them an independent brand. It is an internationally renowned and biggest sunglass company founded by Shuji Tanaka in Tokyo, Japan, in 1989. This brand took revolutionary changes in the Asian eyewear markets with their superior quality products. Now, it has more than 220 stores with 2200 employees.

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Is Persol owned by Luxottica?

Petrol is an Italian eyewear brand, which started its journey in the sunglass industry back in 1917. Luxottica owned them in 1995. Persol brand is a combo of aesthetics and technology. The lenses that Persol uses are unique from the other brands. At the same time, they use metal in their plastic frame, which gives them an aesthetic look. Generally, Persol sunglasses are big in size.

Is Pearle Vision owned by Luxottica?

Pearle Vision is one of the trusted and largest eye care franchises in North America, and Luxottica owned them in 2004. This brand uses Columbia Resin #39 to manufacture most of its plastic eyeglass lenses. It is a plastic polymer, quite similar to polycarbonate. This company creates a monopoly on eyeglass lenses and frames in North America, making them expensive.

Is Polaroid owned by Luxottica?

Polaroid is owned by Safilo Group S.P.A. It produces polarized lenses, optical frames, polarized sunglasses, clip-on lenses, and reading glasses. The best thing is that this company has the best UV-protected sunglasses, and several studies prove it. If you spend a lot of time outside, Polaroid sunglasses would be the best option for sure.

Is Quay Australia owned by Luxottica?

Quay Australia is a quality sunglass brand not owned by Luxottica. They manufacture good quality sunglasses and put an affordable price tag. It sells a wide range of trendy designs and classic styles. Also, they create bold style and reasonably priced sunnies to stand out in the crowd. Most of their lenses are polarized. You will barely find polarized glasses at the low price that Quay Australia offers.

Is Ray Ban owned by Luxottica?

Ray-Ban has been the leader of prescription eyewear and sunglasses for generations. This brand joined Luxottica Group in 1999. Several celebrities named Tom Cruise, Jennifer Anniston, Robert Pattinson, and many others are fond of Ray-Ban, and they have been seen wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses in multiple movies. When the iconic model Aviator sunglass was created for the United States Army, Ray-Ban became the pioneer of cultural change.

Is Revo owned by Luxottica?

Sequential Brands Group Inc. has owned the Revo sunglass brand for $20 million in cash from Oakley Inc., owned by Luxottica Group SpA. The factory of Revo sunglasses is in the USA, Italy, and Mauritius. In comparison, prescription glasses are manufactured in the USA lab. Revo sunglass frames are well-built and lightweight. The lenses performance also satisfied the customer a lot.

Is Raen owned by Luxottica?

Jeremy Heit is the founder of Raen eyewear, and Luxottica does not own it. Their manufactured eyewear is hand-made and based in Oceanside, California. The highest grade cellulose acetate is used to produce every pair of Raen sunglasses, making them highly durable and lightweight. Also, the transparency of their glasses is nice, which makes their glasses different from others.

Is Rudy Project owned by Luxottica?

Rudy Project is one of Oakley’s competitors, and it is no secret that Luxottica owns Oakley. They have several long-lasting glasses. They produce both prescription and non-prescription glasses. Rudy projects glasses are a blend of aesthetically sculpted design and cutting-edge technology. Rudy Project supports and offers a solution to many professional athletes and sports players from different corners of the world.

Is Randolph Engineering owned by Luxottica?

Are you fond of aviator-style sunglasses? It would be best if you do not look for other brands except Randolph Engineering. This brand is the right alternative to Luxottica. Their manufacturing procedure follows a 200-steps hand-made process to ensure the quality of the product. Their show-case is full of aviator-style sunglasses, and they use metal-frame in their eyewear. Randolph Engineering sunglasses are made in the USA.

Is Shady Rays owned by Luxottica?

Shady Rays has been in the eyewear business since 2012, and this brand is not a part of Luxottica. The sunglasses of Shady Rays are custom manufactured in China, but they built the X Series Realtree Edition in the USA. According to them, every pair of Shady Rays eyewear is scratch-resistant, and this is quite a great feature that every sunglass wearer looks for.

Is Smith Optics owned by Luxottica?

Safilo Group-owned Smith Optics. It is an Italian brand that designs, manufactures, and distributes sunglass, prescription frames, sports eyewear, and non-prescription frames. They created an industry standard of themselves and are renowned for their quality products. The innovation and quality associated with their products made them popular all over the world.

Is Specsavers owned by Luxottica?

The Perkins Family is the owner of the famous eyewear brand Space savers. The prime focus of Spacesavers is to introduce their customers with healthy, happy eyes for as long as possible. They are one of the largest retail chains in Britain. More importantly, their stores are full of upgraded technology to test your eye health and then provide lenses according to your eye condition.

Is Safilo owned by Luxottica?

Safilo is the 2nd highest eyewear seller in the USA after Luxottica. They are one of the biggest competitors of Luxottica. Sailo also owned renowned eyewear brands named Carrera, Smith Optics, Polaroid Eyewear, Seventh Street, and many more. They use state-of-the-art technology in their sunglasses, which helps them stand out in the eyewear industry.

Is Sunglass Hut owned by Luxottica?

Luxottica Group acquired Sunglass Hut in 2001. Luxottica paid the debt of Sunglass Hut, which is roughly $653million, and owned possession of 1300 stores, 430 Watch Station combination stores. Also, 228 stores were operated under the supervision of either the Watch World banner or Watch Station. Sunglass Hut’s frames are 100% authentic and offer many years of service.

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Is Serengeti owned by Luxottica?

Antelope Brands Bidco Inc. is the parent organization of Serengeti eyewear. This company has experienced eyewear specialists in Italy and Japan who are responsible for manufacturing sunglasses. Patented lenses of Serengeti are available in 2 different materials: PhD NXT and Glass. PhD NXT lenses are categorized as photochromic. In full sun, they get as dark as 9% Visible Light Transmission. In low light or a car, they lighten to 17% – 20% VLT. In contrast, glass lenses are similar to other regular lenses.

Is Spy optic owned by Luxottica?

Bolle Brands acquired Spy Optic in 2018. It is now responsible for the design, manufacture, and distribution of sunglasses, prescription eyewear, helmets, and goggles of Spy Optic. Spy Optic lenses are either built-in the USA or Italy. Also, they have factories in China, and they produce authentic frames for their customers. The lenses are relatively ‘uncurved’ 6-base polycarbonate. This makes them a good option for stylish sunglasses that don’t need to wrap as tightly around the head.

Is See Eyewear owned by Luxottica?

No, Richard Golden is the owner of See Eyewear. Most See Eyewear frames are handmade and hail from multiple countries of Europe like France, Germany. The unique thing about See Eyewear is, they design and produce each piece in their collection exclusively for them. Also, they don’t manufacture a copy of several numbers of each style. This means your selected eyewear can be of a single edition.

Is Silhouette owned by Luxottica?

Silhouette was founded in 1964, and Anneliese and Arnold Schmied is the founder of this renowned sunglass brand. It is a wholesale company and generally sells its product directly to its nominated retailers. For this, Silhouette doesn’t provide a warranty on its products. The warranty of their frame lies with the original place of purchase, not Silhouette. Titanium is used in Silhouette frames; you can’t question its quality.

Is Spy Sunglasses owned by Luxottica?

There is no difference between Spy Optic and Spy Sunglasses and they are owned by Bolle Brands. They manufacture polarized sunglasses for both men and women. In fact, the sunglasses of this company provide the required safety that a customer needs. Their lenses are designed to maximize eye health. So, they use all the latest technology in their manufactured lenses.

Is Tom Ford owned by Luxottica?

Marcolin Group formed a partnership with Tom Ford group with the condition that they will design, manufacture and distribute eyewear under the Tom Ford brand. Due to their popularity, Tom Ford sunglasses get copied in the market. But there are ways by which you can find authentic Tom Ford sunglasses. You will find the word “Tom Ford” in the top left corner of the lens. Also, on the left arm, the model or code number is placed. Finally, on the tip, each model has a serial number.

Is Target Optical owned by Luxottica?

Target Optical decided to join the Luxottica Retail Network in 2004. This licensed brand generally operates within its host stores. They have their marketing position along with Luxottica. They provide the customers the convenience of taking care of their optical needs when shopping at retailers of their choice.

Is VSP owned by Luxottica?

VSP was formed by a group of optimists in 1955 in Oakland, California, as a nonprofit organization. This company expanded in 2007. Currently, they are now operating in United States, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. This doctor-governed company has mainly 5 different businesses, which are: eye care insurance, superior-quality eyewear, lens and lens enhancements, ophthalmic technology. They focus on improving the relationship between the patients and doctors.

Is Visionworks owned by Luxottica?

Visionworks is not owned by either Luxottica or Safilo. Visionworks former parent company, ECCA Holdings Corp., merged with Pittsburgh-based HVHC in 2006, resulting in Eye Care Centers of America Inc. becoming a wholly-owned Highmark subsidiary. On June 27, 2019, VSP Global announced plans to acquire Visionworks. The acquisition was completed on October 1, 2019.

Is Warby Parker owned by Luxottica?

Warby Parker is an independent company based in New York. They manufacture sunglasses, prescription eyewear. Every part of Warby Parker sunglasses is designed, manufactured in their factories. As a result, their eyewear price is affordable compared to other brands. Simultaneously, quality is also ensured. More importantly, they offer a home-try-on feature. You can try a total of 5 frames at home with this option.

Is William Painter Sunglasses owned by Luxottica?

Although William Painter is a small company, they are 100% independent. They are focused on manufacturing the best possible sunglasses for their consumers. The most important thing is, their eyewear comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. This means, if something goes wrong, the manufacturer will take care of it. You will never regret buying William Painter sunglasses as it is worth every penny.

Is Zenni Optical owned by Luxottica?

Zenni Optical is not acquired by Luxottica. This brand of sunglasses comes with retro and modern designs. Premium frames of Zenni Optical are affordable, and the price tag starts from $29.95. You might be wondering how their sunglasses are cheaper. The fact is, Zenni uses a dedicated factory to manufacture their sunglasses and shipped directly to the consumers.

FAQs about Brands Owned by Luxottica

What is Luxottica Group?

Luxottica Group is a renowned Italian eyewear company, known for being the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of eyewear.

How many brands does Luxottica own?

Luxottica owns and manages an extensive portfolio of eyewear brands, including some of the most well-known and prestigious names in the industry.

What are some of the top eyewear brands owned by Luxottica?

Luxottica owns prominent brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol, Vogue Eyewear, Arnette, Oliver Peoples, and many more.

Are there luxury brands in Luxottica’s portfolio?

Yes, Luxottica owns several luxury eyewear brands such as Giorgio Armani, Prada, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Bvlgari.

Are there any sports-focused eyewear brands owned by Luxottica?

Yes, Luxottica owns sports-focused brands like Oakley, Costa Del Mar, and Arnette, which cater to athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Does Luxottica produce eyewear for fashion brands?

Absolutely, Luxottica collaborates with numerous fashion brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and more to create fashionable eyewear lines.

Are there kid-friendly eyewear brands under Luxottica’s ownership?

Yes, Luxottica owns Ray-Ban Junior, providing stylish eyewear designed specifically for children.

How can I find more information about Luxottica’s brand portfolio?

For comprehensive and up-to-date details about Luxottica’s brand portfolio, you can visit their official website or refer to authorized eyewear retailers.


Luxottica continues to maintain a strong presence in the sunglass industry. Luxottica owns approximately 30 to 40 different brands. Luxottica offers a wide range of high-quality eyewear frames, sunglasses, and other products. While these items may come at a higher price, they provide excellent value for the money.

If you are looking for something unique or interested in sunglass brands that are not owned by Luxottica, you’ll be glad to know that there are independent companies available as well. The products they manufacture are also of high quality.

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