Different Types of Goth Styles in 2023 [13 Most Popular Picks]


Goth is considered one of the diversified and popular subcultures in the world. This subculture is found in a group of different ages and cultures. There are many misconceptions and categories when most people think about what it means to be gothic.

The most common misconception is that if you are a Goth, it must mean that you are an angry or frustrated Satanist who takes everything as evil.

But the reality is entirely different. Let’s clear the misconceptions related to goth by exploring this article. We will learn the definition and types of goth styles, brief history, and other subculture information.

What is Goth Style?

types of goth styles

In simpler words, a Goth is someone who finds beauty in the dark while others consider darkness unattractive. A Goth person loves mysterious and dark things. But don’t think that goth means evil, unkind, lack of humor, or cruel. The truth is, Goths have a different perspective on dark colors; they feel happy when they see dark things.

However, the Goth style doesn’t follow any specific color code. A Goth often wears all-black clothing, and black is considered a vital element of anger, evil, magic and sorcery, frustrated attitude, bad emotions, and sinful involvement. Individual sections of the Gothic subculture may have traces of these elements, but this false impression can no longer be the truth.

In fact, goth is a combination of different styles, belief systems, music tastes, outlooks of life, and many more. Goths are fond of different music and fashion. In addition, sadness, anger, and evil intentions are not a part of this subculture. Lots of happiness, enthusiasm, upbeat, fun, love, etc., are a part of it.

In the ’70s and ’80s, a new musical genre named rock and punk started exploding. At the same time, a unique fashion style was also accompanied by music. This fashion requires a new name to describe the emergence of that musical transformation with a new fashion style.

Rock bands such as Joy Division, The Cure, Siouxsie, and the Banshees, and many others were the pioneer of Gothic fashion. Due to the emerging music sense, the Goth style is born. Fans worldwide get inspired by the fashion style of the rock and punk bands to embrace the look, ultimately developing a new culture.

After several years, the Goth subculture incorporated a wide range of styles, beliefs, disciplines and created a large community in the USA, Germany, and Japan. It has become one of the most popular and exceptional sub-cultures in the world.

What Are the Different Types of Goth Styles?

Goth styles vary from person to person. Based on the inspiration and style combination, these names are formed. One thing that is common in all these styles, is the presence of dark color.

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1. Traditional Goth

Traditional Goth

The traditional Goth style is similar to the ’80s and 90’s music and fashion styles. As stated earlier, the Goth style is inspired by the music genres rock and punk, so the similarity is obvious.

Black-colored clothes and accessories and the black or other dark-colored hairstyle appear to be a unique style popular in the ’70s to ’80s. The dark makeup and highlighting pale skin give a mysterious look. This style is considered as the Gothic culture’s pure form.

2. Romantic Goth

Romantic Goth

Many people think that Goths are not romantic. I believe this romantic Goth style will let you feel love for a Goth. This style is beautiful, elegant, and inspired by the fashion styles of early Victorian literature.

Moonlit graveyards and dead roses are the symbols of love and sorrow. The romantic goth follows this concept and whoever followed this concept are innovative personalities who have a passion for drama and love for tragic literature.

Apparel and accessories of black color and brighter colors highlights along with the soft and classical sounds define what it means to be a romantic goth.

3. Cyber Goth

Cyber Goth

This is a trendy Goth subculture style that comes into the highlight in the period of heavy electronic music and technology. Instead of wearing black apparel and accessories, this Gothic style finds appeal in colorful elements.

Electronic music and dance are the prime inspiration of this style, and due to their dark style, Cyber Goth becomes a part of Goth’s style. You can quickly identify Cyber Goths since they wear unique accessories like gas masks, neon dreads, rave goggles, etc. They also use extravagant makeup styles. Cyber Goths wear leather chokers, leg warmers, corsets, and many other additional accessories.

4. Vampire Goth

Vampire Goth

In terms of sense, there are many similarities available between vampires and romantic goths. A few elements of vampire goth are motivated by Victorian fashion. Elegant tones create a strong sense of Vampire in this style.

From the name itself, you can get an idea that this style is characterized by all the related concepts and vampire themes. This type of goth became popular with inspiration from early forms of vampire literature, such as Ann Rice’s creation.

5. Pastel Goth

Pastel Goth

It is a new goth style, and soft pastel is used to fashion this style. Often enthused by Kawaii fashion, this style creates a great combination of dark and soft, bright colors with traditional gothic accessories.

Pink hair, unicorn, bright-colored tattoos, piercings, etc., all are considered pastel goth fashion accessories. Pastel goths take on this subculture’s basic and unique goth elements and blend them into stunning and beautiful colors.

6. Emo Goth

Emo Goth

The meaning of emo is Emotive Hardcore or Emotion. Although goth still classifies emo among goth styles, many consider it to be the gothic style’s cousin. From the late ’90s to the early 2000s, the emo goth style became popular among many goth people. Unfortunately, from the 2010s, the emo style’s popularity started reducing, but still, there are many goth people put there following emo goth style.

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Skinny tight jeans or jegging, converse shoes, bracelets, belts, tattoos, and band t-shirts are the main emo goth elements.

7. Victorian Goth

Victorian Goth

Didn’t you get an idea of what this Victorian Goth is? Well, the style was followed by the Victorian goths from the Victorian era. Excessive dresses and chic hair gets the prime focus on this style. The aristocratic elite and the rich were an integral part of the Victorian era, and this goth type mimics it. The combo of Victorian literature, poetry, and pastimes makes this form of style an upper-crust division of the Gothic subculture.

This goth style uses accessories like ball gowns, corsets, hats, long black gloves, chokers, necklaces, and other extravagant jewelry. You will find one common thing in Victorian Goths: long dark-colored hair and soft makeup on the pale skin.

8. NU Goth

NU Goth

This new goth style becomes much popular among many goths. Hipster goth is the other name for this goth type, a blend of modern and traditional goth styles. Also, the use of more contemporary elements gives a unique look.

In terms of ideology and music, it is less recognized, and fashion prioritizes this fashion type. The dissimilarity between NU goth and other goth types includes gothic elements without being bold in different goth styles.

9. Bubble Goth

Bubble Goth

Kerli Koiv, an Estonian pop singer, is the pioneer of this goth style. Fans of Kerli are fond of this creepy and beautiful design. In fact, from a distinct type of music, this particular style is born. The color sense of this goth style is quite similar to the pastel goth.

It is a pop music-focused style that combines edgy, dark elements. The accessories used in the style are borrowed from the bubble goth style. The shorts, pants, tops, jackets, and other clothing items are bright or neutral colored.

10. Deathrocker Goth

Deathrocker Goth

Originated from the punk style also follows the traditional goth fashion, making it an exception and exclusive branch of the goth subculture. However, the colors used in this goth style are darker than in punk styles. The truth is, its position is in the middle of punk and traditional goth styles.

Chains, tattoos, jeans, and piercings are strong punk style accessories. Darker and with excessive makeup with punk accessories, anyone will make his/her appearance exceptional at a party. ‘Deathawk” is the most worth-mentioning feature of this style, a combination of punk and gothic. The general appearance of this style is shaved head at one side or both sides.

11. Hippie Goth

Hippie Goth

This style mostly focuses on the dark environments of the goth. Mysterious world imagery, pagan religious symbols, and dark fashion are used in this style. However, dark religions like Celtic, Pagan, Wiccan, and Druidic are followed by most Hippie goths. And these dark religions inspired them most.

At the same time, Hippie goths are vegan and pro-environmentalist too. Dark environments and religious themes are reflected in their style.

12. Tribal Goth

Tribal Goth

When belly dances started getting popular around the globe, tribal goths started rising simultaneously. Which tells that tribal goth receives inspiration from belly dances.

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Belly dancing makes an excellent combination with the traditional goth style, and this style gives a distinctive look to a goth person. You will generally see that tribal goth is doing belly dancing, and they use dark-themed accessories and clothes. Often this style creates a mixture of the original 80’s gothic style.

13. Casual Goth

Casual Goth

This goth type gained popularity in recent times. It has a feeling behind it. This gothic group doesn’t follow any specific gothic style, but they try different gothic types with everyday casual wear. In general, they follow gothic styles’ traditional theme and apply it to their clothing. The clothing color is mostly black, and to give the style a casual goth look, they mix other dark and bright colors with it.

Goth vs Gothic – What is the Difference?

It is a long debate that is goth and gothic same, or they have dissimilarities. The word “gothic” is surfing in the dictionary as an adjective for more than 1,000 years without mentioning a subculture. Something barbaric or monotonous is the meaning of gothic. The confusion is seen among those who have seen it and assumed that the Goth subculture is 40 years old and, in most cases, therefore 100 years old.

Definition of both words will give you clarity of the difference between goth and gothic.

Goth is considered a culture, and music, literature, lifestyle, art, architecture, and fashion are included. Undoubtedly, many people will disagree with it. But that still doesn’t mean that goth and gothic are the same thing.

Goth subculture is not created from Gothic things, but these things are part of both the goth / gothic culture and many goths like both. So those things aren’t related to goth in themselves, but they have a relation. Goth means there will be a similarity between a group of people in terms of the music genre; simultaneously, they will often show interest in similar things.

Where to Buy Pastel Goth Cloth?

You will hardly find a store that sells pastel goth cloth. It would help if you bought goth clothes from the store. Also, you can follow the below tips to make an appealing pastel goth style.

1. Choose your pastel goth color.
2. Play with patterns.
3. Always accessorize.
4. Style your hair with a pastel color.
5. Wear contrasting makeup.
6. Find some stunning shoes.
7. Wear a cute pastel goth top
8. Look for a pastel goth dress.
9. Add earrings and body jewelry.
10. Tie it together with a jacket.

What are Goths Called Now?

Gothic rock fans created the goth, and it is a branch of the post-punk music genre. The word goth came directly from the gothic music genre. And modern goths are still called “Goth.”

Wrap Up

From the above discussion, it is now clear that there are several types of goth styles globally, and anyone can become a goth if s/he has a love for dark things.

Hopefully, this write-up helps a lot to correct your misconception about this different subculture. Although goth fashion is mysterious, calm, dark, and unique, that doesn’t mean it harms other people.

May 22 is observed as World Goth Day!

If you love goth fashion, don’t hesitate to show your interest in this subculture type.

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