Dress for Success: What to Wear to Your Next Interview


What to Wear to an Interview

What to Wear to an Interview

Deciding what to wear to your next job interview might not be the biggest challenge you have to overcome to be successful in a job interview. However, what you wear impacts the first impression your potential employer has of you. When it comes to job interviews, first impressions matter, and what you wear plays a crucial role in shaping that initial perception. Putting together an interview outfit isn’t always simple. Often, the advice for women is to wear a classic skirt, dress, or pants with a jacket, while for men it’s a suit and tie. But the interview outfit you will wear to a corporate finance role differs from what you might wear for a retail or trades role. Your choice of attire not only reflects your personal style but also communicates your professionalism and suitability for the role.

Dressing Tips for an Interview

Pay attention to detail

When preparing an outfit, consider the minor details and how they might appear to a prospective employer. Try to make sure your clothes are ironed, clean, and free of frays or rips. This can help you look professional and prepared. Consider polishing your shoes or checking for any markings. Depending on the employer, you may decide to cover your tattoos or piercings, although this is optional in some companies. Also, consider your hair, nails, and make-up. Try to keep your general appearance neat and professional.

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Research the organization’s dress code

When preparing, consider researching the organization’s dress code. Companies may have different dressing policies, such as business casual or business formal. Some employers provide this information on their company website, or the hiring manager might tell you this information when scheduling your interview. You may also ask the manager or recruiter for more details. You can also conduct your research by reviewing the company’s social media and web pages to find pictures of team members. This can help give you ideas about the dress code, but keep in mind what professionals wear on a typical workday might be different for an interview. For example, if a company has a casual dress code, employees might wear jeans and T-shirts, but it’s best to dress more professionally during your interview because it is a more formal event than a typical day.

Select moderate choices

It’s best to be on the conservative side when you’re dressing for an interview. Try to blend in with others by choosing a more neutral color. As you get to know your team members and employer, you might be able to add more pieces to show your style, but during an interview, it’s usually best to select more moderate pieces.

Choose an Outfit you feel Confident and Comfortable in

While it’s important to look professional and neat, it’s also essential that you feel confident in your outfit. Consider trying your outfit on ahead of time and practice wearing it for a while to ensure you can move comfortably in it. You may want to practice walking and sitting in the outfit so you feel prepared for your interview day.

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Men Interview Attire

For men, a well-tailored suit is a must. Choose a conservative color, a crisp dress shirt, and a coordinating tie. Ensure that your shoes are polished, and your accessories are minimal. A leather belt that matches your shoes completes the polished look.

Women  Interview Wear

For women, a tailored suit, a blouse, and closed-toe shoes create a professional ensemble. Choose a modest neckline and avoid overly flashy jewelry. Make sure your outfit is well-fitted and not too tight or revealing. Consider a classic handbag to complete the look.

Frequently Asked Questions on What to Wear to an Interview

1. Should I wear a tie?

If you’re interviewing in an office setting, it is appropriate to wear a tie with a collared shirt or button-down. If you decide to wear a tie, try to find a simple tie that compliments the shirt you select. For example, if you’re wearing a white shirt with blue stripes and navy blue pants, then a dark blue solid tie would go well with it. When wearing a striped shirt, consider choosing a solid tie in one color.

2. What can I wear for accessories?

Accessories can be a great way to bring some of your style into your interview outfit while maintaining your professionalism. When selecting accessories, try to select simple options. You might consider adding the following items, depending on your preferences a simple watch, earrings, such as studs or small hoops, a bracelet or necklace in a single color, and a belt.

3. Are jeans ever appropriate for an interview?

In most cases, jeans are too casual for a job interview. Stick to more formal options like dress pants or a skirt. Save jeans for a workplace where casual attire is the norm.

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4. Can I wear open-toe shoes or sandals to an interview?

Closed-toe shoes are generally recommended for a job interview, as they are considered more formal and professional. Save open-toe shoes or sandals for more casual settings.

6. How should I groom myself for an interview?

Personal grooming is essential. Ensure your hair is well-kept, nails are clean, and any facial hair is neatly trimmed. Good grooming reinforces the impression of professionalism.

7. Is it necessary to wear a suit, or can I opt for business casual attire?

It depends on the company’s dress code. In a more formal or traditional setting, a suit is highly recommended. However, if the company has a business casual culture, you can choose tailored pants or a skirt with a blouse or dress shirt.

8. Can I wear bright colors or patterns to an interview?

It’s generally best to stick with neutral colors such as black, navy, gray, or white. While a subtle pattern might be acceptable, it’s essential to avoid anything too bold or distracting.

9. What should I wear to a job interview?

For most interviews, it’s safest to wear professional attire. This typically means a well-fitted suit in a conservative color for both men and women. Ensure your clothes are clean, pressed, and in good condition.

1o. Can I wear makeup to an interview?

Makeup is acceptable, but it’s advisable to keep it minimal and natural. Avoid overly bold or dramatic makeup that may distract from your qualifications.


Your outfit not only reflects your personal style but also communicates your understanding of the company culture and your respect for the interviewing process. To make a positive and lasting impression , choosing the right attire for a job interview is a crucial aspect of presenting yourself as a qualified and professional candidate.

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