What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans? 17 Ideas for Women & Men

Denim is always the most preferred outfit by men and women. It is a perfect outfit that creates the right combination with almost anything.

Different color options are available in denim. Rinse wash, acid wash, dark denim, light blue, and many others. When it comes to picking the different looking color, undoubtedly, the vote will go to light blue jeans.

Although you can wear any outfit with light blue jeans, they’re a few outfits available for both men and women, making a great club with this color.

So, what to wear with light blue jeans?

Get the ideas of wearing light blue jeans with men’s and women’s outfits.

How to Wear Light Blue Jeans?

What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans

The secret is – don’t be too ambitious when wearing light blue jeans. Wear casual outfits with them instead of dressing them up. Remember, darker colored blazer or shirts will go well with darker chinos or types of denim.

You will look more stylish with the more straightforward outfit with light blue jeans. It would be best to wear them with canvas shoes, t-shirt and jacket (if necessary).

Important Tip: Wear light blue jeans in the warmer months like summer and spring.

What Color Shirt goes with Light Blue Jeans?

In choosing the right shirt color with light blue jeans, don’t forget less maneuverability is there with dark color. You have to pick light colors; darker colors will not give you a good look.

Classic white color, grey, pastel, olive shades, etc., will go best with light blue jeans. Brighter tones are a proven color option that you will definitely love and get an elegant look.

What Shoes to Wear with Light Blue Jeans?

Canvas shoes or sneakers are the safest options. Ensure keeping the color bright, similar to the denim. Don’t pick black or darker colored shoes. Lighter shade suede shoes are also an excellent choice to start.

Here also, it is not recommended to wear dark or black colored shoes with light blue jeans. You can wear it if you look good, but it would be a risk, and I will not advise you to take it. Make sure your outfit suits your personality.

What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans for Men?

1. At Work

You might be thinking; can I wear light blue jeans at work? Well, it all depends on what upper outfit you wear with the color of the jeans. Choose between a white or light blue formal shirt with a brown-colored belt, shoes, or loafer. Ensure you feel comfortable because this is key all the time.

2. Street Style

This trendy look is the best one as an everyday outfit. You will find many people wearing this trendy look because it is much comfier than other outfits. Are you confused, thinking, “what goes with light blue jeans” in this street style?

Put on white tees and white shoes or sneakers. Wearing a black jacket over the tees will boost up the style. Then what accessories to wear? Go entirely black-colored wristwatch, hat, and sunglasses.

3. Winter Style

Jean can be an ideal outfit for men in winter. It is because jeans keep you warm throughout the day when you are outside. If you have a set of jumpers in your closet, get the best matched one from there. However, Grey is always an attractive color, which will spice up your look with light blue jeans. Then wear sneakers or boots matching with the jumper.

4. Get a Cool Look

With the right color, polo shirts are preferred by many men with light blue jeans. If you pick the best color, nothing can go wrong, indeed. Black, Grey, or Red makes the right pair, and you will look fashionable.

5. Summer Style

Jeans are an outfit that you can wear almost any time of the year, whether it is winter or summer. In order to feel comfortable, wear muscle tees. Then which color to choose? Well, it can be black or red or white, or any color as per your preference. Any accessories to wear? Yes, go with a hip-hop style cap.

6. PRO Look

What goes with light blue jeans to get a professional look? Look for a print, check, stripe, or pattern designed full sleeve shirt from your wardrobe. Polka dotted shirts also can be an option. Moreover, if you decide to choose tuck-in or tuck-out, it will not be a wrong decision. Your overall look will become stylish when you put on black sunglasses.

7. Casual Wear

Many men think that jeans are not tailored for casual wear. The truth is, when you wear selected colored jeans shirt like dark grey or dark blue, everyone will praise your style and choice. Who doesn’t love to get praised?

8. Beach Look

the beach blue jeans

Yes, you can go to the beach with light blue jeans. A blue pattern pastel shirt makes the right pair with light blue jeans. Put white sneakers to get an overall perfect look. When you wear white-colored shoes, it will not be highlighted on the beach, and your shirt and jeans will get the entire focus.

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What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans for Women?

1. In-Office

Women love to be fashionable every day and everywhere. Skinny white blue jeans with a white shirt, the outfit all you love. Ankle strap shoes and tuck-in style will complete the look.

2. Baggy Jeans

It is a unique and uncommon style. It will add vibe to your style for sure and baggy jeans are also available in light blue color. Wear a trendy dark-colored jacket over a white or light-colored t-shirt and be stylish!

3. With Jeans Jacket

What looks good with light jeans? Wearing a JEANS jacket is right with light blue jeans. Underneath the jacket, wear a printed or check or solid color t-shirt. Match the shoe color with the t-shirt and go to the shopping mall or party, wherever you want.

4. With Jeans Jacket

What looks good with light jeans? Wearing a JEANS jacket is right with light blue jeans. Underneath the jacket, wear a printed or check or solid color t-shirt. Match the shoe color with the t-shirt and go to the shopping mall or party, wherever you want.

5. With Jeans Jacket

What looks good with light jeans? Wearing a JEANS jacket is right with light blue jeans. Underneath the jacket, wear a printed or check or solid color t-shirt. Match the shoe color with the t-shirt and go to the shopping mall or party, wherever you want.

6. Spring Style

As stated earlier, jeans are the right outfit in spring. One question might have popped-up in your mind, can I wear jeans to my workplace? Yes, definitely. Give yourself a new look in spring, wearing a printed suit and light blue jeans.

7. Mom Style

If you are MOM and still looking for a chance to wear light blue jeans, this style will make your dream come true. Yes, I am telling the right. Take your kids to your nearest playground for an evening walk wearing a long-sleeved top. Get a beautiful look with a brown color belt.

Undeniably, this style will be eye-catching, and everyone will be insisted to look at you twice. And nobody will believe that you are a MOM.

8. Shining Beauty of the Summer

Summer is an annoying season for so many, but it is due to their wrong outfit. Yes, you should always wear a light-colored outfit in summer; that is the thumb rule. At the same time, many people wear a black outfit in summer, which is the wrong decision. With the right outfit, you will never feel bored.

A white crop top and light blue high-waist jeans will give you an attractive look.

9. Hangout Style

Hangout is always enjoyable. And you can comfortably enjoy your time with your friends and family when you wear a comfortable outfit. A long-sleeve blouse and light blue jeans is a suitable party dress for women.

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Essential Tips to Follow

  • For men, avoid wearing skinny jeans if you don’t have a perfect body shape. You will get a worse look if you do so.
  • Wear loose-fitting jeans if you are thin and tall.
  • Before making the final decision, it is always great to search on the internet about wearing light blue jeans. Outfit ideas on the internet are workable.
  • Always choose cotton made jeans if comfortability is your 1st priority.

Frequently Asked Question

Wrap Up

We all want to get an attractive and eye-catchy look in the classroom, parties, hangouts, office, etc. Light blue jeans go well everywhere with the right color pair. But before picking an outfit and thinking about what to wear with light blue jeans, several factors need to be kept in mind.

Follow the above tricks and answer the most searched questions. Let us know which output gives you confidence, fits your personality.

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