Top 15 Italian Eyeglasses Company to Keep Up with the Latest Trend


Italian Eyeglasses Company
When it comes to eyeglasses brands, Italian companies are dominating the glasses industry. Luxottica is a great example of such a brand that has been dominating the industry for a long time. But no one can rely on a single Italian eyeglasses company. To get a good-looking, comfortable, and stylish glass to suit your needs, comparing multiple companies will work better. When you have a list of top eyewear companies, comparing all those eyeglass models will help you make a better decision. Somehow, you will find the most suitable glass. That is why we are going to discuss the top 15 Italian eyeglass companies. After reading the content, you will have a list of top eyeglass companies to pick one to suit your style.

Italian Eyeglasses Company

The list of Italian Glasses Company is huge. However, not all companies are worthy to be included in the list. So we have picked the top 15 companies from Italy to match your style.

1. Luxottica

Luxottica is the largest and the best eyeglass company in not only Italy but also in the world. They have more than 7000 retail stores all over the world including Italy. Founded in 1961, they have been dominating the market for so long. They design, manufacture, and market different types of eyeglasses with different styles.

Due to their value chain style, they get a competitive advantage that brings them here. From children to old, everyone will find their desired items in this company. Besides, they own many popular eyeglass brands that are leading the world too.

Not only eyeglasses but they also manufacture and market frames and optical lenses. If you require any prescribed lenses, you can get that there too. When it comes to the eyeglass industry, they own around 80% market share which makes us keep it on top of this list. They have created the glasses monopoly in the world for their quality and trust.


Of course, not as big as Luxottica, however, no list of Italian Eyeglass Companies should be completed without this one. It is one of the largest Italian eyewear designers. They focus on top-class engineering style and comfort.

The best thing about this brand, they represent their country. Each of their designs, art, and looks represents their country’s history. All of their eyeglasses are made in Italy. When it comes to quality, they make sure the customers get top-notch quality all the time.

Along with glasses, they manufacture high-quality frames as well. Their frames are made of titanium which sets them apart from others in the glass industry. Founded by Maria Pramaor, BLACKFIN offers lightweight, durable, and comfortable eyewear for everyone.


Style meets comfort in TAVAT. Its classy edgy frame, advanced lenses, and durable steel temples push the boundary of innovation and quality. Besides, you will find trademark hinges here.

Founded in 2010 by Jeremy Baines, the company has been working with some skilled artisans to produce industry-leading glasses. With the old fashion design and modern technology, this glasses manufacturer brings something new to the industry.

Despite being a new company in the eyeglass industry, customers around the globe gush over the items. And why won’t they be? Everyone wants comfort and style at the same time and that’s what TAVAT is offering. For exceptional lenses, frames, and eyeglasses, it can be an excellent choice to pick.

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4. Trussardi

Trussardi represents excellence and craftsmanship in the eyeglass style. Founded in 1911, the company has been a trusted name in the eyeglass industry for so long. With its innovative designs and commitment to quality products, they have gained the trust of users.

Over the past hundred years, the company has been playing a vital role to represent the Italian style to the world. You will find the most trendy eyeglasses here. Besides, old-fashioned, vintage yet classy eyewear is also available here.

If you are after contemporary luxury, Trussardi will be a good choice. Comfortable and unique- the company focuses on upcoming trends to meet customer demands.

5. L.G.R

L.G.R or Luca Gnecchi Ruscone sets a new trend in the eyeglass industry. They are famous for handcrafted, authentic frames that represent Italian culture. Three Italian artisanal families make all frames on their own.

Due to that, each frame is designed carefully and thoughtfully. You will find a curated decent finish in every frame, unlike other brands. Also, Italian craftsmanship is found in every eyeglass as well.

Apart from that, the manufacturer ensures tradition and innovation at the same time. This feature helps the brand gain lots of loyal customers. Currently, they have a large market share in the Italian glasses frames industry.

The manufacturer does not stop here. Along with innovation and tradition, they focus on quality as well. All their items are durable, resistant, and long-lasting. At the same time, these are comfortable too.

Through their skilled hands and keen eyes, they capture styles for their customers. That means you will get comfort, style, and durability in the same product.

6. Look – made in Italia

If a brand shares not only eyeglasses but also experience, then it is Look. This Italian eyeglass brand does not just sell eyeglasses; they sell their skilled experience too. The aim is to make people’s lives more enjoyable and comfortable through innovation and comfortable design.

In 1978, the company started its journey in a small workshop. From then, they maintained quality and that makes them a leading brand in Italy right now. At the same time, providing comfort and making life better has been the mission of this company.

They have a completely separate studio to make innovative designs for customers. In addition to that, they always focus on labor law and that’s why they source materials from different parts of the country. You can get superior quality and elegant design from this amazing brand.

7. Res/Rei

Fully handmade with love- that is the tagline of Res brand. And they are proud of their tagline. It makes perfect sense since they have been marketing hand-assembled eyewear around the world since the beginning.

Founded in 2011, the company has been producing unique designs for its customers. Each product is crafted with a unique design from a skilled craftsman. That’s the reason people are fond of this brand. If you want to wear unique eyeglasses, this is the brand you need to pick.

The uniqueness is not the only thing that Res offers. You will get durability and longevity from their products. They source durable material so you get a durable finished product.

Moreover, the brand is not a fan of trends; instead, they set their own trend that people love. If you are someone who loves to set his own trend, this brand can be a great assistant. With their amazing finishing and popping color, they will help you develop your personality in the world.

8. Hapter

In 2013, in the mountainous town of Belluno, Italy, an exceptional eyewear brand started its journey. From the beginning, it has been considered as the absolute product in the Italian eyeglass industry.

In the Second World War, the military people wore glacier military goggles. This Chapter Company was inspired by them and started manufacturing tough, rugged, and durable eyeglasses. After founding those goggles, Eric Balzan started the business.

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They used top-notch technology and source quality materials to ensure stylish and aesthetic eyeglasses. Surgical stainless steel, artisanal fabrics, and tough rubber are the main materials they use to produce eyeglasses. The eyeglasses might represent the past, but it introduces a bright future to the customers as well.

Regardless of the trend in social media, Hapter created its own trend. You can set yourself apart from others when wearing eyeglasses from this brand. As a result, no list of the biggest glasses companies in Italy can be completed without this brand.

9. Persol

When it comes to innovation leaders in the Italian eyeglass industry, Persol should be at the top. Founded in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti, the company has been introducing different innovations to users. They are the ones who introduced spring hinges first. They introduce so many other smart and modern functions as well.

At first, pilots and sportscar drivers were their main target customers. Slowly, they gained trust in the customers and expanded their business to general customers. Now they have a large loyal fan base that makes them a leading glasses company in Italy.

With their innovative design, they create uniqueness in the products. Since all of their products are handmade, each eyeglass has its own uniqueness in some way. Made of high-quality materials, you can expect a longer lifespan from their products.

Besides, they offer refined styles and incredible clarity that set them apart from other Italian brands. When it comes to design, they focus on evergreen design all the time. It enables them to wear their eyewear anytime. You will find their retail shops around the globe now.

10. Lightbird

Born in the valleys of the Dolomites, Lightbird has set a new trend in the eyeglass industry, Italy. They are an Italian brand and they do everything in Italy. From idea to production, they perform each task in their country to create a traditional vibe in their product.

Their main strength is their workers. With highly skilled workers with more than thirty years of experience, they can manufacture something that most brands fail to do. Corrado Rosson is the person behind the success of this brand. He established the brand and created a new genre in the eyeglass industry.

The result is aesthetic, good-looking, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable. Its innovative and lightweight materials are what make it lightweight. Also, they are durable and long-lasting too.

Unlike the previous two brands, Lightbird offers modern and trendy designs. That means if you want to cope up with the modern trend, this company will be a great pick for your needs.

11. Siens Eye Code

When your main concern is to get artistic, elegant, and sophisticated eyeglasses, Siens Eye Code is the brand you should consider. The famous Italian eyewear designers Stefano and Roberto Russo founded this company to meet the trendy and classy needs of customers in 2015.

They connected everything- science, art, nature, and innovation. By combining all those aspects of life, they have created frames where everything is connected. Due to this combination, the company has been manufacturing something new, something unique.

Not everyone has the same needs, not everyone has the same taste. So that you can fit something with your personality, this company has been working so hard. With their innovation and look, they are close to fulfilling all their needs.

12. Gucci

If you are an eyeglass enthusiast, you may have heard about the brand Gucci. The brand focuses on a new approach to style. If any brand can match 21st-century innovation and advanced technology, then that will be Gucci.

No matter what season it is, or no matter what mood you have, Gucci covers it all. You will find glasses for all seasons. Besides, in every glass, you will have a touch of Italian craftsmanship. Even in 2018, Gucci won the Italian sunglasses best brands 2018.

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Along with style, durability, and longevity are some common features of this brand. Besides, they consider comfort while making each of their frames or eyeglasses. To conclude, you rarely find a brand as influential as this one.

13. Salice

Are you a sportsperson? Do you like glasses? Then you may have heard about the Salice brand. The brand is famous for its dedication to sportsmen. With their smart innovation and use of advanced technology, they are able to manufacture some top-class sports goggles and glasses.

No matter if you are a biker, a fisherman, or a sailor, you will find suitable goggles from this brand. The name is the synonym for speed, sport, and energy. Its name tells us everything. You can get what you need to perform better in your game.

14. Baruffaldi

Founded before 1932, Baruffaldi is one of the oldest eyeglass companies in Italy. Like the previous brand, this one is famous for producing ski, motor, and climbing glasses. From the beginning, they have been focusing on a specific niche market so that they can give their best service.

You can expect higher quality and durability in their service. Besides, comfort is another essential key that they focus on so that their customer can enjoy wearing their goggles.

15. Vanni

Our search for the best Italian eyeglasses company ends with this Vanni Company. Vanni is another excellent eyewear company in Italy famous for its innovation and technical advancement. Founded by Vanni Harks, they focus on craftsmanship.

They make people think differently and they make people change their lifestyle. What’s special about their product? Well, they combine creativity and tradition. So if you are a creative guy/girl, checking their items will be worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Italian Eyeglasses Company

1. What are some popular Italian eyeglasses brands?

Some popular Italian eyeglasses brands include Luxottica Group, which owns well-known labels like Ray-Ban, Persol, and Oliver Peoples. Other notable Italian brands include Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Bulgari.

2. What sets Italian eyeglasses companies apart from others?

Italian eyeglasses companies are often renowned for their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sophisticated designs. Many of these companies have a rich heritage in eyewear manufacturing, combining traditional artisanal techniques with innovative technologies to create high-quality products.

3. Are Italian eyeglasses companies environmentally conscious?

Many Italian eyeglasses companies prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes. They may use recycled materials, implement energy-efficient production methods, and support environmental initiatives to minimize their ecological footprint.

4. Are Italian eyeglasses expensive?

The price of Italian eyeglasses can vary depending on factors such as brand prestige, materials used, and design complexity. While some Italian eyeglasses may be considered luxury items with higher price points, there are also more affordable options available from certain brands or collections.

5. Do Italian eyeglasses companies offer prescription lenses?

Yes, most Italian eyeglasses companies offer prescription lenses in addition to their fashion eyewear collections. Customers can often choose from a range of lens options, including single vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses, to suit their vision needs.

6. How can I identify authentic Italian eyeglasses?

Authentic Italian eyeglasses are typically marked with the brand name, country of origin, and other identifying information. Additionally, reputable retailers and authorized dealers carry genuine products from Italian eyeglasses brands, providing assurance of authenticity and quality.

7. Do Italian eyeglasses companies offer warranty or repair services?

Many Italian eyeglasses companies provide warranty coverage and repair services for their products. Customers can usually contact the brand’s customer service department or visit authorized repair centers to inquire about warranty claims, repairs, or replacements.


Eyeglasses are just not a style material, they represent our personality and lifestyle. That is why it is important for everyone to pick a good brand for eyeglasses. When it comes to eyeglasses, Italian brands are dominating the glass world for sure. With their innovation, advanced technology, and craftsmanship, they are gaining market share. We have portrayed the top 15 Italian eyeglasses Company with their history, style, and motto. Now you have a list of some good brands. Browse and compare all those brands so that you can pick the most suitable one to meet your style needs.

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