Korey Wise Net Worth in 2022: From Being Innocent to Activist

In the words of our Korey Wise – If they don’t wanna hear my truth, I don’t wanna waste my energy. Sometimes all you can do is try your best

These lines represent how much ethical Korey Wise is!

This political activist, historical figure, and Internet personality is one of the falsely convicted kids from Central Park Jogger case (widely known as Central Park Five case) in NewYork. He was then 16 years old and accused of sexual abuse, robbery, rape, assault, and riot. He served both higher level and hard sentences and was behind bars for more than 13 years. The prison was a violent adult jail. 

After so many hardships, Wise is now a prominent public personality who works for people. And his people are quite eager to know about Korey Wise net worth.

Let’s see what happened to Korey Wise in prison and how he is leading his after-life in jail.

Real Name:Korey Wise
Net Worth:$12 millions
Birth Place:New York, United States.
Weight:72 kg
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Single
Date of Birth:January 27,1972
Height:1.70 m
Profession:Criminal Justice Activist and Instagram Personality
Source of Wealth:Legal Settlement with the city of the New York
Education:High School Dropout
Father:Name Not Found
Mother:Deloris Wise
Sister:Marci Wise and Vanity Wise (Transgender)

Early Life of Korey Wise

We are sure that people will be shocked by hearing the news of how long was Korey was in jail and what happened to him. 

In 1989, people came to know him for the first time. The crime happened on the night at the North Woods of Manhattan Central Park of that year’s April 19. He accompanied his friend Yusef Salaam to the police station for questioning. Then, he was dragged into the rape case with his other four friends. 

In 1990, he was suspected by the police as a criminal with five other juveniles. There was a session of long Korey Wise interview

In 2002, while serving time at the Auburn Correctional Facility, he met Matias Reyes, a convicted murderer, and serial rapist. He admitted for being the actual perpetrator of raping Trisha Meili( a white female jogger). The DNA of Reyes was matched up with the rape kit of the jogger. So, this incident led to the Central Park Five’s acquitting through the New York Supreme Court. Korey was exonerated of the charges. 

From 1989 to 2002, Korey spent 14 years incarcerated with maintaining his innocence. And the sad part is he was not on the list of suspects. The detectives interrogated him and connected him to the case. 

In 2003, the five sued New York City for showing such malevolent prosecution, racial bias, and emotional agony. 

In 2014, the state closed the case for $41 million in damages in the New York Court of Claims.

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Career and How Does Korey Wise Net Worth Reach $12 Million in 2022

Korey Wise Net Worth

Wise travels the US for advocating the criminal justice reform. He is among the well-off persons in the USA. In 2014, Korey gained around $14 million in a lawsuit against the NewYork State. He received $1.5 million in 2016 for emotional and economic damages.

He also got the royalties from the series. And the net worth is growing more and more as Korey Wise now is an activist. The estimated amount is $12 million. 

Awards and Achievements

This activist has become a ray of hope for many people suffering for no reason in prison. This person was nominated on the list of all prominent figures who took birth on August 11, 1973.

  • Jharrel Jerome won the Emmy Award For Lead Actor for the portrayal of Korey Wise. And Korey was there when Jharell was receiving the honor. 
  • Within the first month of release, the series has been streamed by more than 23 million people. 
  • The series won the Critics Choice Television Award for Best Limited Series. 

Personal Life

The past life was full of hardships. There was news about Korey Wise disability in his school life. He did not do well in school for his learning disability. 

Korey Wise mother’s name was Deloris Wise. Korey could not attend his big sister Marci’s funeral for the prison life. Again, Korey lost his childhood girlfriend, Lisa, long before his conviction was overturned. And his both siblings named Marci and little sister vanity are identified as transgenders. 


Though korey had a distressing history, people mocked him online in the accusation of being a closeted gay person. 

Charity Work

Let’s take a look at some generous Korey Wise’s charity work of his notable life.

  • In 2015, he donated around $190,000 to the University of Colorado Law School Innocence Project. He was then named after the project as The Korey Wise Innocence Project.
  • He is known for having compassion for others.  

Real Estate

Wise bought an 803sq-ft condominium in Harlem near Central Park in July 2019 for $ 925,000. 

Interesting Facts That You May Not Know About Korey Wise

  • Korey catches more attention after the Netflix original four-episode miniseries in 2019 named When they see us featured of his life. The series illustrates the lives of all five Afro-American teenagers who got sentenced to a rape despite a lack of physical evidence. 
  • Actor Jharrel Jerome depicted him in the series.
  • He was the eldest among the five boys yet was sent to serve time in Riker’s Island.
  • He is the only from the five who continue to dwell in New York after resolve. 

Korey Wise on Youtube

You can get to know more about him from Youtube as there are various videos about him. 


What does Korey Wise suffer from?

Korey Wise suffered from a learning disability. He also had hearing problems from an early age. This is supposed to be a side effect of the physical abuse he faced at home in childhood. He struggled a lot in school, and his achievements were limited for his disabilities.

How Much Did Korey Wise Get In The Settlement?

Korey Wise got $12.2 million in the settlement. Korey Wise was a member of Central Five, who was wrongfully convicted for the brutal rape of central park jogger in 1989.

As Korey was 16, he was considered an adult and got the most jail time of 13 years. After the confession of Matias Reyes that he was the actual culprit of this crime in 2002, the Central Park Five filed a lawsuit against New York City in 2003.

Finally, a federal judge approved a settlement of $41 million after a decade in 2014. Korey wise received the most considerable portion with $14 million as he served the most time in prison.

Did Korey Wise really meet Matias Reyes?

Yes, Korey Wise really met Matias Reyes. Matias Reyes is the person who raped Trisha Meili. They met the first time on Rikers Island, where they were imprisoned together.

But nothing happened then without a fight over television. Later in 2001, they had one more random encounter in Auburn Prison Yard and had a friendly conversation. Matias Reyes felt guilty after watching that Korey was imprisoned because of his guilt.

Then he came through the authority and confessed that he had raped Meili and Central Park Five suspects are entirely innocent. The DNA and semen sample also proved that. Thus, Korey Wise and Matias Reyes met two times, which really brought some results!  

How old was korey was when he got out of jail? 

His age was around 30 when he got out of jail.


A question may arise in your mind – what is Korey Wise doing now? Don’t worry! Your favorite activist always musters all his concentration on advocating for criminal justice reform. The corrupt system does not make him ruthless rather he has become so benevolent with enduring all negatives. Korey teaches us to stand for the right.

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