Timeless Elegance: Discover the Top 10 Vintage Italian Sunglass Brands Shaping Today’s Trends


Vintage Italian Sunglass Brands

It is quite common for the fashion world to experience frequent changes, and adapting to these changes can be quite challenging. Effective assistance is crucial when it comes to approaching anything, especially vintage Italian sunglasses brands. We are committed to providing you with the necessary assistance to ensure that you have a clear understanding of these products.

This article presents a collection of the finest vintage Italian sunglasses or eyewear, organized and categorized based on current trends. We have thoroughly examined the features of the products and organized all the information into categories.

We are confident that our diligent efforts will assist you in choosing the ideal vintage sunglasses that perfectly complement your style.

What Is Vintage Eyewear?

Vintage eyewear refers to eyeglasses or sunglasses that are designed, made, and composed of materials from previous eras. Despite their age, these eyewear pieces are still highly sought after and valued in the present day. Vintage eyewear, such as sunglasses, typically encompasses models from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Vintage eyewear differs from modern eyewear in terms of both the lenses and frames. They embody the fashion and style of bygone eras. The frames have a classic, round, and wide design reminiscent of past generations. Vintage eyewear has become increasingly popular in recent times.

Vintage Italian Sunglasses Brands

We have identified and assessed the top Italian brands that offer collections of vintage sunglasses, and we have examined the factors contributing to their popularity.

1. Laura Biagiotti:

It is a brand of authentic fashion which has taken a firm position in the Italian luxury sunglasses market. The journey started in the 1960s and this brand now produces vintage sunglasses of outstanding quality. The motto of the company is to sustain pure Italian quality and class.

  • The sunglasses are vintage, custom, and perfectly Italian.
  • The artisans give glamorous shapes by using metal and acetate.
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2. Gucci:

Guccio Gucci established the brand in 1921 along with the help of Aldo Gucci. This Italian brand has a long success history that flourished more after 2010. The vintage sunglasses manufactured by this brand have already won the heart of new and old generations. There are signs of comfort, class, tradition, and uniqueness in its products.

  • The vintage sunglasses of this brand come with the certification of authenticity.
  • This brand provides all the colors and designs that suit vintage fashion.

3. Versace:

Gianni Versace, the founder of another luxury eyewear brand, started the journey in 1978. It also produces vintage sunglasses of high quality and attractive designs. The skilled workers strive hard to manufacture such sunglasses with the class representing the Italian fashion of the 70s or 80s.

  • The sign 90s vintage logo makes it more authentic.
  • UV protection, colorful frames, and pure use of acetate or nylon make it long-lasting.

4. Vogue:

A brand that brought a revolutionary change in the eyewear sector is Vogue. Since 2000, the Italian brand has been manufacturing sunglasses of different classes including sunglasses of vintage style. Oversized, Colorful frames and the structure of old fashions make the brand suitable for customers around the world.

  • There is a pure gold tone finish in the structure.
  • Flat lenses and feminine vibes with vintage attire make it attractive.


Giorgio Armani started the journey of this brand in 1975. Since then, there has been no looking back. It is an Italian luxury fashion brand having a great name and fame for manufacturing purely Italian sunglasses with vintage features. The brand produces vintage sunglasses manly for the traditional fashion concerned men and some limited editions for women too.

  • The exquisite wrap design & curved ear stems make the sunglasses comfortable.
  • High-quality glasses with the essence of the look of the 80s or 90s attract all.

6. Persol:

It is an Italian sunglasses brand that has collections of some of the best luxury vintage Italian sunglasses. Being a part of Luxottica, Persol is a renowned name in many countries of the world. Their vintage sunglasses are made of optical materials. If we talk about variety and quality, this brand is a name of surprise.

  • The use of a metal arrow adjusting the frame of the glass proves the originality of such sunglasses.
  • The brand is always committed to maintaining the strong heritage of Italian culture.
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7. Ray-Ban:

This is now a part of the biggest eyewear company and a brand of great popularity. Bausch & Lomb created the brand in 1936 and the luxury sunglasses and the vintage sunglasses of it grabbed huge popularity in the world market since its evolution in 1999. The brand is the pure essence of Italian culture and traditions. Warfarer and aviator lines put the sunglasses of this brand at a new height.

  • The vintage sunglasses of this brand has been preferred and liked by many celebrities and musicians. This issue has increased their popularity.
  • Vintage-oriented shape, wire-rimmed lenses, and acetate arm give the sunglasses great looks.

8. Fendi:

Adele and Edoardo Fendi are the dreamers and establishers of this luxury brand. Being an old company since 1925, Fendi is now a popular manufacturer of vintage sunglasses. The artisans and skilled workforce of this company are working tremendously to keep the vintage Italian vibes alive through high-quality sunglasses.

  • The papers of originality are provided in the impressive package.
  • Fendi oval sunglasses with the look of the 90s have huge fame around the world.

9. Police:

This is a great brand of De Rigo which has flourished Italian vintage identity. This brand of vintage sunglasses has already achieved a firm place in the competitive market. The market area of this brand is spreading in many parts of the world. There is a huge collection of sunglasses for both men and women.

  • The latest sunglasses of this brand have bold color-coating representing the style of the 80s.
  • The frames have excellent finishing and can be customized.

10. Valentino:

This fashion house started its journey in the year 1960. So, its collection and production of Italian vintage sunglasses by Valentino are undoubtedly great. This brand manufactures sunglasses of vintage design mainly for the women folk. They aim to maintain the pure Italian class.

  • The use of bright eye-catching colors on the frame is done with perfect finishing.
  • This brand has hints of luxury, a customized UV protection facility, and the signature shapes of Italian classic fashion

Frequently Asked Questions on Vintage Italian Sunglasses Brands

What sets vintage Italian sunglasses brands apart from others?

Vintage Italian sunglasses brands are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, timeless designs, and a blend of elegance and sophistication that stand the test of time. These brands often incorporate premium materials and attention to detail, setting them apart in the eyewear market.

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Are vintage Italian sunglasses brands still relevant today?

Absolutely! Vintage Italian sunglasses brands have experienced a resurgence in recent years, with many embracing retro styles and classic designs. The fusion of vintage aesthetics with modern trends has made these brands highly relevant and sought after in contemporary fashion.

Which Italian sunglasses brand is renowned for its iconic arrow symbol?

Persol, an Italian eyewear brand established in 1917, is recognized for its distinctive arrow symbol. The brand’s sunglasses are synonymous with quality, sophistication, and the iconic arrow hinge, known as the Meflecto system, providing flexibility and comfort.

What are some notable styles from vintage Italian sunglasses brands?

Classic styles such as the aviator, wayfarer, cat-eye, and oversized frames are popular from vintage Italian sunglasses brands. These timeless styles have been reinterpreted and modernized to suit current fashion trends while preserving the vintage charm.

Which Italian sunglasses brand is famous for its bold and daring designs?

Versace is renowned for its bold and audacious designs. The brand’s sunglasses often feature extravagant patterns, flashy logos, and a fearless approach to style, making them a favorite among those who want to make a striking fashion statement.

Are there vintage Italian sunglasses brands that emphasize understated elegance?

Yes, Oliver Peoples is an example of a brand that embodies understated elegance. Their sunglasses are influenced by vintage designs and focus on subtle detailing and high-quality materials, appealing to individuals who appreciate a refined and classic aesthetic.

Do vintage Italian sunglasses brands cater to both men and women?

Yes, vintage Italian sunglasses brands typically offer a wide range of styles suitable for both men and women. These brands often have unisex designs or specific lines crafted to cater to diverse preferences and fashion sensibilities.

How can I identify authentic vintage Italian sunglasses from replicas or imitations?

Authentic vintage Italian sunglasses often bear distinct hallmarks such as high-quality materials, precise craftsmanship, branded insignias, and unique design features. Purchasing from authorized retailers and reputable sources is key to ensuring you receive genuine products.


This article on “Vintage Italian Sunglasses Brands” will clarify all of your misconceptions regarding vintage and retro eyewear. It can be difficult to choose between the vintage designs and manufacturers. Therefore, this article is our endeavor to remove all those confusion.

Collecting information on authentic vintage items such as eyeglasses can be time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, we have simplified this process for you not only through information analysis, but also by providing connections to the most effective methods for choosing a brand. Give us your opinion and suggestions regarding our efforts in this area.

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