Shady Rays vs. Costa Del Mar: A Detailed Comparison


Shady Rays Vs Costa Del Mar

This article will provide you with in-depth knowledge about Shady Rays and Costa Del Mar, two popular sunglasses brands in the world. These brands have their specific production style, vision, and mission. Therefore, we have figured out their valuable information and set a comparative analysis on Shady Rays Vs Costa Del Mar.

Shady Rays vs. Costa Del Mar

These comparisons include all the important aspects like glass quality, lenses, frames, prices, warranty, shipping, customer care level, etc. The individual features of these brands and their beneficiary identities will help you choose the best one out of these two renowned brands if you go through the overviews in this article.

About Shady Rays:

Shady Rays is an American independent sunglasses company. Chris Ratterman began the journey of this brand in 2012 from a very small platform. Since then, there has been no look back. The Innovations, art, polarization, and charitable activities have taken Shady Rays into a successful position today Abalone Seashell, Black Timber, Black Ocean, Deep Timber, Amber Woods, Golden, etc. are some of the most popular editions.

The mission of this brand has always been to provide the best experience of quality sunglasses. They have been trying continuously to bring the best editions of sunglasses which will be better than ever. At an affordable price, Shady Rays are supposed to have lost and broken protection.

This brand has brilliant shades to give you a fashionable look, clear vision, and protection whenever you go fishing, hiking, or running. Shady Rays also conducts charitable programs like 10 meals to be donated on the selling of a pair of glasses.

About Costa Del Mar:

Costa Del Mar is an American eyewear brand that manufactures world-class sunglasses and eyewear. This brand started its journey in 1983 by Ray Ferguson. In the course of time, it was owned by Essilor and finally became the subsidiary brand of Luxottica.

It operates the business with the vision and mission of making the best sunglasses in the world. Costa Fantail, Costa Tuna Alley, Costa Blackfin, Costa Saltbreak, etc are very popular editions.

Costa is determined to produce unprecedented lenses which will give thrilling clear vision while you are in summer activities, recreational fishing, and boating. The promising quality can be understood as at ICAST 2018, Costa’s Baffin Sunglasses won Best of Show: Eyewear. Costa has charitable and eco-friendly programs like Untangle Our Oceans, Ocearch Expeditions, one coast, Kick Plastic, etc.

Shady Rays vs. Costa Del Mar: In-depth Comparison

Comparative Features:Shady RaysCosta Del Mar
Glass QualityVersatile, visual clarity, durable, and adjustableProtective, scratch-resistant, durable, and stylish
UV Protection100% UV protection.100% UVA protection
Lens MaterialsTriacetate Cellulose (TAC), PolycarbonatePolycarbonate
Lens colorsColor verities are available.Multiple colors available
PolarizationAvailable for sunglassesAvailable for sunglasses
Frame MaterialsTR-90, Acetate, Stainless steel,  PolycarbonateNylon, Monel metal, Hydrolite Rubber, Titanium, and Beta Titanium
PriceStarts at around 70$ to 150$Starts at around 150$-250$+
Warranties1 Year2 Years
InsuranceOnly detailed receipts are available on reimbursement.Not Applicable
Return PolicyApplication available within 30 days of purchaseAvailable within 30 days of purchase
Customer ServiceOnline & Hotline serviceOnline & Hotline service

Glass Quality:

Shady Rays’ glass quality is quite fascinating. Shady Rays polarized sunglasses and non-polarized glasses are made of distinctive but pure materials. Their mirrored and non-mirrored lenses come with versatile shades and enhance visual clarity in different outdoor activities. These glasses have frames with adjustable structures and durable partitions.

Costa glasses have combinations of perfectly polarized sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses. This brand offers a Lifetime warranty and repair benefits on the manufacturer’s issues with lost glasses and breakage. Their best Costa sunglasses have UV protection, and scratch resistance alongside multiple material and color options for frames. All these glass qualities provide a stylish look and marvelous vision.

UV Protection & Polarization:

Shady Rays has original polarized and pro-polarized lenses with signature edition along with Shady Rays prescription lenses. These lenses have 100%UV protective coating and they also prevent harmful glare effects.

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Costa produces high-quality polarized lenses made of excellent material. Costa sunglasses lenses are powerful reflectors against blue lights and give 100% protection from UV rays.

Quality of the Lenses & Color:

Shady Rays makes lenses from Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) which is a multi-layered lens technology. This type of lens gives high visibility and has shatter-resistant. On the other hand, non-polarized shade lenses are polycarbonate. Their lenses come with different tints like amber, gray, and black with shades of golden, purple, pink, glacier, etc.

Costa Del Mar produces polarized polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistance and UV ray protection. These lenses provide purely clear vision. Costa lenses have various color options like blue, green, copper, gray, silver, etc.

Frame & Wraparounds:

They have extreme frames of X-Series & Signature Series and Titans made of Ultra-durable TR-90. Other frames like Ventura and Lotus are made of acetate, Aviators have Stainless Steel, and all other styles have polycarbonate. React, Type R, and X-Series are wraparound sunglasses with incredible features.

Costa uses Co-Injected Bio-Based Nylon, Corrosion-Resistant Monel Metal, Hydrolite Rubber, Titanium, and Beta Titanium for their durable frames. This brand has different polarized wraparound sunglasses which give protection against unexpected intrusions and are also marked as the best Costas for fishing.


Shady Rays always try to modify their eyeglasses and keep them within affordable range. Therefore, the Shady Rays cost comparatively low. You can have sunglasses from this brand at an average cost of around 70$ to 150$.

On the contrary, Costa Del Mar possesses a brand value and they focus on costly innovations. So, you will find them in an average range of around 150$ to 250$+.

Warranties & Return Policy:

Shady Rays warranty feature consists of a One-year Prescription Lost and Broken Replacement. Non-prescription doesn’t have this warranty. This brand gives also offers a lifetime warranty on the faults of craftsmanship and materials. It also has a return policy of 30 days. You can give back an intake sunglasses pack within a limited period. The company will bear the return shipping cost.

Costa gives a warranty of two years on Prescription (Rx) sunglass lenses and frames against defects in materials or workmanship from the purchase date. There is also a Costa sunglasses warranty on Costa Prescription (Rx) sunglass lenses against scratches for one year. As per the return policy of Costa, you can apply for a return within 30 days after purchasing the product. You can also reply to replace your Costa lenses.


Shady Rays does not deal with insurance policies and doesn’t take vision insurance. Yet, they can give you a detailed receipt if your insurance company accepts reimbursement.

Costa Del Mar also doesn’t have a specific policy for accepting any insurance but they warrant the products to be replaced or repaired based on the manufacturer’s faults.

Customer Service:

Shady Rays has an incredible customer service sector where they always remain vigilant to provide the best services. You can either contact them online or through a hotline number. They even respond at the weekend.

Costa Del Mar maintains a policy of supreme quality Costa customer service. A dedicated team is ready to answer all the queries through the hotline or online from Monday to Friday. The customer who buys a pair of Costa sunglasses becomes a member of a tight-knit community.


Shady Rays and Costa possess similar visions of producing the best sunglasses ever. So, in this article, we have carried out a mixed evaluation. Based on the quality level, we have comparatively analyzed these brands and it was quite challenging. One of the key facts was to specify the discussion on Shady Rays sunglasses vs. Costa.

Shady Rays and Costa manufactures polarized sunglasses with outstanding merits. These sunglasses have the attractive characteristics we expect from authentic brands. If you seek specialized sunglasses for fishing and coastal experience, Costa is a great choice. Costa Del Mar fishing sunglasses are matchless.

But if you are looking for high-quality sunglasses for multiple sports and outdoor experiences at an affordable cost, Shady Rays is a cool preference. They are determined to make the best glasses having resistance against breakage. Taking the combination of benefits in our concern, we would like to recommend Shady Rays for you.

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