Where Does Warby Parker Ship From: Things You Should Know About Warby Parker


Where does Warby Parker ship from?
To buy any branded product that includes shipping issues, you need to be aware of the production place, shipping zone, and expenditure. If you want your favorite eyewear from Warby Parker, a common question is likely to ask “Where does Warby Parker ship from?”

In this article, our prime intention is to give you a complete overview of the entire main and related issues of product shipping so that you can order your favorite Warby Parker item without the hassle of shipping complexity, confusion on proper costing, and other related services.

This whole analysis will answer many of your quarries. At the same time, you will be able to know what you need to focus on while purchasing from Warby Parker.

Where does Warby Parker ship from?

Warby Parker ships its products from its optical lab and headquarters in New York, America including retail stores in the United States. This shipping policy is still limited to the US and Canada. Warby Parker uses two American parcel service companies USPS and UPS for its standard shipping criteria. From the USA, Warby Parker sends the eyeglasses, sunglasses, and other accessories to the customers inside their current shipping zones.

How long does Warby Parker take to ship?

Warby Parker generally follows standard shipping policy. After completing all the formalities regarding an order, the shipping process starts. A customer must ensure his purchase and fill online form with specific information. Different schedules of Warby Parker shipping times are given below:

  • For prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses, Warby Parker takes 7-10 business days.
  • 5 business days are needed for non-prescription sunglasses and 7-10 business days for such eyeglasses.
  • Most of the contact lenses, accessories, and Warby Parker home-try-on shipping time require 5-7 business days.
  • Shipping the gift cards takes 5 business days but E-Gift cards are possible to be shipped in an hour.
  • An additional $25 can expedite the shipping time.
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Does Warby Parker ship internationally?

At present, the shipping policy of Warby Parker is limited to the 50 United States and Canada. Through around 160 retail stores, Warby Parker is conducting its shipping activities. After replacing order formalities, one can have the Warby Parker products shipped in places inside USA and Canada without any problem.

If you are living outside these regions but want to have a Warby Parker item, you can purchase the item using anyone living in US or Canadian states then you can ask them to forward the product to you.

Does Warby Parker offer free shipping?

Yes, Warby Parker offers free shipping of its products like prescription, non-prescription, and sunglasses from the Warby Parker factory location within the United States. Even the Warby Parker return policy is under this free shipping benefit according to the time limit. Free shipping is also provided for home-try-on service.

A customer can apply for home-try-on and after 5 days of the trial, Warby Parker eyeglasses can be returned without any sort of added cost on shipping. However, free shipping is not available for gift cards. Besides, one should keep an eye on promo codes and expedited shipping offers for extra shipping benefits.

Estimate your shipping fees:

To estimate your shipping fees properly, you need to put your focus on several issues like the size and weight of the parcel, delivery zone or the distance of places, delivery time, and expedited offers. Here are two shipping service providers for Warby Parker to estimate your shipping fees.


This shipping cost through United States Postal Service is applauded to be reasonable. They conduct local routes and send products to their end customers. Since 2019, this shipping service provider has initialized commercial base and commercial plus.

Priority Mail 2-Day™ and Priority Mail 1-Day™ have different rates compared to the urgency level. These commercial services also provide scopes to get up to 15% of shipping discounts.

You can estimate your USPS shipping fees through this portal: https://postcalc.usps.com/


United Parcel Service also provides shipping services measuring the weight, box size, distances, and timing criteria. For estimating the shipping price, UPS focuses on different policies like UPS Ground to UPS 3-Day Select or Next Day Air. Using the UPS connects module, it gives discount offers of 20% and 10% by air and ground for small businesses.

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You can estimate your UPS shipping fees using this portal: https://www.theupsstore.com/tools/estimate-shipping-cost

Does Warby Parker offer free returns & exchanges?

Warby Parker offers some specific returns and exchange policies. There is an initial 30 days of hassle-free return offer. If you don’t like your product, you can return or exchange that within 1 month after purchase. This return is free. The exchange or return offer applies to all kinds of eyewear accessories and non-eyewear products. But there are no such offers for gift cards.

The same return policy applies to the contact lenses of Warby Parker. If they are sent with manufacturer’s damage, the company will accept their return or exchange within 30 days and free of shipping cost. While returning, the lenses should be well-packed in the original box. This return and exchange policy doesn’t go for trial packs.

The lenses of Warby Parker sunglasses and eyeglasses are guaranteed to be scratch resistant. In case you find any sign of scratch on the lenses, this brand offers a Warby Parker lens replacement benefit within 6 months of purchase. These all are under the free returns & exchanges service.

What shipping service does Warby Parker use?

Warby Parker uses two of the most reliable and popular shipping services from its optical and official headquarters in America. It uses USPS or United States Postal Service, an independent and authentic American government-authorized agency that serves in the United States.

Secondly, Warby Parker uses a multinational supply chain management process for its shipping purposes called UPS or United Parcel Service. It is one of the biggest shipping couriers in the world.

Things to Know Before Ordering From Warby Parker

Before ordering from Warby Parker there are different important facts that you must take in your concern so that your purchase may prove worthwhile. These are:

Kinds and features of Warby Parker products: The eyewear accessories, lenses, and frames have different categories like prescription, non-prescription, and transitional. These eyeglasses and lenses have individual qualities which must match your requirements.

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Costs estimation policy: There are different ranges of price on Warby Parker products. Though general glasses start at 95$, modifications of lenses and frames will add extra cost. So, details of the final prices of a product should be estimated earlier.

Warranty policy: This is another important feature for you before ordering from Warby Parker. Warranty provides the level of quality of a product and mental satisfaction to a customer. Warby Parker gives 12 months warranty on frames and 6 months on prescription lenses.

Shipping policy or how fast Warby Parker ships: Shipping costs or hidden charges may raise the total cost. So, you must know that Warby Parker ships products only in the United States and Canada. They provide standard free shipping on regular purchases and a home-try-on trial. Generally, it takes around 10 days for the regular shipment of a product. But there is an extra cost for expedited shipping.

Return, Replacement, and Exchange Policy: For different reasons, you may need to return, replace, or exchange your products bought from Warby Parker. So, keep in mind that from the date of purchase, Warby Parker offers 30 days of free replacement, return, and exchange policies on its lenses.

Warby Parker Customer Service: In case there is any confusion or quarry, you need to ask someone belonging to the authority. Therefore, customer service is really important. From 9 a.m. to 10 pm, you can call, chat, message, or contact through social media. It provides very modest customer service. You can freely submit your question and get a solution.


The distribution and customer orders management process of Warby Parker follows some terms and conditions. In this discussion “Where does Warby Parker ship from?” we have gathered and discussed several things about shipping management in an organized way.

Therefore, you are expected to understand how and where to order Warby Parker products, the way to manage your shipping, and to make a successful purchase. So, let us know how helpful it has been for you. Our hard work aims at saving you from wrong choices and loss.

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