Top 10 Luxottica Competitors in 2022: Bosses of Sunglass World

Luxottica is one of the reputed names in the fashion industry. It stands out in many areas and thus sets up a monopoly business. This giant spread its branches worldwide and also set up an amazing supply chain to satisfy its consumers.

The business practice of this giant company is to eat up its rival for many years. Let’s give you an example here, the RAY-BAN is now a part of Luxottica. But previously RAY-BAN was a self-owned brand apart from it. In 1999 RAY-BAN was taken over from Luxottica.

Well, this is just a glimpse of it, there are many more examples, we can tell you about this. Once you will read this article, you will come to know all the Luxottica competitors, so keep calm and read.

Top 10 Luxottica Competitors

Luxottica Competitors

Yes, Luxottica is a giant, you heard that right, but still, there are a few areas where new competitors are growing up. So, now you must be curious to know which are the top 10 Luxottica competitors, right?

1. Specsavers

Specsavers is one of the best-selling fashion wear companies after Luxoticca. Though it is no longer fit to be either comparable or become a rival company with Luxottica, it is growing day by day. The value of it is up to 2.8B Euro. This company basically produces fashion wear for men, women, and kids. Also, it churns out medical eye spectacles and hearings.

Let not forget to tell you, it is an amazing company which has some innovative accessories for eye-wear. It brings tremendous innovation to IT because some of their eyewear is tweaked with the technology. 

2. Pair Eyewear

If you want to buy the most customizable frames ever, then we must say Paier Eyewear would be the top competitor of Luxottica eye-wear. It churns out not just spectacles but it designed them so beautifully so every one of us would love to wear them. However, they have a minimum escalation of production. Last fiscal year, they made over 13M USD.

3. TJX

TJX is another competitor of Luxottica as they are trading apparel and home fashion. Overall, they are ranked in the 85th position among 500 companies in 2017. This company secured $35 Billion in earnings. TJX is owned by a Canadian owner and operated in 9 countries.

4. FGX International

FGX is one of the remarkable companies for producing non-prescription reading glasses alongside the amazing sunglasses. This company’s head office is located in Smithfield, New York City where it has 400 full-time and 2500 part-time contributors or employees. Most of the fashion models are wearing this amazing eyewear in recent days, so it is a reputed brand indeed.

5. Marcolin

Marcolin is one of the oldest companies which was established in 1961 and its main office is located in Longarone, Veneto. Although we consider it as a competitor of Luxottica, it only competes in the eye-wear related to the medical eye wear especially.

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6. Safilo

Safilo Group is another great company and a competitor of Luxottica. This one is another old company as it was founded in the early 20th century. This group of companies has almost thousands of personal products among them many are competing with Luxottica products.

7. De Rigo

If you want to know which competitor of Luxottica is producing the most innovative and high-end eyewear then we must tell you about De Rigo SpA. This company was founded in 1978 by the joint brothers of Walter & Ennio. Afterward, it was flourishing in the area of Belluno. Until today it has created a base of the platform so we must proclaim it as a renowned fashion wear company after Luxottica.

8. Armani

Armani’s brand value today is almost 4 billion. It competes with Luxottica in terms of clothing. They are tailoring impeccable designs with glamour and here is why most of the Stars love to wear them. Armani is the name of Luxury wear, indeed. Apart from fabric, they produce leather items, perfumes, glasses, shoes, and many other materials.

9. Fendi

Fendi is another top-selling company after Armani as they secured almost 3B USD last year. This company is also one of the oldest ones which launched in 1925. They are a good fit for clothing, creating bags, and accessories. Thus, their product and their brand value are a minor competitors against Luxottica.


This would be the last one on our list but there would be no reason to belittle its value. Last year, the company crossed a 5B worth of USD valuation so it was supposed to be a good contender against Luxottica. By the way, this is British fashion wear as it is made in the United Kingdom. The iconic person behind this brand is Audrey Hepburn who successfully propelled this brand onwards. Lastly, it is a popular brand for its innovations.

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Finally, we come to the end of the discussion of Luxottica competitors. Here you come to know a brief description of all the rivals. From our perception, the brand Luxottica has reached a certain position where all other competitors look so tiny. However, they are still competitors so we tried to figure them out in such a way, hope you enjoyed this article.

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