Safilo vs Luxottica Comparison – Which one suits you in 2022?

Sunglass stores are filled with a wide range of brands such as Ray-Ban, Persol, Vogue Eyewear, Oakley, etc. But most of these brands are owned by the Italian eyewear company “Luxottica.” In fact, every popular sunglass brand sold worldwide is under the umbrella of Luxottica.

According to IBISWorld, in the USA, 60% of all sunglasses sales are sold from Luxottica. The next largest share is 6%, which is held by Safilo.

Now you might be wondering why do people choose these companies’ sunglasses most? 

Well, in this guide about Safilo vs. Luxottica, you will get the answer.

Safilo vs Luxottica


Safilo is made in and made by Italy. This company is the oldest player in the eyewear industry. Safilo designs manufacture and distribute sunglasses, prescription frames, eyewear for sports, ski goggles, etc.

In 1878, a manufacturing site for producing frames and lenses was opened in Calalzo di Cadore. Later, Guglielmo Tabacchi acquired this site and named it “Safilo”, in 1934. The full form of Safilo is “Società Azionaria Fabbrica Italiana Lavorazione Occhiali”.

Gradually, they started expanding their business by exporting eyewear to different corners of the world, such as North Africa, South America, the Middle East, and multiple countries of Europe. In 1980, they established a designer’s collection and gained control over the entire American eyewear industry. 

Then, in 1990, Safilo opened branches in different European countries. Also, they entered Hong Kong and acquired an American sports eyewear manufacturer named Smith Sports Optics, Inc, and Austria’s Carrera Optyl in the same decade.

So many renowned sunglass brands are currently owned by Safilo, which are Privé Revaux, Blenders Eyewear, Carrera, Seventh Street, etc.

With unique design and premium quality frames, Safilo owns the heart of many sunglass wearers.

Is Safilo a Good Brand?

Safilo manufactures the best sunglasses in their class. They use state-of-the-art technology, which sets them apart from other brands. Their frames are made of superior materials and feature a unique design, making them one of the best brands in the eyewear industry. 

Is Safilo Overpriced?

When you look for a luxury eyewear brand, many people will tell you about Safilo. After wearing Safilo glasses, you will surely look great. The frames are durable and will last for years to come. According to the design and style, Safilo glasses prices range from $50 – $150. With excellent quality, Safilo is worth the price.

Who Makes Safilo Frames?

From the beginning of their journey in 1934, Safilo frames were made in Italy; their eyeglass accessories are full of beautiful Italian, good, and well-made skills. Although, a few elements like the lenses of some models are outsourced from China.

They have a team of experts to craft every accessory of eyewear. The designed frames meet the requirement of everyday life.

Are Safilo Frames Good?

Safilo frames are of excellent quality that you will rarely find a defect in them. These are exceptional. The crafted frames express a person’s personality and style, making them suitable for different purposes.

How Much Are Safilo Glasses?

Safilo glasses are a combo of unique artisan skill and advanced technology. You will have to cost $50 – $150 to buy Safilo glasses from an authorized retailer. In comparison, the cost will be a bit more if you buy Safilo glasses from unauthorized retailers. Remember, this price range is from kid’s options to adult’s. 

Does Luxottica own Safilo?

No, Safilo is not owned by Luxottica or other manufacturers. They are an independent company and the 2nd largest eyewear manufacturer in the USA. 


Luxottica is also an Italy-based eyewear manufacturer. The world’s largest eyewear company started its journey in 1961, in Agordo, by Leonardo del Vecchio. The manufactured glasses of this group are well-known for their exceptional quality and style.

In terms of design and technology, this group is always one step ahead of its competitor in the market. Initially, they were manufacturing different accessories and elements for the eyewear sector. Within 10 years after the formation, they came up with their first eyeglass collection at MIDO, and started manufacturing glasses under the brand name Luxottica.

Slowly, Luxottica increased its appearance by acquiring famous sunglass brands: Vogue Eyewear, Persol, Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut, Oakley, and many more.

Now, throughout the world, this eyewear company has more than 7400 optical and retail stores in the Asia Pacific, North America, China, etc.

Is Luxottica a Monopoly?

Since Luxottica owns most of the well-known eyewear brands, many people think that Luxottica is a monopoly. The truth is, this conception is wrong as per the definition of monopoly. 

In a monopoly market, there wouldn’t be any competition at all. Thus, the company controls the market. But, Luxottica has competitors like Safilo. As a result, Luxottica can’t charge any price of their product as per their wish.

This means Luxottica is not a monopoly.

Is Luxottica Overpriced?

Yes, Luxottica is overpriced compared to its rivals. From concept to finished product, Luxottica has a long history of excellence. This company is the leader in designing, manufacturing, and distributing fashion, luxury, sports, and performance eyewear. 

How Much is Luxottica Worth?

Luxottica has a fascinating history, an unstoppable journey for more than 60 years. From the beginning, they never compromise on the quality. At every manufacturing process, Luxottica has expert hands. To ensure superior quality, they use upgraded technology. 

With eye-staggering design and style, Luxottica is a brand of excellence and value for the price.

Is Luxottica Publicly Traded?

Luxottica is publicly traded. However, in 2017, they delisted themselves from the New York Stock Exchange. The whole purpose of this decision is, the group decided to save administrative costs by better serving its Italian-based investor and merging with Essilor, which only added to its market strength.

Does Luxottica Drug Test?

Although Luxottica doesn’t do a random drug test, they do it during employment. 

Safilo vs Luxottica – The Winner

There is no clear winner between Luxottica and Safilo. Both brands have distinctive characteristics and features. Also, both brands are the best in their class.

Safilo sunglasses are smart-looking and exceptionally designed. If you are looking for a budgeted, stylish sunglass, choose Safilo. 

On the other hand, Luxottica uses all the advanced technologies in their sunglasses so that you can get an elegant look. Also, you will have to pay more to buy Luxottica eyewear. 

All in all, the buying decision depends on your personal preference but my choice is Luxottica

Final Words

Italian eyeglass brands continue to lead the global eyeglass industry. Safilo and Luxottica continuously innovate unique designs and executes them in eyeglass designs. 

What do you think will Luxottica keep on continuing to reign in the eyewear industry? Or will Safilo beat Luxottica in the upcoming days?

Share your opinion in the below comment box.

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