Affordable Italian Clothing Brands List – Top 10 Suiting You

Italy is a country of luxurious and designer clothing brands but finding affordable clothes amongst the expensive manufacturers is not an easy thing. There are cheap Italian clothing brands but all do not have the quality you seek. Therefore, we have pointed out and discussed the best affordable Italian clothing brands so that you may feel comfortable choosing a standard clothing brand suiting your ability.

This article will make your concepts clear about the cost difference and pricing system of luxurious and cheap Italian clothing brands. So, after reading this article, you will have the answers to important questions regarding made-in-Italy and Italia fashion.

How cheap is clothing in Italy?

Compared to the cost in different major countries of the world, clothes in Italy are cheap and reasonable. Many world-class brands and luxurious fashion houses design and manufacture clothes of great quality but those are cheaper in Italy as the production is based in this country.

Luxurious brands are a bit expensive in Italy. Yet, a refunding system of vat and particular places like Via Del Corso, Rome, Via Monte Napoleone, Milan, Mercerie, and Venice are the places where one can find designer’s clothes at a great rate. Even a person can buy cloth at the lowest cost of 50€ in Italy. A pair of jeans can be afforded for 76€.

On the other hand, some small Italian brands are producing good quality clothes but at a cheaper rate. These affordable brands are also quite popular in Italy and the international market. Even some of the affordable Italian designer brands are available in the world of Italia fashion.

Are Italian clothes high quality?

At this present age, Italy is one of the best countries in the world which manufactures very popular traditional, contemporary, vintage and modern clothes. The classic Italian clothing brands like Gucci, Armani, and Versace are world famous which proves the level of quality. There are different high-quality features of Italian clothes. Such as:

Designed by world-class designers: The clothing brands of Italy are owned and directed by many famous fashion designers like Giorgio Armani, Domenico Dolce, Edoardo Fendi, Stefano Gabbana, and Valentino Garavani, Guccio Gucci, and many more.

Excellent materials: Another reason behind the high quality of Italian clothes is the purity and quality of the raw materials. Italian clothing brands collect and use the finest materials either produced in Italy or brought from other countries.

Uniqueness and durability: Italian clothes also have a reputation to be comparatively very unique, colorful, and attractive. Because of high-quality materials, the clothes have longevity and comfort.

Skilled workers and quality manufacturing system: Italian clothes are made by workers who have skills and artistic quality. The production system is a combination of manual and technological which ensures the excellence of a cloth.

10 Affordable Italian Clothing Brands List:

Affordable Italian Clothing Brands

1. Diesel:

It is a clothing brand that has already gained popularity not only in Italy but also beyond the country. It is one of the reasonably cheap Italian clothing brands which produces and distributes quality clothes at an affordable price. Adriano Goldschmied and Renzo Rosso took the initiative to take this brand ahead and through a series of changes in 1990, 2000, and 2010, Diesel is now in great demand for the general customers.

  • This brand manufactures different clothes for men, women, and children which include jeans, T-shirts, women’s clothing, etc.
  • The price range is between 25€ – 200€+ based on different categories.

2. Brioni:

The luxury designer-fashion brand which is much affordable in Italy is Brioni. Within a short time after its start in 1945, the first runway show of menswear was arranged by this brand. Nowadays, it makes mainly menswear of the finest quality alongside a few editions for women. The brand is blending itself with the trend and creating affordable products.

  • It mainly produces menswear like suits, shirts, and knitwear.
  • The price level varies and may range from around 150€ to 700€+.

3. Re-HasH:

It is a clothing brand from Italy that was established in 1930 as part of a multi-generation family business. The brand has evolved and it is now a manufacturer of Italian clothing at a reasonably low price. It works with a combination of traditional handicraft skills and technology. The artisans are committed to keeping 100% essence of Italy. It is also focusing on innovation in its products alongside smooth marketing.

  • It manufactures jeans, shirts, and trousers for both men and women.
  • The clothes may cost around 50€ to 200€+ depending on different issues.

4. Alcott:

It is another brand that has made a profitable and successful history in the fashion world of Italy. This clothing brand started its journey in 1988 and opened its first retail store in Italy in 1990 initially focusing on menswear. In the year 2000, the brand began manufacturing women’s wear and now it is distributing quality clothes at an affordable cost for the consumers.

  • Alcott produces menswear including different sweaters, jeans, and others.
  • The lowest cost may range around 50€ and higher rates apply for many other items.

5. Lotto sport Italia:

Caberlotto family established this textile sports equipment brand in 1973. After evolving economically and creating a wide market over the years, this is today a very popular Italian clothing brand that mainly produces sportswear of excellent category. The cost of its product is quite inexpensive compared to the quality it provides. This private label brand now doing business worldwide through 110 independent retail stores.

  • This brand produces sports-related clothing for both men and women.
  • Different sportswear may cost around 25€ to 120€+ based on many other facts.

6. Luigi Borrelli:

It is a private label Italian fashion brand that deals with classic Italian suits. The brand was founded in 1957 and after so many successful years, Luigi Borrelli has become a well-known affordable brand specializing in standard menswear products. Now the company is expanding business internationally. It is focusing on the future fashion industry alongside the trend of tradition.

  • Its fourth-generation approach developing clothing accessories like the low-priced shirt to costly coats and women’s wear.
  • A shirt can be found costing around 80€ whereas the range can go even 1000€+ for woman’s clothing.

7. Barba Napoli:

The ultimate journey of this brand started with its manufacture and distribution of the first shirt accessory in 1988 by a talented artisan named Raffaele Barba. It has earned a reputation for knitting the best quality shirts with classic, trendy, and fashionable designs. The production is limited to menswear as it has been producing clothing for women too. The supreme-quality products come with price tags. Those are within the limit of and abilities of general people.

  • It produces Italian luxury designer clothes of different styles and materials for men.
  • Having around 130€, a customer can start shopping on this brand.

8. Terranova:

The brand that aims to understand the class, needs, and passion of the customers and produces the clothes that represent the identity of the brand itself is perfectly named Terranova. It is one of the most popular Italian clothing brands for producing cheap clothing for men, women, and children. This company is spreading its name and fame. It has already established 504 shops in 37 different countries successfully.

  • This brand has a wide range of collections for men, women, and kids.
  • The clothes of Terranova are sold in a different range where a men’s jacket may cost around 300€ and more.

9. Zil Sander:

After its foundation in 1968, this brand went through a change of ownership. Being owned by Prada in 1999 and then by OTB in 2021, Zil Sander is now a reputed Italian clothing brand. It is manufacturing both menswear and clothing for women. There is luxury, modernity, and elegance but the products of this brand are still priced reasonably low and within the reach of the common Italian people.

  • This brand manufactures denim, knitwear, sleepwear, and other clothes for both men and women.
  • In Italy, a product of it may be found starting at around 200€.

10. Independent Republic:

Domenico Mazzotta, a graphic designer oriented this brand to the world. It has a unique production concept. It elects the design confirming acceptability and provocation. It manufactures clothes thinking out of the box and now the expansion is going on. Highly skilled artisans and craftsmen are working hard to produce products that will purely represent Italian beauty, tradition, fashion, and culture but at an affordable rate.

  • Hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts, and many other fashionable clothes are the products of this brand.
  • The price range starts from as low as around 25€.



As a customer and fashion concerned person, you need not worry about finding a quality Italian clothing brand you can afford because this article “affordable Italian clothing brands” is our dedicated effort to inform all the important issues required for the related topic. Matching your passion for fashion with your ability is the fact we have analyzed here.

Hence, take your decision and get the best affordable brand out of the list of the best. Use the links added here to guide you rightly and let us know about your thoughts on our effort made here. We are always committed to providing the best scope for you.

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