Shades of Distinction: Discovering 10 Unique Sunglasses Brands


Independent Sunglasses Brands

Independent Sunglasses Brands

Eyewear has witnessed many revolutions since its innovation. If you are a sunglasses lover, you might have noticed several independent sunglasses brands popping up on the internet and eyewear shops. In order to become popular among sunglass wearers, these brands are manufacturing quality frames with exceptionally designed sunglasses.

Now, you might be wondering why I should buy sunglasses from an independent brand. Although they may not be the biggest brands, they have a wide range of details, designs, and variety. These brands use premium-quality materials in the manufacturing process.

We compiled a list of the 10 independent glasses brands in this article. Let’s learn more about them.

1. Anne et Valentin

Anne et Valentin has been performing in the optical industry for more than 30 years. This brand uses geometric shapes in its sunglass designs, while other independent sunglass companies dare to follow this design. This brand manufactures glasses in a factory located in Jura in the French Alps.

Eyeglass wearers throughout the world prefer this brand for non-prescription and prescription eyewear. The quality of the sunglasses frame is fashionable yet sturdy. Moreover, the sunglasses are elegantly designed along with outstanding build quality.

The strength of this eyewear brand is that it has been adopted by those who buy sunglasses with their true knowledge instead of following the path of celebrities.


MYKITA has been doing business over the last 10 years in the sunglass industry. It is a German company, and the factory is located in Berlin. In German, MYKITA means “Kindergarten,” and the reason behind this name is that they started their old kindergarten building journey. Later, they transferred to a large house in Berlin.

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The design of the manufactured sunglasses is aesthetically cool, and rigid, and offers comfort to the wearer. If you need to wear prescribed glasses for 10 -12 hours a day and 7 days a week, you should buy MYKITA sunglasses. These glasses look good and feel comfortable.

Pierce Bronson, Katy Perry, and Usher are the celebrity customers of this brand.

3. Barton Perreira

The founder of Barton Perreira has many years of experience, and this company was founded in 2013. Within a short period, they gained much popularity because of their superior Japanese craftsmanship and uncompromising durability.

They use premium-quality materials such as Titanium and Japanese Zyl acetates in the frame. Also, ophthalmic (RX) glass is used as the lens. Many customers appreciate the beautiful frame design of this brand.

More importantly, Barton Perreira sunglasses are comfortable to wear and fit perfectly like a glove. You will surely receive a STAR-like look after wearing the Barton glasses.


Pure fit, hand craftsmanship, and flawless quality – these 3 words perfectly go with the brand SALT. Also, comfortability is another requirement of every glass wearer, and this brand is good enough to ensure it. While manufacturing, the brand focuses on every detail to confirm the glass’s optimum comfortability and best look.

Robert Buckley, Will Smith, and Hugh Jackman wore different models of SALT eyewear. SALT follows the classic American style in its design. SALT sunglasses give an awesome look to their wearer, regardless of the status.

5. Warby Parker

The business model of Warby Parker is industry standard and one of the well-known independent sunglass companies in the USA. Initially, they started selling sunglasses and other eyewear online. Gradually, they opened stores in the USA and Canada because of their popularity.

You will love to know that Warby Parker sunglasses are premium quality, and you don’t need to break the bank to buy them. Sunglasses are available in a variety of solid colors, designs, and shapes.

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6. L.G.R.

Famous designer Luca Gnecchi Ruscone is the founder of L.G.R. and has a family history of optics. Chunky, beautiful frames and affordable prices are the main selling points of this sunglass brand. Similarly, they use high-quality materials to manufacture the glasses.

Moreover, the glasses are well-designed and carefully shaped to meet the requirements of different faces. In fact, it is an excellent option for those who look for affordably priced and premium-quality sunglasses.

7. Cutler & Gross

Cutler & Gross is a London-based sunglass manufacturer founded in 1969. The design of this brand is inspired by nature and time, and they have a variety of retro glasses in their collection. The sunglasses of this brand are hand-crafted and made of quality material. As a result, they are a bit expensive in their class.

The impressive thing about this brand is that they have the ’60s and ’70s style shades. So, if you are fond of old fashions and styles, this brand will be a better choice. Cutler & Gross collaborated with another British Brand named Paul Smith and started manufacturing eyewear for them also.

8. Illesteva

The manufacturer Illesteva is an exceptional eyewear brand because the glasses are designed in NY and manufactured in Italy. The unique modern design of Illesteva sunglasses is the main reason for its selling point.

Another essential feature of this brand is, they ship eyewear throughout the world without a shipping charge. Isn’t it amazing?


It is a Japanese brand surfing in the eyewear industry for the last 40 years. They create frames by hand, and until now, they produced 7285 collections with hand-drawn designs from 1972.

The timeless appeal of these glasses has retro charm. In the arms of these glasses, the delicate pattern gives them a crisp and nice look.

10. Sunpocket

Do you travel a lot? Also, are you worried about keeping your sunglasses damage-free? If you need to travel to different places quite often, this sunglass brand is for you. Every pair of Sunpocket eyewear can easily be stored since folding these glasses is quite easy. As a result, you can store them in a safe place conveniently without much of a hassle. Additionally, these glasses don’t take much space to be stored.

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Originally, this brand was launched in 1970, but they were reborn in 2011, and they focused on modern designs and colors.

Frequently Asked Question

Which sunglasses are brands not owned by Luxottica?

Luxottica owned many renowned brands like Persol and Ray-Ban. There are still a few independent sunglasses brands that are not owned by Luxottica. The brands are:
– Warby Parker
– Randolph Engineering
– Quay
– Moscot Eyewear
– RetroSuperFuture
– Zenni Optical
– Gucci
– Mykita

What are some good sunglass brands?

Many sunglasses brands are out there, and you can choose eyewear from them without any confusion. Some of the good sunglasses brands are:
– Ray-ban
– Oliver Peoples
– Tom Ford
– American Optical
– Maui Jim
– Oakley
– Persol
And many more.

What company owns the most sunglasses?

According to IBISWorld, approximately 60% of all sunglasses sales are actually accounted for by Luxottica in the USA. Luxottica owned approximately every popular sunglass brand named Oakley and Ray-ban, etc. Also, it owns sunglass stores, including Oliver Peoples, Lenscrafters, Sunglass Hut, and many more.

Are expensive sunglasses worth it?

Expensive sunglasses are made of high-grade materials and quality lenses that protect from harmful UV rays. However, cheap sunglasses also offer UV protection, but they are not meant to deliver long-term service if you wear sunglasses frequently. Due to premium-quality construction, expensive sunglasses are worth the money.


Explore the above independent sunglasses brands by visiting their official website. Don’t think that these brands lack quality; in fact, they have all the required features to give you an elegant look. After wearing any of the brand’s sunglasses, your family and friends will surely praise you for your choice and look. Who doesn’t love to get praised?

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