11 Sunglasses Brand that Starts with O


sunglass brands that start with o

There are several sunglasses brands around the world. Each has distinctive features. So, distinguishing the best sunglasses brands from others is tough. Therefore, we want to categorize the brands in a specific way. Hence, we have put a discussion on sunglasses brand that starts with o.

We have deeply analyzed authentic sources of the worldwide sunglasses brands that begin with the letter ‘o’. Alongside the classic brands like Oakley, Oliver Peoples, and Oliver Goldsmith, we have evaluated several good brands of the same category that can be good sources for your preference.

Sunglasses Brand that Starts with O

Let’s have an overview of some brands picked from the eyewear industry around the world.

1. Oakley

It is one of the best sunglasses brands in the whole world. It is an America-based company that is owned by Luxottica. This brand designs and manufactures sunglass of outstanding quality. Oakley produces polarized, wraparound, prescription, and regular sunglasses.

The general and sport sunglasses of this brand use materials like nylon-infused plastic known as O Matter. This particular makes the frame lightweight yet extremely durable. The manufacturing process takes place in the optical factory of Oakley in California. Oakley uses high-definition optics with impact resistance and UV protection. OTD edge technology makes sports sunglasses more desirable.

Oakley has a 30 days return policy from the purchase day and 2 years of warranty on the sunglasses. Frames and glasses come in various colors. All types of sunglasses are structured to protect the eyes and improve vision quality.

2. Oliver Peoples

It is a brand of luxury and pure class. This American brand is part of Luxottica which produces some of the most popular sunglasses in the world. The products are produced in Italy, Japan, and Los Angeles by using pure Italian acetate and other high-quality materials. It has variety in its frames, colors, and designs.

The manufacturing of this brand is a combination of handmade and technology. Oliver Peoples’ lens and sunglasses give excellent protection to the eyes, powerful UV protection, and even heal many problems. All these features are proof of its quality. There is a vintage identity and incredible popularity. The brand is popular in Hollywood where Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Tom Cruise are wearing Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

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The sunglasses and general eyeglasses have a warranty period of two years. This brand follows a return policy of 45 days from the purchase day. Polarized, prescription, non-prescription, and colorful sunglasses of Oliver Peoples are committed to providing incredible experience and vision.

3. Oliver Goldsmith

This is a reputed British eyewear brand that is globally operating its business. The sunglasses of Oliver Goldsmith are enchanting and mesmerizing. Some skilled artisans work on handmade frames by using tortoiseshell. The vintage sunglasses like the Manhattan series, Audrey Hepburn Sunglasses for women, and the ever-popular editions named the aviator, cat-eye, and wayfarer make this brand attractive worldwide.

The frames are made of materials like acetate, metal, or a combination of the two. The quality of these materials is matchless. The production system gets supremacy through the combined implementation of manual and technological skills. The structure is unbelievably sturdy and robust but comfortable to wear.

This brand has lenses from Italy. These lenses are made of CR39 and are just like polycarbonate. Therefore, its sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, crystal clear vision, and prescription benefits. Audrey Hepburn prefers this brand which has increased the brand value. Versatile design and colors make the brand flawless. It also has a 30 days return policy and free shipping service.

4. Ochre Lane

It is an Australian vintage eyewear brand that has a versatile collection of sunglasses. This brand produces sunglasses, especially for women. The sunglasses are made of an acetate frame. Opticians use UV400 lenses that provide 100% protection against harmful rays.

This brand has a standard return policy. Return within 14 days of purchase is refundable. The polarized lenses and clear glasses help create a better visionary experience. You can have your sunglasses from editions like cat eye, round, square, rectangle, tortoiseshell frames, etc.

5. O’Neill

It is an American fashion brand that now operating business even in European countries. Apart from different fashion accessories, O’Neill has marvelous collections of sunglasses. This brand uses natural and renewable materials for its production.

The sunglasses have advanced lenses of the UV400 version. Frames are made perfectly to fit the lenses. There are different colors and categories. The sunglasses of this brand provide clear vision and they are comfortable to wear. O’Neill has sunglasses collections for both men and women. It also has 60 days of free return policy.

6. OJO

This is a renowned sunglasses brand in Cyprus. It started business in 2011 and within a short time, it has gained great acceptance. They manufacture and distribute sunglasses having multiple colors and designs. The polarization and optical technology make the sunglasses very protective.

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The sunglasses of this brand have 100% UVA and UVB protective coating. Newly manufactured carbon fiber glasses are more resistant and durable. There is also scope for a 3D virtual try-on. There are 2 years of warranty and sales service, 14 days of the money-back guarantee, and free shipping in Cyprus and Greece. You can have a quality product on an offer of buy 2 at the price of 1.

7. Oh My Eyes

This is a sunglasses brand that is surprisingly promising and attractive. The company has its base in Stockholm but the sunglasses are handmade in a factory in Japan. The skilled workers take a long time and follow almost 200 steps to produce a quality pair of sunglasses.

The materials of their sunglasses have supreme quality. They use plant-based acetate that is more durable, and light but sturdy than titanium. The frames are nickel-free and corrosion-resistant. The lenses used are impact and scratch resistant and provide UV400 protection, including UVA and UVB rays, for premium protection of your eyes.

Besides, this brand provides a classy leather case. The sunglasses have multiple color choices. They also give benefits like free delivery, 30 days of free return, excellent customer service, and a lifetime warranty.

8. Oh My Glasses

It is a Japanese eyewear brand that manufactures quality sunglasses at an affordable price. The production is completely based in Japan and they operate the distribution through the online portal. Moreover, they are careful about curving waste and making the best use of each material. That’s why the brand has been successful to set a reasonably low price for its sunglasses.

Herbie, Wayne, Monica, Elvis, Raymond, Lucas, Richard, etc are some of its popular sunglasses. Their skilled artisans use different materials like Beta Titanium, titanium, acetate, alloy, celluloid, etc for making these sunglasses.

These sunglasses have different colors like Black, Brown Sasa, Blue, Yellow Demi, Gray Half, Matt Black, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Brown, and many more. The glasses and lenses are clear and comfortable.

9. OS Sunglasses

It is a brand based in Italy that has a tremendous collection of sunglasses. Their frames are made of pure Italian acetate. You can have polarized or even blue light sunglasses which give great protection from UV and other harmful rays. There is a display of sunglasses in different shapes and colors. Lens quality is very promising as they continue to adjust the trend and expectations. This brand has 14 days of return policy. Handmade frames and 200+ models are increasing their popularity.

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10. Orlebar Brown

It is a British fashion brand that has been distributing well-designed sunglasses. These sunglasses have sturdy and glossy frames which are made of good materials. The lenses of their glasses are colorful and clear. The sunglasses of this brand have many attractive features. You can also return a product within 28 days after purchase.

11. Omega

Omega is a Swiss brand that has exposed a great collection of sunglasses. They have sunglasses categorized for men, women, and unisex. There are various shapes like Pilot style Cat Eye style, Rectangular style, Square style, Round style, Butterfly style, and Classic. All these sunglasses have stylish and durable frames, authentic lenses, and good combinations.



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