Where are Costa sunglasses made? Total Manufacturing Process

Costa sunglasses have already established a firm brand value in the eyewear industry. But there are different types of Costa sunglasses with different features. It is not easy to identify suitable frames and lenses. Therefore, you need to have a valid answer to the question- where are Costa glasses made? This is important to know because the production places can represent the level of quality and ideas about materials.

We have formed this analysis focusing on the details of the manufacturing process and areas. If you go through the article, you are supposed to have some inside views on Costa frames, the answer to the question: where is Costa Del Mar made? There are also data about the initiator of the brand, the status of present ownership, new production policy, and probable cost estimation. 

Who started Costa sunglasses?

Ray Ferguson, co. Owner Austin Leplow started the journey of Costa sunglasses in 1983 alongside another important contributor John Costa (CEO). The industry started operating in the Daytona Beach factory, Florida. It became an official gear of an American racing contest in 1986 and got popularity among fishermen and surfers. 

Through a video game in 1987, the brand came to the limelight. Since then, there was no look back. As part of a contract, NASCAR driver Austin Dillon was assigned to create a limited quantity of special edition sunglasses. These got immense popularity in 2017. 

The ownership has changed. So, who owns Costa Del Mar? And where is Costa sunglasses made? Now, Costa sunglasses are subsidiary products of the mega-brand Luxottica and it is about to produce under Luxottica’s supervision. 

Where are Costa sunglasses made?

Where are Costa sunglasses made

The total production method of Costa Del Mar is divided into different phases. For long successful years, Costa has been bringing its frames from different regions of the world such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Italy, and Mauritius. The raw material acetate is collected from Italy. According to the different categories and specialization, frames are collected from multiple sources.

After bringing the frames to the American factory of Costa, the designing and manufacturing processes of lenses get underway. Then the lenses and frames are hand assembled. Thus the finishing and the outcome of a final product take place in the USA. The completion of a sunglass used to take place in Daytona Beach but this production place is likely to be changed and the new place is Luxottica’s plant in Foothill Ranch, California.

How are Costa sunglasses made?

The complete process of making Costa sunglasses are divided into multiple segments. Let’s have a look at that:

Designing the framework:

Costa has many different models for its sunglasses. Each model comes with distinctive styles. For making perfect frames of authentic design, opticians in American factories draw the basic frameworks and proceed to the next step.

Manufacturing the frames:

Following the designs, Costa begins to manufacture frames. They collect acetate from Italy but the frames are made and brought from China, Japan, Taiwan, and Mauritius as per the specialization.

Making the lenses:

When the frames are ready, the technicians of Costa start to make lenses at headquarters. Costa lenses are either glass or plastic. They are polarized and the lenses are of high-quality technologies.

Hand-assembling with mechanical finishing:

Costa wants to ensure the highest perfection level. So, they combine human contribution and modern technology. The lenses and frames are hand assembled and polished beautifully. The hinge, rubber grips, and every bend are checked precisely. Technologies are used for maintaining the shape, fitness, and quality of each part.

Multiple human trials:

Finally, Costa Del Mar human-trials the sunglasses multiple times in Costa Del Mar headquarters so that they can be sent to the customers as faultless, comfortable, and authentic Costa versions. The skilled workforce checks each feature very carefully.

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In this article “Where are Costa sunglasses made?” we have given our efforts to answer some of the common quarries regarding Costa sunglasses. The data analysis and evaluation are the results of our extensive research and dedication. This will help you understand the fact, policies, and status of Costa sunglasses in the present market.

When you seek a world-class product, you need to know both the main features and related issues. That is why we have emphasized minor things regarding Costa which are likely to manipulate the major sides of making Costa sunglasses. So, let us know how our effort is benefiting your choice, passion, and decisions.


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